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Warnings: Rated for foul Language that will be soon be spawned. Slight spoilers for the manga.

Kuso Gaki!


A small Figure sat upon the back of a colossal being whose chest gently heaved in the deep breaths of slumber. Below in its curling protective frame were three more bodies, each varying in size and shape, but they too were ensnared in the tender web of sleep. The shadowy light from the peculiar crescent moon drew soft shadows upon the waves of sand which was dotted with the crowns of hidden trees. The Figure gave a breathy sigh as he stared up at the everlasting night; wide chocolate brown eyes reflected the permanent moon before tired lashes wiped the scene away.

Usually one would think wide eyes would classify the bearer as a happy, childish, and innocent being. The Figure was no exception, it was however odd that those same laughing eyes would sometimes cloud over in the most disturbing ways when in thought only to vanish at the slight trace of a distraction.

The Figure uncrossed his legs and swung them over the side of the gigantic makeshift bed before sliding down with a small giggle. Thin scrawny legs hit the sand before the Figures black cloak twined itself around his limbs and dragged the boy down into the sand. A soft hiccupping wail roused the smallest of the group, and with a jaw splitting yawn she tried to locate the hushed sounds of distress. Tottering to her feet she crawled over the tail of the huge beast and slid over to land beside the crying boy.

"N-Nell-chan?" startled the boy wiped his tears away and stared questionably at the mentioned girl. The girl in question offered the boy a lopsided grin before small chubby hands began to untangle the boy from his dragging cloak. The Boy's tears streaked face lit up immediately when his legs were freed and lunged forwards to give the smaller girl an awkward hug of gratitude.

Nell smiled as the Boy tackled her into the sand and patted the bleached white mask that was clasped over the boys strawberry blond tresses, "Go to sleep now, it's Don Chakkas turn to be It tomorrow," a yawn "and you know that Don Chakka can run fast if Don Chakka wants to…" Nell trailed off as sleep reclaimed its hold upon her and the Boy unlatched himself from her as his smile faded. Happy and tired eyes stared at Nell as she slept against the monstrous form of Bawabawa. Settling himself beside her he recalled his relationship with the sleeping group and felt another wave of gratitude wash itself over him.

Nell and her brothers were the ones who had found him crying in the sand, he guessed they had felt the need to protect him and in a sense "adopt" him; he could understand why, being in the pitiful state he was, ragged, dirty and pathetically helpless. That or not, they've been with him ever since, and for that he was grateful. Nell was always trying to keep him happy and he likewise, tried to keep her happy. He always felt an empty pang resound through his chest whenever he tried to think of Nell as the sister he never had, so he didn't. Since joining their little troop he didn't have the time to dwell upon the troubling thoughts of who he was.

He didn't really remember anything about himself- well nothing solid at least. The only things he could recall were small bits and pieces of what must've been his life, so scattered and random, that it frustrated him to the point where he didn't want to remember. The most reoccurring memories were those of battles, pain and sadness. Faces of those he knew were blurred, their voices muted and their significance unresolved. He then decided that they were not, at least not now, apart of his life.

One memory in particular both troubled and plagued his mind; he had never shared this particular memory with Nell or her brother and instead opted to keep it at the back of his mind. It was however times like these, quiet, peaceful and silent that the hovering memory would attack his psyche and sent wave after wave of emotional pain throughout his being.

In the Memory he was running, at his sides were the blurred forms of his important people, urgency and panic nipped at their heels and urged them to go faster. He could count five people in total and it was as clear as day that they were battered and injured; some more than others and another barely clinging to consciousness. They were running away from a large building, so large in fact that it could be seen from almost any point of the vast empty world. Behind them the blaring shriek of alarms and the cries of rage followed them out as they ran.

A surge of hope had filled his chest when he located the rip in the air; the portal to the Human world and the familiar face of Someone waving and calling for them to hurry. It was then when a powerful blast of reiatsu brought them all down onto their knees. In his memory he recalled a mop of brown hair and strangely enraged eyes. He felt in his gut that it was extremely out of character for the brunet to express his anger so openly. In the brunet's outstretched hand was an orb of ebony black and at the sight of the item he had felt the blood drain from his face.

Behind the Brunet more figures gathered. Leering blue, impassive green, grinning grey, and blind, these were the eyes that watched him and his friends' fall- their faces like all of the others, were blurred and disordered. He remembered screaming in rage and pulling upon some forbidden power as he felt a mask form over his face, he had ordered his friends to enter the portal and tend to the injured. But at the same time the Brunet had thrust his hand out; from the orb thin dangerous tendrils spewed forth and latched themselves onto his form. From there he could only remember feeling relief as the last of his friends entered the portal.

Then everything had gone black.

The Boy smiled and drew meaningless patterns into the sand. That's all they were, he assured himself, meaningless memories that had no connection to his past self. Eyes drooping he drew his knees up with a yawn and fell into the murky pool of his muddled and incomplete thoughts.

As the Boy fell into a restless slumber he didn't notice the small lizard Hollow staring intently at the group from its perch atop the branches of a dead tree. It flicked its tongue out a few times before it scurried away with purpose. Its form blurred as it approached high speeds when it darted over and under the sand. Its eyes gleamed with unusual intelligence as they reflected its destination.

Las Noches.

The Boy had questioned Nell about he unfathomably huge palace numerous times, but one of the brother would always interrupt and lead his thoughts away from the building. It had never occurred to him that the brothers were doing this purposely. And he never saw how Nells eyes narrow ever so slightly at the mention of the Building. Eventually the Boy had forgotten his curiosity about huge building and just marked it off as a part of the bleak landscape. But he never mentioned it again.

The lizard paused, now at the foot of palace, and flicked its tongue out once more. It seemed to have come to a conclusion as it crawled onto the wall and continued its relentless pace showing no signs of exhaustion. Eventually it stopped at a small hole in the wall and squirmed in.

On the other side of the wall was a dimly lit room, its contents hidden to the prying eye. A tall lanky form laid sprawled over what seemed to be a bed. It was here where the lizard emerged, crawling down the wall and onto the figures form. Long elegant fingers curled around the lizard before it was lifted off of the bed and on level to the figures face.

"Back so soon? What have you seen, show me." The low honey dipped voice signified that the mystery figure was male. The same long fingers dragged the now squealing lizard up by its tail and swung it lazily in front of his face. Laughing eyes watched the small animal struggle before the mystery man opened his mouth and dropped the lizard in. A sharp crack and a final high pitched screech resounded through the space before silence blanketed the room once more.

The man laid in silence as he shuffled through the memories of his dearly departed pet. Once calm eyes widened in shock before they slid closed in amusement. A small velvety chuckle escaped slightly parted lips before escalating into full blown laughter. The man raised one of his hands to his head and pressed the tips of his fingers onto his face as he struggled to contain his laughter. The irony of the situation refused to unhinge its claws over the man as he continued his long bouts of hilarity.

"Szayel-sama…?" the hesitant voice accompanied by a soft tap on the door snapped the pink haired scientist out of his spell. Stifling his mirth he drew he feet over the side of the bed and stumbled as he stood. His grin twisted into a scowl as his knees trembled. He cursed the 12th division captain for the thousandth time that day. Steadying his nerves he couldn't stop the psychotic smile that crept back onto his face; the new information he had found far out weighed the temporary nerve damage that the damned captain gave him.

"Who would've known? Who would've known that Dear Neliel and Kurosaki Ichigo were still alive?"

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