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"ABCDEFG" talking
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As I said in the description this is set 20 in the future so if you're having any sick thoughts about this being Inuyasha and some little girl you are sadly mistaken, Shiori will be an adult in this story.

It was a beautiful spring day. A few cotton ball clouds could be seen in the sky, birds sang high up in the trees and a soft wind blew through the forest.

It has been twenty years since the final battle with Naraku and the completion of the sacred jewel and the InuGang has since broken up. About a month after the final battle Kagome decided to accept Hojo's proposal and left the jewel in Inuyasha's care and decided to leave to her time and not return. Miroku had gotten his lechery under somewhat control and asked Songo to marry him shortly after Kagome's decision. They had Kaede perform the binding ceremony for them. They moved into the demon slayer's village and have since brought it back to its former glory.

Inuyasha how ever was left alone. Several years later Kaede passed on and slowly he had lost touch with Miroku and Songo as their family grew. Shippo had decided to go find an old friend of his shortly after Kaede's funeral. Inuyasha spent most of his time in Kaede's village, protecting it from harm. Things didn't get any better when that mangy wolf started to come by, attempting to take the jewel from Inuyasha. Considering that Kagome had left permanently he just HAD to keep bugging the shit out of Inuyasha. Finally one day he had had enough of the wolf's attitude and decided to take action. He confronted the wolf the final time he came after the jewel.


We see Inuyasha high in a tree seemingly waiting for something, to the west the tell tail tornado that marked the arrival of Koga appeared, the tornado being significantly smaller now that he didn't have any jewel shards. The wolf stopped several meters in front of the tree and looked around.

"Alright mutt face come on out so I can take the jewel and put it into the hands of someone who deserves it, me!"

Inuyasha grunted and jumped down swinging the Tetsusaiga. Koga dodged it and jumped forward before jumping at Inuyasha attempting to punch him. Inuyasha fell back and punched Koga in the stomach sending him straight up, but upon landing Koga got a direct kick to Inuyasha's side making him slide several feet. The battle went on like this for hours before Koga managed to trip Inuyasha and send him flying into a tree and the jewel flying of is neck. Koga walked up, held the jewel in his claws and looked down at the seemingly out cold Inuyasha.

"Humph, I don't know why Kagome left this in your care when you can't even take care of your self." With that Koga turned his back and went to leave.

However, he only got three steps before Inuyasha's body began to pulsate and the wolf sensed it. He turned around to see Inuyasha standing in his full demon form red eyes and all. Koga was about to mutter out an insult but before he could even utter a word blood was sent everywhere as Inuyasha left five large and deep gashes in Koga's front. After picking the jewel back up Inuyasha changed back and in a moment of self pity left the wolf in the care of Kaede's apprentice and decide to start traveling like he used to.

end flashback

We see Inuyasha now slightly taller and only slightly older looking thanks to his demonic side, sitting on a rock like he always does with Tetsusaiga leaning against his shoulder. He gives a sigh and looks out into the distance, closes his eyes and takes a deep breath of fresh air, his eyes open quickly and he pauses,

Huh... He takes another long sniff with his eyes closed. That sent….so familiar…but why? He sniffs one more time before it clicked in his head.

"Bat! I'm near the cave of the bat demon tribe. Now I remember this is where I learned how to make you looks down at Tetsusaiga turn red so I could break Naraku's barrier."

He says as Tetsusaiga pulses in his hands, in turn making Inuyasha smile lightly.


Inuyasha using the Backlash Wave to kill Taibokumaru, switch to the blood red crystal breaking and the Tetsusaiga turning red then a flash of the little half demon girl that made it all possible…..

end flash back

"Shiori, I wonder how her and her mother are doing. It's been some time since I left, I wonder if the villagers kept their word or not." Inuyasha said with a grunt as he stood.

The villagers had promised not to harm the girl or her mother any more but Inuyasha knew all too well how half demons and their families were treated. So he decided since he was here he would check up on them. As he sheathed Tetsusaiga a clink sound was made and Inuyasha, who was lost in though looked down and with a sigh shifted the Tetsusaiga above another sword…The Tensaiga.

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