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"Axel? Axel, are you alright?" The Flurry of the Dancing Flames heard as he let out a loud moan. His head felt like it was going to split.

"Roxas, that you?" the red head as he slowly opened his eyes to see Roxas standing over him with a look of concern and…something else that he couldn't quite place his finger on. Being a nobody did make trying to judge the emotional states of other people rather difficult…

"Um, yeah, it's me…" Roxas started nervously. Something was really fishy about his attitude…

"Roxas, I have the- OH! He's awake?" a feminine voice cried out. The sound of foot falls was heard as Namine appeared, holding an ice pack. "Uh, hi, Axel," she said nervously.

Namine and Axel were barely acquaintances; she just happened to be the girl that Roxas hung out with…a lot.

As Namine placed the ice pack on Axel's forehead in order to dull the pain of his headache his eyes narrowed suspiciously. "All right you two, what happened?" Axel demanded as he shifted from his position on the couch that Roxas and Namine had apparently laid him upon. "And no lies, I want the truth…got it memorized?"

Roxas and Namine exchanged Nervous glances before The Key of Destiny sighed. "Erm, Axel, I need you to stay clam…and don't look down until I tell you to, okay?"

Naturally, telling someone not to do something is basically a surefire way of getting them to do it. Ignoring Roxas's warning, Axel shifted his eyes down towards his body, for some reason his organization coat felt abnormally tight, especially in the area of the chest…

"AGGGGH! WHAT THE FU-?!" Axel literally screamed in rage as he jumped five feet into the air and landed on his feet next to the couch, summoning his chakram as he did so. He wasn't able to finish his rather violent exclamation as Roxas managed to plaster his hand over Axel's mouth before he could sat the queen-mother of all dirty words.

"…I tried to warn you…." Roxas started regretfully as he lowered his hand from the redhead's mouth. The only reason Axel didn't remove his arms from his body was because of their best friendship.

"What…the…hell…happened…?" Axel asked through clenched teeth. Of all things, he was wearing, God forbid, a French Maid outfit, complete with fishnet stockings.

"Well, we don't know for sure…" Namine started as she reached down past Axel and towards the couch that he had been laying on about thirty seconds ago. "…But we found this next to you in the hallway where you was laying unconscious."

Axel rudely snatched what appeared to be a vodka bottle from Namine's hand, causing her to recoil out of fright and reflex. Usually, whenever someone moved their hand that quickly toward her, it was to give her a beating to "keep her in line".

Granted, it was mainly Marluxia who did that kind of stuff, but that was all Namine needed to develop her reflex…

"…That bastard!" Axel yelled he squeezed the empty vodka bottle, causing it to shatter into over a dozen fragments. A yellow sticky note fell to the floor; it had been attached to the back of the bottle.

"To Axel, from Saix," Roxas read out loud as Namine peeked at the note over his shoulder in curiosity. "P.S. You're mother is a big fat stupid bitch!" Roxas and Namine both recoiled in shock at Saix's insult. "Oh wait, there's more! It also says: P.S.S. There's also a song on the internet called that, just replce the name "Kyle" with "Axel" and I think you'll find that it's a very appropriate song..."

While Saix was infamous for his temper and cruelty, the insult seemed just…excessive, to put it mildly.

"NOBODY TALKS ABOUT MY MOTHER THAT WAY!" Axel shrieked as he snatched the note form Roxas's hand and incinerated it in order to vent his anger. If Roxas and Namine didn't know better, they would have thought that The Flurry of Dancing Flames's hair had somehow turned into fire, much like a certain Greek god of the dead's did…

"Um, Axel, what are you doing?" Namine asked in a tone that was both nervous and fearful as the red head began to walk towards the door in order to leave the room.

"…I'm going to make him pay for getting me drunk like that…" Axel answered in a murderous tone. "I don't know how he did it, or what I was thinking when I decided to chug that vodka, but he'll wish he'd never been born after I'm through with him!"

Axel began spinning his twin chakrams like wheels as he cackled insanely, disturbing Roxas to the point where he was too shocked to even point out that Axel was now roaming the halls of the castle that never was in a maid's outfit. It was too late to do anything, Axel had already left, bent on making Saix suffer.

Both Namine and Roxas just stood in the room, unmoving, for about a minute and a half before they exchanged looks and then abruptly began to laugh their heads off.

"That…was…the…best…joke…EVER!" Roxas exclaimed in between laughs as he gasped for breathe and began to sink to the ground.

"Y-yeah!" Namine responded, as she too gasped for air and sank to the ground from her laughter. Before they could actually reach then floor, Roxas intertwined his arm with Namine's and helped support her, as she did the same with him.

"Thanks, Nam, I couldn't have done it without you!" Roxas said beaming.

Namine smiled and lowered her head in order to hide her blush at Roxas's praise. "Thanks, Roxas, but it was your idea…"

"No, seriously, if you hadn't erased Axel's memory of me knocking him out with oblivion and placing that empty vodka bottle next to him, then the whole thing would have fallen apart!"

"…Well, I'm glad I could help you, Roxas," Namine replied with a smile as she looked in the Key of Destiny's face as the two stepped away from each other, no longer requiring the support of the other in order to stand.

"Uh, yeah," Roxas replied with a hint of nervousness as he scratched the back of his head. "So, did you mange to get the drawings done?"

Namine suddenly giggled and grinned mischievously as she nodded. "Sure they're right here!" Namine walked over to a table in a dark and discreet corner of the room where she picked up her sketchpad and showed it to Roxas. "See?"

Sora's nobody recoiled with his eyes over his eyes as he let out a small squeak upon seeing the image that Namine had drawn. "Oh God…" he said as he peeked through his fingers to see the drawing once more. "How on earth did you draw them in that position?!"

The drawing that Namine had made while Axel was unconscious involved both him and Saix, clad in an identical maid suit. Siffice to say, the picture was unholy…. (A/N: There is no way in hell I'm going into detail!)

Namine giggled in reply. "I have my ways…"

"Well, let's go find a computer then!" Roxas said as he marched toward the door that Axel had used to leave the room earlier. "I hear that pictures of Saix and Axel are VERY popular on certain yaoi sites…"

Namine nodded as she began to follow Roxas, clutching her sketchpad close to her chest. "H-hey, Roxas?" she asked nervously, the previous amount of confidence she had shown after the prank had all evaporated.

"Yes, Nam?"

"Could we…do this again sometime?"

"Of course Nam!" Roxas replied cheerfully before adding in a slightly lower tone "Anything for you…"

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