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Spoiler: Yuki's condition has worsened the stress and throwing up blood has turned into a saver heart disease and sends him into the emergency room. Mean time Shuichi is putting on concert in Tokyo when he receives word of Yuki. Immediately he leaves the concert and heads to the hospital. Not tool long after Shuichi receives news that flips his whole world up side down. Following that news he learns he needs 2 million dollars to get the type of surgery that Yuki needs. Bad Luck along with Nittle Grasper and a surprise new band called Out of line. With there help there able to raise the money they need to save Yuki's life, but there was one other problem they need a heart to trance plant. Will it be Shuichi him self, Yumie from the new band, or will a Hero come from no where?

Song titles and artists(note this will be updated with the new chapters):

Prolog: Blood - My Chemical Romance.

Track1: When love and death embrace- H.I.M


Prolog: Blood

The night was the same as any other Yuki was in his room typing away at his keyboard writing away at another novel this one entitled "Darkest love". This one was special because it was a book based on his life with Shuichi. It was a surprise for him, so to say, sense he was feeling nice. Shuichi was asleep on the couch sense he had worked late and had to get up early tomorrow for the big concert in Tokyo. Finally around 12:30 Yuki gave up and decided to take a bathroom brake before going to wake Shuichi up for a round of love making. He walked into the bath room and suddenly took a spell.

damn it why is this happening I'm not stressed at lest not anymore. he thought his life had became very much eased after that night Shuichi found him about to blow his brains out.

It was about 10 minutes before the pain and the bleeding stopped he wiped his mouth and cleaned up then went and woke Shuichi and took him to bed skipping the sex for that night. he just wanted to cuddle with his lover. Yuki watched the tired out Shuichi cuddle to him and fall fast asleep again. Yuki let a smile play his face as he slowly drifted off as well.


"Blood, Blood gallons of the stuff! u give them all that they could drink and it will never be enough. So Give them blood, blood, BLOOOOD. Grab a glass because there's goanna be a blood "

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