Author's Notes:

Gods, this is old. Written in March 2004, this was one of the first A-Team fics I ever wrote, and possibly the only one to survive. Angsty. Is there such a thing as humorous angst?

Anyway, I own nothing. No characters, no TV shows, nothing but a large number of old loans and a new baby named Gwendylan. If you want to sue me you'll have to get in line.

Murdock leaned on his shovel, tears streaming down his face, mingling with the fresh rain and the watery tracks of blood.

He blinked, looking down at his dog, Billy.

you knew you were in deep when a dog only you could see looked at you accusingly.

He sobbed.

"Don't look at me like that! It was never supposed to go this far! It was just a joke, it wasn't supposed to happen like this..."

It had started normally. Just a routine mission, someone needed their help, they helped. Decker came close, they evaded. It was all so routine, where had it gone wrong?

He supposed it started when he got cocky.

It had been such a good idea, just glue down the gas pedal, like in The Blues Brothers. They'd get scared, they'd pull the emergency brake. It would be funny.

How was he to know the emergency brake didn't work?

Now it wasn't funny. Now it was murder.

With every shovelful he and his friends dug, he could feel himself going deeper.