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Name Upon the Stone

Trees flew past as Iruka ran faster than he ever knew he could

Trees flew past as Iruka ran faster than he ever knew he could. Behind him a flock of reinforcements ran, shouting for him to wait, but he couldn't wait there wasn't any time; Kakashi needed him.

The Akatsuki had attacked various members of Konoha, hoping to draw out the prize, the Nine Tailed Fox, Naruto.

Those closest to Naruto were the ones at risk. Iruka had survived his encounter with the explosive Deidara, but only due to a group of ANBU and Jounin reinforcements, later joined by the Hokage herself.

They had beaten Deidara into the ground, but the Akatsuki had just laughed as he died, asking a horrifying question. "Oh no, where's Kakashi? I wonder if you can get to him in time."

Then Iruka had started to panic and to rush towards the memorial stone and the training grounds. Kakashi would have gone to either train or mourn his lost companions this early in the day, Iruka prayed that today his lover would not choose to change his patterns.

The browns and greens all continued their rush as Iruka sped through the forest and yet they did not pass by quickly enough for the sensei. Never before had the trip to the training grounds seemed this long. Kakashi, we're coming. Please hold on. Iruka kept up this litany until his feet finally stopped on the edge of the training ground. Stopped dead. Behind him the reinforcements did the same.

What had once been the training grounds was now a land blasted apart with deep gouges, as if some huge hand had ripped its fingernail's into the flesh of the earth. Some of the trees surrounding the training grounds all bore scorch marks, a few actually on fire. Iruka stood dumbfounded while Tsunade ordered someone to put out the fires.

"What happened here? The ground—" Iruka stared.

"Looks like a battle. This has chidori written all over it." Tsunade replied, and then she surveyed the land again. "But no sign of the brat now."

Iruka's heart beat painfully in his chest. Where are you? Are you okay? He hoped to the higher powers that Kakashi was safe, but the evidence of battle before him gnawed at that idea.

"Spread out", Tsunade ordered the shinobi behind her as Iruka continued his stare across the training grounds. "Find Kakashi and make sure—"

Whatever the Hokage had been planning to say was lost in the agonizing scream that filled the air. The voice was unmistakable. Iruka paled.

"Kakashi!" His feet carried him quickly carried him in the direction of his lover's horrible scream; the direction of the memorial stone. From behind he heard Tsunade. "Iruka, wait!"

But he still sped on, heedless of whatever danger. It didn't seem to take long to reach the memorial stone. His dark eyes could make out two figures at the stone, one standing and the other upon the ground. Konoha's famous Copy-nin lay at the feet of an orange masked Akatsuki member, the one called Tobi. Blood dripped from the corner of Kakashi's slack mouth, his eyes cloudy and unfocused and his breath wheezed painfully out of his lungs. Tobi glanced over at the smaller shinobi running toward him, merely moving in his hand in an annoyed gesture. Iruka flew into the air, slamming into the nearest tree with a resounding crack.

"Dolphin's not playin' nice." The Akatsuki shook his head. "Doesn't he know it's still Tobi's turn?"

On the ground Kakashi moaned, blinking his eyes as if to clear them of the haze. His head turned in Iruka's direction, instinctively sensing the presence of his lover.

"Mean dolphin took my turn" Chuckling, the figure in the orange mask knelt down beside Kakashi. His hand reached out to gently caress Kakashi's cheek. Iruka felt his face burn with jealousy at the gesture.

Then the Akatsuki's voice changed. The childish comical voice was replaced by a silky adult voice laden with the subtle promise of violence. "Guess I'll have to come back later to claim my prize."

His fingers continued to caress Kakashi's face, lingering upon the scarred eyelid covering the Sharingan eye. "Keep it for now"

Then he disappeared in a puff of smoke. Crawling towards his limp lover, Iruka breathed out his name. "Kakashi."

But the other did not respond. Even a rough shaking does not rouse the limp Copy-nin. Horror begins to restrict Iruka's chest. An even rougher shaking still does not rouse Kakashi.

"IRUKA!" Tsunade and a few shinobi had finally found the sensei.

"He won't wake up." Iruka cried as Tsunade took Kakashi's limp form off his lap. The golden eyes of the Hokage surveyed the apparent damage while her hands assessed the rest of the damage. Broken ribs that possibly poked into the lungs, chakra exhaustion and a lot of scrape and cuts along Kakashi's' body. The injuries weren't as bad as she had feared, but the Copy-Nin's lack of response worried her more than anything. Calmly she channeled some healing chakra into the body, stirring up the life in it.

Mismatched eyes fluttered open, seeing clearly.

"Kakashi! We're going to fix you up in a little bit. Okay?" Tsunade tried to comfort him, but even with his eyes open he showed no more response than before. What's wrong with you brat?

Shakily, Kakashi's hand reach out, not towards Iruka or Tsunade, but to the memorial stone. His fingers trailed down the engraved names, stopping on one.

Uchiha Obito.