Bidoof walks on the brige

Bidoof walks on the brige. "hi bidoof" sed a other bidoof. "not much what is up with you bidoof" sed bidoof. "nothing really, I just felt like talking walks" sed bidoof. "that's cool can I walk with you" sed bidoof. "sure you can but u have 2 keep up, lol" sed bidoof. Bidoof and bidoof walked together. They goed to the pond and swims together. "ah I like 2 swim alot" sed bidoof. "me 2" sed bidoof. "bidoof why are you talking to urself" sed bidoof. "oh sorry nvm" sed bidoof. "well actually I do like 2 swim alot 2" sed bidoof. "that's cool" sed bidoof. "do you think it is ok 2 leik pokemon with the same sign by their name? You know like we both have that blue 1, but is it ok if we like really like eachother" sed bidoof. "ew no I don't like u that way bidoof" sed bidoof. "well, uh, I was just asking if its ok" sed bidoof. "I has been think, bidoof. I wants 2 evolve cuz there is 1ly so much I cando as bidoof…" sed bidoof. "but, but…"sed bidoof. "I thinks we are friend! Wat will I do when you aren't bidoof!" sed bidoof. "time make you older, even pokemon get older. I am getting older, 2" sed bidoof. "I don't wanna grow up!" sed bidoof. "look, I cant halp it if I am matures and you isnt" sed bidoof. "urnt the sam!" sed bidoof. "look, I am sorry. But things change, bidoof. Wearent the same people we were wen wewere kids and swims in pond" sed bidoof. "wat" sed bidoof. "oh sorry. But uh, I guess this is gud buy"sed bidoof. Bidoof started cry as bidoof left

The next day bidoof was on a brige. "bidoof, is that you?" sed bidoof. "no, Ir biberil noa, sorry, kid" sed biberil. "but, no! ur still teh same pokemonn on the insiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!1" shot bidoof. "bidoof, I am at level 22 noa. Wernt children anymoar. Let urself evolve" sed biberil. "no, I like being bidoof" sed bidoof. "oh I am better tan you noa. I DONT NED YOU ANYMOAR" sed biberal. "wat, u havnt got any old! We still same age!" shot bidoof. "yeah, well we are both level 22. xcept I act my level nd u act leik a level 9!" sed biberal. "YEAH WELL IN SUPER SMASH BROS LEVEL 9 IS STRONGEST"sed bidoof. "YEAH WELL IF THERE WAS A LEVEL 22 IN SUPER SMASH BROS WOULDN'T IT BE STRONGER TAN A LEVEL9" SEd biberil. "I DIDN'T THINK THAT AT THE TIME I TALKS" sed bidoof. "WELL I WIN HAHA" sed biberil. "I not ur frnd no more" crys bidoof. "GOD CUZ I DONT WANT FRINEDS WITH IDIOT" SED BIBERIL. ANdthey stop beings friend 4ever.