Harry was sitting at the front of his class trying to ignore the gossip of his students who were supposed to be studying for their exam. He would normally have taken points after all he was giving them a period to study, but his mind was else where. It was Valentine's Day and his three year anniversary. He had hoped he and Severus would have would have some romantic plans but his husband had taken off to a potions conference in London. He sighed. He had always known Severus was not much of a romantic but he had at least thought his husband could make an effort to be home for their anniversary.

His ears started picking up some of the conversation. "Don't you think Professor Potter has a cute ass?" A second year named Anna said.

Her friend Harry knew to be Lauren nodded. "I think I like his eyes better."

Harry smirked as he listened to them wondering what his husband would say if he heard the conversation going on between them. He fought to hide a slight blush he felt when he was sitting there.

When the bell rang he stood up. "Anna and Lauren could you please come speak to me before you leave."

The two girls came forward as the others left. "Professor Potter, is there something wrong?"

Harry smiled. "I would suggest when given a chance to study for your up coming charms exam that you would have something better to do then speak of your professor's appearance."

Both girls were blushing and Annie spoke. "Sorry Professor. We had no idea that you could hear us. We apologize sir."

Harry just laughed. "Just make sure you don't say such things around my husband or you might find yourself in detention."

Lauren gasped at the words. "Your husband, Professor?"

Harry nodded and pointed at his bands. "Professor Snape and I have been married for three years now. I use Potter when I teach to clear up confusion but I am legally Harry Snape."

The girls both shot each other looks. Everyone's favourite teacher was married to their hated potions master. "We promise to watch what we say, Professor."

Harry laughed. "Since its Valentine's Day I will not take off any points, but I'd appreciate not hearing such comments in my classroom again."

As the girls scurried off Harry sat back down. Harry had forgone a traditional seventh year and had apprenticed instead under Professor Flitwick. Flitwick had long before had spoken his desire to take over teaching history of magic as he grew to old for charms. Harry's first passion of course was DADA but like his husband before him, it was not to be as his beloved adoptive godfather still taught it. He enjoyed charms and this past year had in completion of his apprenticeship became Professor Potter of charms and Flitwick took over history, retiring Professor Binns for good.

There was a knock at the door and Rollanda came in. "Harry, I have come to ask if you'd referee the quiditch game this weekend?"

Harry looked up from his papers he was marking. "Of course Rollanda. You're going to see your niece this weekend?"

She smiled. "She is due to give birth any day now and I'd like to be there. When are you and your husband going to start trying?"

Harry had been thinking of starting a family for some time but he thought his husband was not ready. "I'm not sure. Perhaps in a year or two.'

Rollanda shrugged. "You're young, well at least you are, and you have plenty of time to start. Thank you for refereeing. Its Ravenclaw and Huffelpuff so no issues."

Harry had strong links to the other two houses. He was not only married to the head of Slytherin but he had begun coaching the Gryffindor quiditch team after he graduated and no longer was eligible to play. He had coached them to the cup last year, in his first year as coach, and they were leading this year as well.

He finally got up and decided to head down to his apartments. "Maybe I'll call Ron and the others, see what they're up to." Harry thought. He found Ron and Hermione were not home. Ron was working as a broom tester for the ministry and Hermione was apprenticing to be a lawyer. Ginny who worked at the prophet was with her husband at a party for the bank Blaise worked at.

Harry sagged back into the couch. "I guess I could go up to the student party."

As depressing a thought as it was Harry really had no desire to be on his own and headed to the Great Hall for the Valentine 's Day banquet. He was hoping to at least see Neville and Luna but even they seemed away. Neville was interning with Sprout and Luna with Poppy right now.


Neville and Luna arrived in the kitchen of the Burrow. They smiled as they saw everyone getting the party together. Severus walked towards them when he spotted their entrance.

"Does he suspect anything?" Severus asked.

Neville shook his head. "We might want to put him out of his misery soon though. He is thoroughly depressed."

Luna added. "He really does think you've forgotten your anniversary or thought some potions conference was more important."

Severus smirked. "The fool would. He has accused me of not being romantic one time to many. I wanted to surprise him."

Severus had gone all out to have a wonderful anniversary party for his husband. The Malfoys as well as all of Harry's friends had been invited and the back garden of the Burrow was lit with twinkling fairy lights every where. He had to admit the werewolf had been his biggest helper planning it. Remus was also the one who would bring harry here when they were ready.

Severus looked at the women around him, one pregnant and two with small kids. He hoped to ask his husband to start a family, tonight. Harry had said when the time was right he would give Severus children. Harry was done his internship, and they were happier then ever. He hoped Harry was ready.

Fleur came over with her two year old daughter Victoire on her hip, her belly showing the second baby already. "Is he going to be arriving soon?"

Severus pulled himself out of his thoughts and turned to Molly who was balancing Penny's son on one hip and putting food out. Little one year old Oliver was busy trying to get at the food and throw it every where. Ginny came to her mum's rescue and took Oliver.

Draco had come into the room behind him and agreed with Fleur. "You really need to put him out of his misery you know."

Severus turned to Remus. "I guess they have a point. Want to go and collect that godson of yours and bring him here already."

Remus disappeared and Charlie had to ask. "How did you decide to lure him here without ruining the surprise?"

He turned to look at Molly's third daughter in law, a very pregnant Fleur. "Well I'm going to need you to pretend to go into labour for a moment."

Fleur broke into a smile. "You're telling him his goddaughter is on the way? That's a bit under handed."

Bill and Fleur had asked Harry and Severus to serve as godparents to their daughter who was due in a month. Her older brother and his wife were godparents for little Victoire so it had been Bill's turn to pick godparents and Harry was only to happy to accept.


Harry was sitting at the head table looking a bit alone as neither his husband or his godfather were next to him but just as he was about to get up and leave he saw Remus approaching him and he looked extremely frantic.

"Harry, Fleur has gone into early labour. Her and Bill are asking you to come." Remus said.

Harry went pale. "His goddaughter was not due for another month. "Are they at the hospital or at the burrow?"

"At the Burrow. The midwife thinks they'll be fine. Fleur would like you there just in case."Remus said.

Harry got to his feet and followed Remus down to his chambers and the two took the floo to the Burrow. He was amazed to find everything quiet and no lights on bit some light came from the gardens. When he entered the gardens a few dozen people jumped out and screamed. "Happy Anniversary."

Harry was shocked and speechless when Severus came and pulled him into a kiss. "Didn't think I'd miss our anniversary, did you?"

Harry hadn't been sure. "I thought you had a potions conference. You said we'd celebrate in June when we renewed our vows, made more sense you said."

Severus shook his head. "Why start now? I just needed an excuse to be away so I could plan this for you."

Harry felt the tears pouring down his cheeks and they came even stronger when the music began to play and the song they had dance to first at their wedding came over the magic sound system. Severus pulled him into the dance and as he rested his head against his husband's heart he felt totally at peace.

There were gifts and dancing and food that night and a fireworks show as the twins had done for their second wedding. He knew he would never be able to accuse his husband of not being romantic ever again.


Later that night they lay in bed together at home at the school after having made love a few times and both Severus and harry decided to broach the subject that had been plaguing them for a time, at the same time.

They both blurted out at the same instant. "I want to start a family."

Severus looked at Harry. "You mean it? I thought I might have to convince you."

Harry nodded. "Yes. I have been thinking about it for some time. I thought you might not be ready."

Severus pulled him into a kiss. "I have wanted your children since we married. I am so ready to be a daddy."

Harry felt his heart warm. "And I am so ready to make you one. I promised you at our second ceremony when the time was right I'd give you kids, and it's right."

Severus ran a hand through Harry's hair. "You know it can take time, and male pregnancies can be rough."

Harry nodded. " I know, but I am willing to go through that if you are. And if you're by my side."

Severus's heart was swelling. "Forever. I will be with you through this all."

They made love again that night though this time without the contraceptive spell. They knew even though partners with strong magic could often conceive easier, that this might take some time. It was a good thing they both enjoyed the work that went into it.