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Last Chapter

They broke the kiss and both looked over to see a medium large sized black bird with a glowing crescent moon on its forehead and a roll of parchment on its back. Inuyasha gave a heavy sigh,

"Of all the lousy god damned times to return…" he growled causing Shiori who was already looking at his face to cock an eyebrow, she had felt his feeling of annoyance from their bond the instant he saw the bird,

"What is it….mate?"

She said with a slight blush, Inuyasha looked up at her and sighed again,

This is NOT the way I wanted her to find out…but I guess this is a good a time as ever.

He moved them into a sitting position and finally slid out of her core making both of them whimper slightly. Shiori wrapped herself in his Fire Rat robe as he turned to her,

"You wanted to know how I got my second sword right?"

Chapter Five: Life is Forever Changing

Shiori looked up at him and blinked a few times thinking about his question. It took her a minuet or two before she remembered,

"That's right, I asked you that right before you offered to make us dinner, but what does your sword have to do with that bird?"

She said motioning towards the bird; Inuyasha sighed and removed the roll of parchment on its back causing the crescent moon on the birds head to disappear. The bird shook its head and the flew off, Inuyasha looked at Shiori sitting there in his lap wearing noting but his Fire Rat robe,

I can't do this here. he thought then sighed.

He reached over and grabbed the bottom half of his clothes while moving them to stand.

"This isn't the right place to tell you this, let's get back to your cave and I'll make breakfast then well finish this."

Shiori cocked an eyebrow while bending down to pick up her kimono,

"Ok but you're the one who brought this up, remember? And don't you mean 'our' cave…Shiori let his Fire Rat robe slide off and she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him ….mate." She finished as the kiss broke.

Not for much longer if I have anything to do about it. He thought then laughed slightly before kissing her back,

"I know." was his only reply.

After a few minuets the got dressed and Inuyasha picked Shiori up bridal style and bonded off towards the scent off the cave. It only took Inuyasha a few minuets to get back because he wasn't blindfolded this time and he was walking last time at that. Once they reached the cave, Inuyasha set Shiori down on her feet. She turned around and Inuyasha brought them into an embrace and deep kiss.

"Welcome home mate." Shiori said after the kiss broke.

Inuyasha let out a silent sigh in his mind, embraced her a little tighter, and then placed another kiss on her lips,

"Let's go inside and I'll get breakfast started." He replied and kissed her again as he moved them inside.

It took Inuyasha about ten minuets or so to make breakfast and during that time; Shiori could feel annoyance and slight fear through their bond. They ate in silence and when Shiori ever looked up at him, he either looked to be deep in thought or he just smiled at her. After they finished breakfast Inuyasha cleared the table and sat back down, after a few minuets of silence Inuyasha let out a sigh,

"Well are you ready?" he asked and Shiori nodded.

He pulled the Tensaiga off his belt, sheathe and all, and placed it on the table.

"This sword is call the Tensaiga, it and my other sword are made from the fangs of my father, I got this sword when I defeated my half brother. This is how it went…."

Over the span of an hour and a half, Inuyasha told Shiori how the Tensaiga came to be in his hands, making sure to leave out the part about Sesshomaru being the Lord of the Waster Lands but included the visions he had.

When he was finished, she just sat there looking at him, her mouth slightly open.

Great she must think I'm either a monster for killing my half brother or I'm insane for seeing things in my head.

He thought as he looked at Shiori who was still sitting there not moving. Suddenly she stood up, walked over to him, sat down on his thigh while never breaking eye contact and then to Inuyasha's surprise embraced him tightly.

"I'm so sorry Inuyasha."

She whispered, Inuyasha now more confused than before, cocked and eyebrow,

"Sorry? For what possible reason would you need to be sorry Shiori?"

Shiori pulled back enough so their eyes met,

"Because you had to kill you brother, your only living relative. That had to be so hard on you."

Inuyasha smiled and let out a half sigh, half laugh before returning the embrace.

"Thank you mate, but it has been ten years now and as I told you we were never on the best of terms so I'm not upset."

"I figured as much but it's always good to be comforted." Shiori said then placed a kiss on his lips,

"What did I do to deserve you mate." Inuyasha said with a smile.

Shiori giggled when she realized how much they had been calling each other 'mate', hearing him call her mate seemed to make her feel happy and tingle all over.

"So you didn't want to tell me how you got your sword because you killed your brother?" Shiori asked,

"Well that and there is one more thing." he gulped before continuing, "When I killed my brother I didn't just get his sword, I inherited everything that was his."

Shiori cocked an eyebrow and gave him a look that seemed to say 'And?'

"My brother was Lord of the Western Lands and the title passed to me as well."

Shiori's mouth dropped and then after a few moments of silence,

"S-So t-that m-makes m-m-me…" She stuttered out and Inuyasha sighed again,

"That makes you the new Lady of the Western Lands."

Shiori's eyes went wider than before and her mouth dropped back open. She remained like that before her mouth changed into a very wide open mouth smile and she screamed, she then wrapped her arms around his neck and embracing him tightly again.


Inuyasha stuttered out, even more confused but this reaction than the last. Shiori on the other hand was unbelievably happy, she didn't know what being the Lady of the Western Lands entailed but she knew that it was an important title so that meant her life was about to get a whole lot better. It meant she wouldn't have to clean her things and bath in that cold dirty river any more, it meant she didn't have to keep wearing and repairing the same clothes. She didn't have to clean up this dirty cave she was living in, she wouldn't have to was the homemade dishes and eating utensils or even cook for that matter either although she did rather like cooking. She wouldn't have to worry about being attacked or raped, although with Inuyasha as her mate now she didn't have to worry about that already.

She lifter her head and kissed him passionately before breaking it and half screaming, half giggling

"I can't believe it!"

Inuyasha let out a sigh of relief, he could tell she was happy and feelings from their bond only reassured him. She embraced him again, on the verge of tears of joy now, and then looked up at him,

"But why would you keep something like this from me? If anything this would have made me tell you my feelings for you sooner."

Inuyasha smiled and chuckled slightly,

"For two reasons. You see I didn't want you to become my mate just so I could take you away from all this and place you into a life of luxury. And two, I wanted to show you that even tough I'm Lord of the Western lands and I could have my choice of hundreds of different women I chose you and only you."

Shiori couldn't hold back any more, she kissed him with such force that it knocked him backwards but he caught himself a little over half way down, tears of joy flowing freely down Shiori's cheeks.

Inuyasha saw her tears but felt nothing but happiness from their bond. He vaguely remembered Kagome doing the same thing, sans the kiss. He mentally shrugged and deepened the kiss as he brought them back up to a normal sitting position, women you have to love them but sometimes they can be so damned confusing. They stayed like that, lips locked, tongues entwining, for several minuets before Shiori broke the kiss

"Thank you Inuyasha, I love you so much."

She said as she wiped the tears away, Inuyasha couldn't help but feel the warmth in his chest again after hearing her words. After being alone for so long and then finding someone who has this much love for him, how could he not love her back. He wondered why he ever doubted his feeling earlier,

"I love you too Shiori. GODS I'm so happy I decided to travel this way."

"Me too."

She replied and kissed him again while repositioning her self in his lap and accidentally bumping into the table causing the Tensaiga to fall to the ground with a loud 'clink'.

The sound echoed throughout the cave snapping them out of the daze they had put each other in again. Inuyasha laughed slightly and when he reached out to grab the Tensaiga the roll of parchment that he had taken from the bird fell out his sleeve and rolled across the floor. Inuyasha sighed and Shiori laughed lightly as she got up to retrieve the roll of parchment for him. Inuyasha stood and placed the Tensaiga back under the Tetsusaiga as Shiori came back with the parchment.

"What is this any way?" She asked as she handed it to him.

"It's a report on the status of the Western Lands, just because I'm not there doesn't mean I don't know everything that is going on." Inuyasha said with a smile,

"Oh, ok I think I understand." she said. As the day went on Inuyasha mainly read the roll of parchment that turned out to be a lot longer than Shiori originally thought while Shiori kept her self busy with simple chores and other mindless tasks, every now and then refilling Inuyasha's drink earning her a smile and a kiss.

Shiori hadn't noticed it until the sky started to turn red and orange from the sunset but they had completely skipped lunch. Inuyasha had his concentration on the roll of parchment for hours now and Shiori had gotten board of mindless tasks and had been wrapped up in thinking about what her new life would be like, but was brought out of that deep though by the sound of Inuyasha giving a heavy sigh.

Not good, I've been gone for far too long and the other lords have began to notice it, if I don't get back soon Myoga won't be able to handle it. Inuyasha thought.

"What is it? Something wrong?"

Shiori asked knowing that he felt a troubled as he looked. Inuyasha smiled as he rolled up the parchment and set it down next to him,

"I'll tell you later, for now lets go get washed up before dinner, we haven't cleaned off at all since last night."

He said huskily after he stood and helped her up then wrapped his arms around her. He headed towards the cave entrance as Shiori blushed, memories of last night flooding back to her again.

She snapped back to reality as they passed the cave entrance,

"Ok but what are we going to dry off with, we forgot the towels." Inuyasha smirked,

"I'm sure we can find soooomthing." he whispered into her ear then nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck causing her to blush slightly and giggle.

Needless to say it took them a good three to four hours before they got back, Inuyasha carrying her bridal style, her legs still a little wobbly from their escapades, he placed her down where he was sitting before hey left. As Inuyasha began to cook dinner Shiori picked up the roll of parchment Inuyasha read earlier and began to try and try to go over it, if she was going to be the Lady of the Western Lands then she should know what's going on right? As Inuyasha finished setting the table Shiori dropped the roll of parchment, let out a groan and rubbed her head.

"Something wrong?"

Inuyasha asked he could feel her frustration and her groan only confirmed it.

"I was trying to read the parchment but I couldn't understand a single thing!" She practically screamed then let out a snort. "Some Lady of the Western lands I'll be, I can't even read a simple roll of parchment that is supposed to say how the Western Lands are doing."

Inuyasha could only laugh and Shiori shot him a deadly glare,

"What's so funny!? I'm being serious here!"

She said in the same almost screaming voice, Inuyasha finished serving her and himself then wiped the tear from his eye,

"It's perfectly fine the reason you can't read it is because it's in code."

Shiori cocked an eyebrow,


"Yes code, it's written in a special way so that if it were to be intercepted they couldn't read it."

Shiori mouthed an 'oh' and nodded as Inuyasha placed his hand on hers and gave it a gentle squeeze,

"And you'll make a perfect Lady of the Western Lands."

Shiori smiled and Inuyasha smiled back, she nodded and they both began to eat. However only a few minuets into dinner Inuyasha kept noticing Shiori glancing down at the parchment and he gave a sigh, which made Shiori look up at him,

"Do you really want to know what it says?" He asked and Shiori only nodded in reply.

"It seems that me being away for so long has started to become public knowledge to the ones who oppose me and they are beginning to try to take over, nothing serious yet but if we don't get back there soon things are going to get worse."

Shiori's eyes widened a little but relaxed when he said it was nothing serious.

"Wait...WE!? Meaning your taking me with you when you leave?"

Inuyasha looked at her as if she had grown three heads and turned purple,

"WHAT?! You think I would leave YOU, my mate and Lady of the Western Lands, HERE, ALONE, IN A CAVE?!" Shiori mentally kicked her self for that one,

"Looks like my mind is still trying to comprehend the fact that in two days I went from being completely alone to becoming the mate of the love of my life and Lady of the Western Lands, it's a lot to sink in." She said and Inuyasha's ears dropped slightly.

"I'm sorry Shiori I didn't mean to put so much on you I just….."

He went silent as Shiori scooted even closer to him and grabbed both his hands in hers,

"It's ok, it may be a lot to take in at once but I'm happy beyond words to be with you."

She said softly and then leaned in and kissed him, Inuyasha brought them into an embrace and kissed her back,

"What DID I do to deserve you?"

Inuyasha said with a smile after the kiss broke and Shiori kissed him again. After that kiss broke Inuyasha tipped her nose and the moved her plate over so that they could finish eating. The rest of dinner they chatted a lot, mostly Shiori asking questions about what life would be like as Lady of the Western Lands and what responsibilities that title held, and Inuyasha answering said questions. After dinner, Inuyasha cleared the table while Shiori went outside to look at the stars, something she did almost every night. Shiori felt Inuyasha coming closer and closer and leaned back just as his arms started to make their way around her waist.

However, instead of bringing them down into a sitting position like he did last time, which was what Shiori was expecting, he jumped up into the tree that was also several feet in front of them causing Shiori to eep out of surprise.

"You could have given me some kind of sign that you were going to do that."

She half scolded him as he NOW brought them into a sitting position on the branch. Inuyasha snickered as he kissed her neck. They stayed like that for a good hour and a half, just enjoying the feeling of being so close with their new bond, which was until Inuyasha noticed that Shiori had fallen asleep. As he gently picked her up bridal style and gracefully dropped straight down off the branch, he noticed a change in her scent. When he landed softly, he sniffed her again and his eyes went wide, he took a couple more sniffs to be sure but yes she was with pup, HIS PUP!

I don't believe it, SHE'S CARRYING MY PUP! Inuyasha screamed mentally, But how can this be so soon…Duh! Your both half demons of course it would be faster than normal!

He was ready to howl at the top of his lungs for joy when he felt Shiori shift in his arms,

I wonder if I should wake her and tell her…..no, I've placed enough on her for today. I'll let her sleep and tell her in the morning.

He turned around and walked back into the cave, after a few moments he found her futon and laid her down. Inuyasha looked around to see if she had some form of sleeping attire considering her kimono didn't look very comfortable to sleep in throughout the entire night. After about five minuets or so of searching he found a sleeping robe that was actually made out of cloth and not skins and furs, although it looked to be a little big on her,

Must have belonged to her mother, he thought as he turned around.

He managed to undress and redress her gently enough that it didn't wake her and then began to undress himself until he was down to his undergarments and gently laid down behind her and pulled the covers up over them. He sniffed her again and smiled as he smelt the scent of his pup again and in about a month or so, he would be able to sex the pup too. He laid his arm over her and gently pulled her up against him and rested his hand on her lower stomach and gently drifted into a restful sleep of his own.

Shiori woke up feeling safe and warm for the second time in a row; this was definitely something she could get used to. She slowly opened her eyes to see that she was no longer in the tree but she was in her own bed with Inuyasha holding her. She smiled and went to turn to face him and noticed that she was wearing the sleeping robe that used to belong to her mother. She blushed when she realized that Inuyasha must have changed her clothes but then almost a second later stopped blushing,

Wait…..why should I be embarrassed, were mates now, she softly shrugged her shoulders and turned around all the way and was by two golden eyes and a smile,

"Good morning my lady"

Inuyasha said then kissed her softly,

"Good morning my lord" She replied and Inuyasha mentally flinched, he still wasn't used to being called that, but hearing it come from Shiori softened the blow, and he knew he had to get used to it any way.

He had decided as he watched her sleep for a few minuets before she woke up that he would leave today so he could get Shiori and his unborn pup to the safest place and right now the safest place for then would be his palace in the Western Lands.

"Did you sleep well?" he asked and Shiori yawned before she wrapped her arms around Inuyasha's neck,

"One of the best nights I've ever had." She said with a smile, Inuyasha, still smiling, kissed her softly again and nuzzled his face in what part of her neck that was showing.

He inhaled deeply, taking in her pregnant scent again making him grin and also making him linger sniffing a little longer than he should have considering he hadn't told her last night before kissing her softly again, and Shiori picked up on it. She also noticed the anticipation amongst the happiness coming from their bond,

"Ok what is it now? What aren't you telling me Inuyasha?" She pouted cutely.

Well that's the last thing I'll ever be able to keep from her. He thought before sighing lightly with a smile,

"Well it seems that us being both half demons seems to have hand an effect on our mating." He said while moving his hand from her lower back to her lower stomach, once there he spread his fingers wide and pushed lightly.

Shiori's laid there with an odd look on her face for several moments before her eyes went wider than ever,

"Y-You m-m-mean I-I-I'm ….." She stuttered out,

"Yes you are carrying our child and the hire to the Western Lands." Inuyasha said with a smile.

I…..I'm carrying his child?….I'm carrying his child…I'm CARRYING HIS CHILD!

Were her only thoughts before she kissed him with such force that it actually repositioned them so Shiori was now lying on his chest. They kissed deeply and rather aggressively for ten minutes or so before Shiori broke the kiss with a girlish screech that caused Inuyasha to flatten his ears to this head and close his eyes tightly,

"Oops I'm sorry Inuyasha but I'm just so happy, I'm going to have a baby!"

She said and then screeched again but not as loudly this time before she began kissing him rapidly all over his mouth and lower face, Inuyasha smiled again and chuckled lightly as he moved them up to a sitting position.

"As am I." Inuyasha said.

Shiori placed both her hands over her lower stomach and began to trace circles. Soon after, they got dressed and Inuyasha began to make breakfast.

"So do you know if it is a boy or a girl?" Shiori asked while looking down at her hands that were still on her lower stomach.

"No but in about a month and a half's time I should be able to." Inuyasha replied as he turned around with breakfast in hand.

He served Shiori first and then him self, over breakfast the talked about what life would be like in the palace before and after the child's birth. When the finished breakfast Inuyasha stood up,

"Would you mind cleaning up this time I have to go reply to this to let them know we are coming."

He asked while holding up the roll of parchment. Shiori smiled,

"Sure, when are we leaving anyway?"

She asked causing a surprised look to plaster Inuyasha's face, which in turn caused Shiori to giggle,

"Yesterday you said that if we don't leave soon then thing might become worse so I want to know when we are planning to leave."

Inuyasha laughed slightly, he was wondering how he was going to get her to leave and she goes and asks the question for him, what a mate.

"Well is there anything here that you actually 'need', and when I say need I mean something that can't be replaced."

Shiori looked around the room and then looked up and thought about it,

"Yes but only one or two things that used to belong to my mother."

Inuyasha nodded with a smile.

"Ok then gather them up and we will leave when I get back."

"Ok." was her only rely as Inuyasha walked out of the cave.

It only took Shiori a few minuets to gather the few things she wanted to keep wrap them in a fur then slung it over her shoulder and walked out the cave entrance. Once outside she turned around and looked at the cave for the last time in her life, "For over twenty years now I've lived here but now its time to move on to better things." She said and walked further and sat down under the tree she fell asleep in last night to await Inuyasha's return

Mean while with Inuyasha

He is moving from branch to branch looking for a bird to send the message on, he stops on a random branch and sniffed the air, he had went over the parchment one more time to be sure that everything he needed to say was there and in the proper code. He had debated with himself weather or not to tell Myoga that he had taken a mate or that she was pregnant and give the flea the second and third biggest shocks of his life (First being Inuyasha killing his brother and taking over the Lordship of the Western Lands of course). Nevertheless, in the end he decided to tell him everything for the safety of his mate and unborn pup like he had mentioned earlier. His ears twitched and he looked up and smiled, on the branch above him was a hawk. In one liquid movement, he grabbed the perched bird off the branch before it had time to react while jumping up. As he landed, several branches up he tucked the bird under his arm and used the claw on his thumb to lightly pierce his index finger on the same hand and drew blood. He took the blood and traced a crescent moon on the birds head.

The blood seeped in and then was replaced by a glowing silvery crescent moon and the bird calmed down. He pulled out the roll of parchment as well as a piece of string and tied it to the birds back, when he let it go it took off in the direction of the palace of the Western Lands. Inuyasha smiled as the bird took off and he turned around and headed back toward the cave. Luckily he hadn't gone that far so it only took him a few jumps and he landed several feet in front of Shiori,

"Ready to go?" he said with a smile, she stood up and nodded.

"Yep I got everything I need." she said while shifting the fur a little,

"So how long is it going to take us to get there?" She said as she began to walk toward him,

"Well that depends, we can either walk side by side all the way and that would take about three months or I could carry you most of the way and it would probably only take half the time if not a little more. Either way is good for me, it is up to you my lady."

He really didn't like using that name but that was what he was going to have to call her in public now to keep up appearance so he fingered the sooner he got used to it the better.

"Well I've always wanted to travel and I could see more if we walked but….." She paused and smiled as she reached him and wrapped her arms around his neck,

"For some reason I think I would have more fun in your arms." Inuyasha smirked before kissing her softly,

"This may take longer now." he said huskily and the swiftly picked up Shiori bridal style causing her to squeak in surprise,

"To home?" he asked after kissing her again,

"To home." She said after she kissed him back, he smiled and bounded off using those patented long jumps of his in the direction that the bird too off in.

A/N: Well there is Chapter Five: Life is Forever Changing; I hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Now I know that to some it feels as if I'm rushing things a little well I really hadn't planned on this being that long of a story to begin with. I also know that Shiori's reactions did seem a little off, I'm sorry it wasn't my best work. As for Chapter Six, Well I doubt it will ever happen. this story isn't one of my favorites but I need it.