The room was an uncomfortable, sterile white. The only light in the room came from the florescent glow of the overhead strip light. In the centre of the room, a metal cast bed was positioned.

On the bed lay John Cena. He was clothed in white cotton pyjamas, his feet bare. He lay quiet and still. His body jolted slightly as the door opened and a woman entered.

"How are you feeling today, Mr Cena?" the woman's voice sang.

"He loved me, you know," John cooed at her, his arms and legs pulling on the leather restraints that held him to his bed.

"I'm sure he did," the woman checked the bed and then left.

"You don't understand! He loved me. He really, really, really loved me! After everything, he still loved me!" Even though John was alone he still spoke. A smile spread over his lips as he wriggled around on his bed pulling the restraints.

"He loved me, he really did! He died for me, you know. Died because he loved me. He's in heaven now, with the angels. Hmmmm, he was an angel. He was my angel. My Chris angel, and he loved me sooo much!" John's shouts became more frantic and loud, and soon they turned into ravings caused by hysteria.

"He loved me, nobody else, just me. He didn't love her as much. Noooo, Chrisy loved me!"

The door to the room reopened and a nurse walked in.

"He loved ME!" John said again as the nurse approached his bed. "HE LOVED ME!" John cried at her. She pulled out a needle and moved towards John's arm with it. "What are you doing? Ow, ow... Ouch!" John voiced his discomfort as he was injected with a sedative. The nurse then left him alone again to shout at nothing but the walls.

"He loved me, he loved me, he loved me, he loved me, he loved me. ME, me, me! HE LOVED ME! No body else, nope. No one but me. Just me, me, me, he loved me. He did, he did, he did. Yep. HE. LOVED. ME..." the sedative took hold of John, shutting down his body and forcing him into unconsciousness.

No WWE or TNA Superstars were harmed during the making of this trilogy. They are all alive and well and living happy lives... I hope.

Now I'm sad... This trilogy is my baby, and probably my best work EVER... and now it's come to an end.

A big thank you goes out to my reviewers: Tina (stay in touch girl!), Mosvie 2K8, Animal Luvr 4 Life and HBKJHardy... without you guys I don't think I would have continued with this, so thank you again for all your wonderful reviews.