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A Debonair In Despair




Chapter 3: Save his, Save my


"Will you stop fuming you troublesome woman." Sasuke told her. "And once you stopped fuming, refrain from heaving deep sighs as well." he said.

Ever since Sakura came back to that place, she was on the foul mood of hers.


Bitch mode.

"Urusai, teme." she said while glaring at her.



Did she just tell Sasuke to shut up?! And she even called him teme?!


Hell has frozen over.

End of Recap

"What did you just say?" Sasuke couldn't help but ask in disbelief.

"Urusai, teme." Sakura viciously said.

"Now, now Haruno Sakura. Don't be like that." Sasuke told her. "You're starting to sound like Naruto."

Upon hearing Uchiha Sasuke's statement, Sakura couldn't help but glare.

This man

He was the sole reason why she missed the chance of going out with her suitor, Ryoma.

And ironically speaking, she was was stuck there with him treating his wounds. Why didn't she just ditch him earlier. Oh yeah, he might report her misdemeanor to the Godaime. Medic ninjas are expected to to help injured people in need. That was their task.

But still...

"Stop glaring at me Sakura." Sasuke nonchalantly said.

Sakura didn't seem to hear his request. Or perhaps, it was more like of an order. Too bad for the young Uchiha, Sakura had no plans of yielding to his want. For the time being, I suppose.

"You." Sakura uttered while shooting daggers with her glare at the unsuspecting Uchiha.

"Me, what?" he warily said.

"You're the one to blame." she said.

Sasuke quirked an eyebrow.

"To blame for what?" he asked.

Haruno Sakura's glare intensified.




There you have it...

Haruno Sakura is about to explode in anger.

"You dim-witted bastard! If it wasn't for your stupid fangirls, your pathetic pleas for salvation and you're stubborness of dragging me to your place to heal you, I would have enjoying myself on a date already!" she shouted on top of her lungs.

Sasuke blinked.

"You're angry because of that?" he asked.

After he said those words, something unexpected happened.

Sakura friggin cried.

I mean,

Really really cried.

In the presence of the almighty Uchiha.


Human ice cube

Former missing nin

Infamous avenger

Stupid bastard that made Sakura cry.

"You idiot." Sakura muttered in between her sobs. "I was really anticipating for that date. It was supposed to be my first."


One word that would summarize Sasuke's feelings right now would,


If that was really a word, that is.

The girl who used to chase him around as one of his avid fangirls was now interested in to going out with someone else.

Someone other than him. Uchiha Sasuke.

Sasuke don't know what to do. Gawd, he doesn't even know what to say. Well, except for

"I'm sorry." Sasuke forced out of himself. He never thought that giving an apology would be this hard. Not to mention, pride damaging. "If you really wanted to go out with him, why didn't you just tell me?"

Sakura took a deep breath first before answering.

"I did. You just didn't listen." she murmured.

"But then Sakura, you've got a chance to ditch me when I allowed you to cancel your date with him. Why didn't you grab the chance when it still lasts?" he couldn't help but ask.

The rosette haired girl tried her best to compose herself first before answering.

"I can't. I can't stand my conscience bugging me. Something like that is against our code as medic nins. We have to prioritize people in need of our care before anything else. Especially if that person was someone that I truly care about." she honestly told him.

He nodded.

Then he smiled.

Yes people, he smiled.

"Thank you. Sakura." he mentioned his teammates name in such a alluring manner that made Sakura blush.

"You're welcome." the young medic simply said.

The moment seemed so serene and perfect for a few second until Sakura said something that kind of ruin the moment.

"Just think that I did all of this for the sake of human compassion." she blabbered.

What a great way to ruin Sasuke's thoughts for you Haruno Sakura.


"How about a we eat ramen together with team Kakashi tonight? My treat. You can even invited the poker face guy. What's his name again?"

"Sai." Sakura interjected.

"Yes, that one."

"I had a wonderful time with the rest of the team." Sakura said to her companion. "How about you? Did you enjoy the night?" Sakura asked the person beside her.

As Uchiha Sasuke promised, he treated them for ramen. Which by the way caused him a considerable amount of money because Naruto decided to pig out and eat 25 bowls of ramen. But then, it didn't matter. At least Sasuke knew that he was able to compensate for making the cherry blossom of Konoha cry. He could tell that after the end of their get together, Sakura was really happy.

"Hn." came his monotonous reply which Sakura immediately understood.

Since they both needed to trod the same path to get to their respective abodes, Sakura plainly insisted that they keep each other company. Sasuke didn't argue with her. It was the least that he can do for the young woman.

They walked the path wordlessly after afterwards until they reached Sakura's doorstep.

"Well, Sasuke. I guess this is it. I'll see you tomorrow." she said as she stood in front of the door of the Haruno residence.


Sakura smiled softly at him. Then, when Sasuke least expected it, Sakura bent over and pecked his cheek. Thus, earning a momentary blush from the Uchiha debonair. Unfortunately, Sakura didn't get to see it. Sasuke recovered so quickly that Sakura failed to catch him off guard.

And as Sakura finally shut the door behind her, she was able to conclude something.


She was able to save his life but she wasn't able to save her heart.

Here she was, falling for the same guy all over again..


Wakas. The End. Fin. Owari

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