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It was close to dawn. The youngest of the vampires rushed through the darkened forest. Sweat poured down his neck attaching his long, blonde curls to his homemade jacket. He nearly tripped several times over raised tree roots while trekking the hills.

If it were an hour earlier he would not have given a second thought to taking to the sky. Many times his creator warned him to never fly that close to daybreak for two reasons. The first being if the sun did rise while he was outside the shelter of the cave, it would be easier for him to find some place to hide until nightfall were he were closer to the ground. As Max witnessed in his earlier years, the closer a vampire fly to the sun, the risk of being burned increased dramatically. Nothing could remove those memories from the elder's mind. The second reason being at that hour someone could easily see him if he flew. If someone saw him, he could follow him to his hideout and kill the entire pack in their sleep.

Marco would be lying if he said no fear was in his heart. His eyes kept a constant look up at the heavens, as long as the sky still held a black cover, he was safe.

He realized now that he made the worst mistake of his life choosing to leave the group. But at that moment Marco's judgment was blinded by anger from the fight. He knew now why people said acting out in passion could kill you. At that moment none of those thoughts crossed his mind. At that second all that mattered was getting away from David.