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Track 1: When love and death Embrace

The Day started as any other Shuichi got up, kissed Yuki, got his shower, and made them breakfast. By that time Yuki was up and had called Shuichi a "Damn Brat" 4 times already. Shuichi had gotten use to the "damn brat" nickname.

"So today's the big concert in Tokyo, eh?" Yuki asked as he ate his food and looked up to The smiling big glowy star eyed Shuichi.

"Yes and WE have a new band opening for us there called "Out of line" ever hear of them?" he asked calming himself. Yuki had a look of thought on his face.

"Not a Clue" he said in his normal cold voice. Shuichi had a look of damn on his. His eyes glanced to the clock.

"SHIT I got to get. There gonna kill me!" he said and gulped his food and drink and sat he dishes in the sink. He moved to Yuki. "Yuki I'll see u tonight when I get home, right?" he asked

"I don't plan on going any where." Yuki said and jerked the younger boy to him and kissed him deeply before letting him go.

"Ok love you." Shuichi said as he looked at his lover.

"yeah u too." Yuki had, after that night of almost killing his self, started to understand the feeling he had for Shuichi it was love but he wasn't ready to say it to him yet. So he sufficed with "yeah u too". Shuichi smiled and ran off waving bye at him then popped back in.

"oh yeah mom called she wants u to call her." he said grabbed his book bag and ran off.

"huuu?" Yuki's eyes about popped out of his head. Shuichi's mom wanted HIM to call?! He sighed and went back to his food and drink.


Shuichi smiled big as a girl with long black hair and emerald eyes walked in. She was dressed in a black mini skirt and a hot pink and black strapped tube top.

"Hi, you must be Shuichi Yuki." she smiled softly at the boy who looked down at his hand that held the engagement ring. Shuichi smiled wide.

"Actually, im the soon to be Shuichi Uesugi/Yuki." He said as gleams of starlight came from his eyes at the thoughts of him soon to be married off to his lover, Eiri Yuki/Uesugi. The girl smiled brightly.

"That's so cool. I'm Yumie Sei!" she smiled back at the Pink haired boy, who smiled and nodded.

"Your from the band Out of Line, Right?" he asked as she nodded her head wildly as he said that.

It wasn't long after the new band was on stage playing there songs Shuichi had to admit they was really good. As Shuichi listened his mind floated off to wonder about this Blond haired Writer. A smiled played wide over his lips just the thought of the older male turned him on.

"Shu, Hey you ready?" his best friend Hiro asked as he grabbed his guitar. Shuichi nodded his head super fast and followed, bouncing, behind the guitarist.


Yuki Sat at his desk typing away at his keyboard Yes, Yes three more words and.. "DONE!" he exclaimed to his self hitting the save button. He stood and walked to the living room then to the kitchen, fetched a beer from the refrigerator, and then sat on the couch and flipped on the TV to the live broadcast of the concert in Tokyo. The song currently playing was the song Shuichi made for Yuki. Yuki smiled silently to his self his pink hair little brat had to sing that one didn't he? Yuki felt a pull at his heart like it was trying to beat but it just couldn't, no it just wouldn't. Suddenly Yuki's world went completely black.


Shuichi was just finishing his new song called 'When love and death embrace' (A/n: Yes I know this is a H.I.M song but like I said I will be randomly using song names for some things.) When K , Suhichi's manager came out and whispered something in his ear. A look of Fear shot though him as he looked to K to see if this was true. K nodded. Shuichi bolted from the room as fast as his legs would carry him he ran faster then he had the time he was surching for Yuki in New York.

No No t his cant be Yuki's gonna be OK he's just gotta be. Shuichi's thoughts raced as he raced agenst his time to get there before anything ELSE happened to his beloved. He ran in whizzed past the doctors and nurses, sense K told him what room he was in already. Shuichi reached the door that had Eiri Uesugi's name on the door. He slowly walked in to see his lover there in the bed his eyes closed looking as if he was asleep. Shuichi walked up to his lover and gently placed a hand on his.

"Yuki, Please wake up." Shuichis voice soft and cracked a change from his hyperactive voice. He leaned over the bed and kissed Yuki's head. The blods eyes fluttered open.

"Shu-Shuichi?" He muttered out softly. Shuichi had a soft smile play his face as he ran his hand in his lovers hair.

"Yes, Yuki, Im here." Shuichi siad as he turned pulling a red chair over to the soft wight and mettle bed and knlt on the back of the chair and retook Yuki's hand. "You had another spell, didn't You?"

Yuki nodded softly "I don't understand why tho I haven't been under any stress. I mean, you havent even stressed me out this month, yet."Yuki started to cough harshly. Shuichi quickly moved to help him sit up and handed him the bottle of water he had in his long coat pocket. After giving him a drink he seemed to settle down. Shuichi helped him lay back down.

"You need to rest Yuki. Don't worry i'll be right beside you." Shuichi said as he gently climbed on to the bed with Yuki and laid his head close to Yuki's.

"Thank you, Baby." Eiri said as he wraped his arms around Shuichi. They both minded all the cords and things they had running into an I.V in Eiri's arm.


" All I want is you to take me in your arms when love and death embrace" - H.I.M


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