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Summary: He was a debonair in despair. She was the unlucky princess to save her. With her brute strength, knocking all those fangirls away would be a piece of cake. SxS Formerly entitled Save Me

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A Debonair In Despair



Chapter 2: Tch

"Would you care to explain why you are dragging me?" Sakura asked.

"I want you to heal my wounds." Came Sasuke's honest reply.

"Then why didn't you just drag your ass to the hospital instead of bothering into dragging me?!" Sakura rudely asked.

The female kunoichi did have a point. There was a whole hospital staff waiting for unfortunate patients like him in there. If he wanted to make things remain according to his whim, he needed to find the best alibi as possible. Even if it meant swallowing his pride by giving flattering remarks to Haruno Sakura.

"You were better than all of them combined." He nonchalantly said, even though he was half-wishing that he be shot dead already.

"That was a quite unexpected remark you have there. It was so unlike you. But thanks anyway." Sakura simply said.


A moment of silence befell the two kunoichis as they continue to trod the path leading to Uchiha Sasuke's abode. The handsome debonair thought that the rest of the trip would go on smoothly but later on, he was proven wrong.


His female companion was having second thoughts of coming with him.

"Sasuke, why don't you just go to the hospital?"

And they were back to that topic again.

"Do you have plans today, Sakura?" he inquired. "It seems to me that you are in such a rush to get rid of me." He added.

True to his suspicions, Sakura answered him exactly as he expected her to.

Well, kinda.

"Yes I have plans today." Sakura told him. "But I'm not that very much eager to get rid of you. Just plain eager I supposed." Sakura shyly said.




Did he hear her right?

She wanted to break free from his grasp as soon as possible? It was like hell had frozen over when she said those words. What could be the reason for her to say something like that?

Sasuke didn't have to force out the answer from her because as if on cue, she supplied him with the answer to his mind's questions.

"I was supposed to be on a date later today." She murmured but it was loud enough for Sasuke to hear.

Thus, giving Sasuke more reason not to let this girl out of his sight. He doesn't know whom she was about to date yet decided to make it a point that she wouldn't make it there today. Well you see,

He was jealous.

There you have it.

He was really really jealous.

He would do anything in his power just to make her loose the chance of being on a date today.

"We're here." Sasuke said as they stood in front of the Uchiha manor.

The still oblivious girl just gave him a small smile. She was yet to discover what she had gotten herself into. She should have started saying goodbye to her chance in having her 'first date.'

If she knew. That is.

"You stay here." Sasuke ushered her like some young school girl.

Current situation have gone from weird to more weird when Sakura obediently followed his instructions.

Definitely, things are going into Sasuke's favor.

Which was by the way,

Sakura's utter disappointment.

Now she would be stuck in that cold, unfeeling abode instead of enjoying the wonderful day outside with her 'supposed' date, Ryoma.

Sasuke came back to where Sakura was currently located in bringing with him some tea.

"You could have asked me for help." She told him.

"I was well off the kitchen already so I didn't bother to take you along with me." His onyx eyes staring intently at Sakura's well perked up façade.

Her going to a date with some guy was being said in screaming bold print by just staring at her current get up. Sakura wasn't that much vain to look extra pretty with no apparent reason.

Lavender baby doll top, black leggings, belt wrapped around midway of her top, nicely designed stilettos, chucks and dangling earrings ….

Sure she was off to somewhere more than the usual.

Unfortunately for her, Uchiha Sasuke was there to stop her with her plans.

"Sasuke, could we get this over with?" Sakura impatiently asked. "I mean, I have a date. It would a be too rude of me not to show up." She stuttered.

Sasuke gave her a sharp look.

"Cancel it." He curtly said.

Emerald orbs widened twice its size upon hearing his statement.

"But.." she was about to protest when Sasuke cut her off.

"That date could wait. My injuries wouldn't. It needs immediate attention. That is why you are here in the first place."


"Okay…" Sakura said, crestfallen.

Now great. She was disappointed with the situation. What with the guy that made her want to date him?!

"Just give me some time to meet him today. I'll get back to you as soon as I fixed my matters with him." She said.


"I'm sorry Ryoma-kun but I can't go out with you today." Sakura bowed down as she apologized to the young man in front of her.

The guy who was about her age (19 just like Sasuke) gave her a knowing smile.

"It's okay Sakura-chan." he simply said. "You've got a patient right?" he asked.

"Hai, Ryoma-kun." Sakura shyly said almost making herself stutter.

It was now time for Sakura to observe the handsome young man in front of her.


When she thought that he was already hot enough, he shows up to her into something better. Though Sasuke was still better compared to him.

Too bad she wasn't going to be on a date with him today.

Stupid Uchiha.

As the young man was about to turn and leave, he took one last glance at Sakura before saying,

"You look wonderful today." he said.

Thus, earning a blush from the rosette haired girl kunoichi.

"Arigatou." Sakura mumbled.

The two went on their ways. Sakura, back to the Uchiha's lair. Ryoma, somewhere else except from a date with the beautiful cherry blossom.

Lucky bastard.

So he knew after all.

"Will you stop fuming you troublesome woman." Sasuke told her. "And once you stopped fuming, refrain from heaving deep sighs as well." he said.

Ever since Sakura came back to that place, she was on the foul mood of hers.


Bitch mode.

"Urusai, teme." she said while glaring at her.



Did she just tell Sasuke to shut up?! And she even called him teme?!


Hell has frozen over.


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