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He wished she would just shut up for once.

Of course, she never did. She was always prattling away about one thing or another that he didn't give a damn about. She didn't seem to know the meaning of alone time, personal space, or even silence.

For example, right now she was talking about… something. He thought maybe it was a tea set she had seen at the market or some "darling" dress she had spotted in the window while buying groceries. He wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying. He never was.

Yet, Mrs. Lovett blathered on.

Didn't she know that he never listened to a word she said?

He thought that someday, she'd get the hint and give up.

She didn't. Still she chattered, endlessly, persistently, annoyingly. Occasionally, when he was really, really bored, he wondered how she could talk so much without stopping to breathe. Especially because she was wearing a corset.

Still, Mrs. Lovett managed to jabber continuously without pausing.

With the one small part of his troubled mind that wasn't occupied with thoughts of revenge and of his past, Sweeney Todd wondered why Mrs. Lovett bothered.

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