Hello! This is my first oneshot and my only other story besides my multi-chapter, A Rose on Fleet Street. This is kind of choppy, but I wanted to write it. The parts that aren't just Sweeney thinking by himself are disconnected and vague.

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I hope you like it! It's kinda sad... Enjoy Sweeney's agonizing misery!

Sweeney Todd stood in his shop, keeping his silent vigil by the window, as usual. He fingered his razor, staring out the window, thinking of his revenge. Of the Judge and his poor Lucy.

Lucy. Her name sent such an ache through his heart, a pain shooting through his very core, the knowledge that his beloved was gone forever. Each day the pain grew worse, each day he longed to hold her, knowing it was impossible. Also, he wanted to move on. He would admit it to no one, not even himself, but he did not want to be trapped in this cage of pain, blood, sorrow, and revenge. He wanted to be free.

He felt his eyes burn with unshed tears, his vision blurred with tears struggling to free themselves. They never would. He could no longer cry, he had been unable to cry for fifteen years. All his tears and sensitivity had been shed long ago, when he thought he'd lost Lucy forever. Try as he might, the tears wouldn't come. He wanted to cry, to shed the tears and was away his pain, heal him a little bit, just enough to get him along until he could join Lucy. Lucy.

He blinked back the tears, clearing his vision. He smiled a thin smile as he saw the Judge hurrying along the path towards the shop.

As he proceeded to speak to the Judge, his lips took over his mind and spoke for him. He himself was removed, thinking of Lucy. Lucy. Revenge took over as he screamed his former name over and over while his arm slashed the Judge's throat.

He barely noticed the lad in the trunk, he saw his face not at all, his body removed from his mind. His mind had only one thought. Lucy.

The scream brought him to his senses. He rushed to Mrs. Lovett. His only explanation is that somehow the Judge had lived and was after Mrs. Lovett, like he had done Lucy. Lucy.

In the bakehouse, there was Lucy. Lucy. He held her, eyes burning, voice cracking. But no tears came. He wished for the tears to flow down his eyes, cool the burning, cleanse him of blood, relieve his pain. No tears came.

He swallowed the lump in his throat and went to Mrs. Lovett. He smirked and coaxed her into an offbeat dance, leading her slowly and unsuspectingly towards the furnace. With his last words to her, he shoved her in unceremoniously, shutting the door on her screams. He cared for no one's pain but Lucy's. Lucy.

He knelt by Lucy, cradling her body in his arms, eyes burning like Hell. His vision swam and blurred with tears. Tears, he needed them. More than life he needed them. Finally, he realized that he had killed Lucy. Lucy. Not the Judge, not a poison, not the cruelties of London. He had, the man who had supposedly loved her had ended her beautiful life. That sent him over the edge. Like a broken dam they came, pouring down. He tasted salt on his lips along with the rusty tang of blood. As he was distracted by these thoughts, he felt something warm and sticky coursing down his throat, coming with it was an excruciating pain. A pain he had inflicted many times, but had never thought he would feel. As Toby slit his throat, Benjamin Barker was set free from the prison that was Sweeney Todd. For the first time in fifteen years, the tears came.

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