Severus dismissed the last class for the day. It was Friday and his and Harry's six year anniversary that weekend and he had been hoping to take Harry and Lea away for the weekend but Harry had been under the weather for days. He had been teaching but he was in no shape to go away. They'd do it another weekend.

Severus walked into their apartments and over to the floo network. He was supposed to pick Lea up from Molly. "The Burrow."

He stepped into the flames and when he entered the kitchen he had an armful of his nearly two year old daughter. "Papa, Papa."

Severus scooped his daughter up into his arms and kissed her on the forehead. "How was your daddy sweet heart? I missed you."

She gave him a huge toothy grin and a wet kiss on his cheek before pointing at the table. "I make picture from daddy and papa."

Severus went to look at it and saw it was a family picture. "Hey sweet heart, why is their four of us in the picture?"

Lea just shook her head and he turned to Molly who shrugged her shoulders. "She wouldn't tell me either. Maybe an invisible friend of some kind."

Severus looked at Lea. "Is that a special friend, or maybe Dobby?"

Lea looked over at Molly who shot her a look Severus never noticed. "Yes daddy, Dobby."

Severus turned to Molly. "Thank you for watching her. And for agreeing to take her next weekend when Harry is feeling better."

Molly smiled and handed him Lea's things. "You know we're always happy to have your little girl here with us. She is such a wonder."

Severus turned to leave but the floo went again and Remus stepped out. "Good your still here. You need to come to the hospital right away."

Severus knew something was wrong with his husband without asking. "It's Harry?"

Remus nodded and turned to Molly. "Would you mind taking Lea for the rest of the afternoon? I think she'd be happier here."

Molly reached out to take her honorary granddaughter. "Of course. Lea you want to stay here and have dinner? Your Uncle Percy and Aunt Penny are coming."

Lea clapped her hands happily and smiled. "I stay for dinner. I want to see Aunty Penny and cousin Artie."

Severus thanked her and handed the bag back. "I will come for her or send word about what is happening as soon as I know for myself."

Severus walked over to the fireplace where he threw some powder down into the hearth and disappeared off to St Mungo's. He was followed by Remus but not before Remus and Molly, and even little Lea shared a thumbs up sign.

Severus rushed over to the admitting desk when he got there. "My name is Severus Snape. I am told my husband was brought in here. Harry Snape."

The healer behind the desk looked up and smiled. "Of course Mr Snape. The healer is in with your husband as we speak. I can take you to him now."

Remus came up behind them as they went down the hall. "What happened Remus? I knew he was a bit under the weather but why is my husband here?"

The answer came from Harry as they came into an examining room and they saw Harry on an examining table. "Happy anniversary Severus."

Severus looked and realized he recognized the machine. "A sonogram? You're pregnant again?"

Harry pulled him over. "I just found out a few days ago after I was throwing up. I know we just started trying before Christmas but I guess we're lucky."

Severus turned to the healer who was already starting the test. "How is the baby?"

The woman smiled. "Healthy as far as we can tell. It looks like your husband is about six weeks along and progressing well."

Severus kissed his husband. "This is so amazing. I can't believe that we're expecting baby number two. Lea is going to be so happy."

They made an appointment for an ultrasound and other appointments and got the potions Harry would need. Severus thought that this was his anniversary gift but he had seen nothing yet. Harry had decided after years of his husband being the romantic one, that he'd do it this time.


Molly rushed into the sitting room as soon as they disappeared and looked at her family. Three years ago they had thrown an anniversary party here for Severus to surprise his husband. Now they were doing it for Harry for his husband.

Penny took Lea. "You almost ruined the surprise for your Papa little one. I told you that you shouldn't put the baby in the picture."

Lea shook her head. "Me broty or sissy be in family. Be in picture."

Bill came over and kissed his niece. "You know she's right and if we're going to frame the picture as a gift, it should have the entire family in it."

The same guests who had been there three years ago were there again but were joined by all of the children born in the past few years including Frankie, Luna and Neville's second child who was born at Christmas time and Hermione and Ron's first born, a daughter named Rose.

Narcissa came over to see Lea and look at the picture and helped make the frame for it. "Your daddies will love your anniversary gift for them."

Draco laughed. "Though I think they might like their surprise Harry arranged a bit better. Severus is really in for a weekend, the baby, the party and then his gift."

They were barely done when they heard the floo and jumped out to scream surprise as Severus and Harry came in.

Severus looked like he was about to have a heart attack. "Another surprise? I thought the baby was my gift. Harry you're going to give me a heart attack."

Harry kissed his husband. "I t is Valentine's Day and our six year anniversary. I thought after all this time I should be the romantic one in the marriage at last."

When Lea came to give them their gift Severus was amazed. "You told her? Daddy told you that he was pregnant with your brother or sister didn't he?"

Lea looked at her daddy who smiled at her so she nodded. "Daddy tell me on Monday. Me so happy. Me put in picture for family."

Severus looked at his husband. "Teaching our two year old daughter to keep secrets from her Papa? I thought you might wait longer before you did that."

Harry kissed him. "Our daughter is as perceptive as you and noticed how sick daddy was. She was worried so I let her in on my little secret."

Lea nodded. "Papa no mad at daddy. Daddy make papa smile. Papa happy."

Severus smiled and kissed them both. "Yes, princess, Papa is thrilled with the news and isn't mad at daddy for the surprise."

Dinner that night was a make shift meal as there were so many people and the weather wasn't nice enough for outside as it had been the last time. They had kids crawling over them all night and asking for stories but neither Harry or Severus would have had it any other way.

At the end though Harry handed Severus an envelope as the others looked on and Severus removed what looked like a battered bookmark. "Thank you?"

Harry laughed and looked at Molly. "You're sure that you're happy to have Lea for the entire weekend?"

She nodded and came to hand them what Severus realized was a bottomless bag. "Go and enjoy a romantic holiday before you're newest member arrives."

Harry turned to his husband. "This might be the last time before I get fat and have swollen ankles and can't move, before we can go away."

Severus kissed his husband. "You know I think you amazing even when you're pregnant. But where are we going?"

Harry laughed. "You'll just have to see. Now hold onto the bookmark."

When they disappeared everyone at the party laughed and started cleaning up. They knew that Severus was in for the third huge surprise of the night and while it might not have been as exciting as the baby news, he'd definitely be happy.


Severus opened his eyes when they arrived and it took him only a few moments to realize where they were. They were standing on the same sandy beach in front of the cabin in Greece they had went to just after their third anniversary.

He turned to Harry. "This is amazing but I never thought you'd want to come back here."

Harry looked down. "I know. It reminded me of the baby we lost but I know now that I can think on him or her without being sad anymore. We have Lea and this one on the way and that little one will be a guardian angel watching over their siblings."

Severus kissed his husband. "So you decided to bring me back here so we could add more special memories."

Harry nodded and pulled him towards the hammock they had made such use of last time. "Life has brought us full circle. We were desperately trying for our first back then and now we have a beautiful little girl and another baby on the way. I thought this was the perfect way to celebrate all of our blessings."

Severus could not agree more as they sat to watch the sunset. "You know when Lea came we became a family of three, and now this little one makes four.

Author's note: so I love this story a lot but as the prequel, I wanted to end before it dragged on. Baby made three was the title and now that the next is on the way, they will be four. I hope you enjoyed my story and I promise to bring you a new one soon.