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The eldest vampire wiped the slayer's blood from his lips. The taste was so rich and he desired nothing more than to indulge for another half hour, but time was not his ally.

David's glare directed itself at the youngest immortal. Paul stepped in front of the older blonde. In his state there was little he could do against a reenergized member of his kind, and he was well aware that the terms of the fight were solid, but his heart had always been his dictator.

"You can't," Dwayne whispered to Paul.

"Watch me," Paul hissed in return.

David stood, tossing the corpse in the mud. Fresh blood stained his shirt and jacket. He made a straight line for Marco and stopped in front of the sole obstacle.

"I don't care about the rules," Paul said before David could mutter a word. Paul's glare amplified his words. "I never have." David's glare lessened. He opened his mouth to speak but Paul refused to allow him that. "I respect you and your honor, and Max…" his gaze momentarily fell on his dearest brother. He gave Marco a soft smile then returned his eyes to David. "But I won't step aside without a fight."

David found it difficult not to laugh at the other. He crossed his arms then said, "You are in no condition to challenge me right now, Paul."

"When have I ever thought of anything rationally?" Paul asked as his fists clenched. He was more than aware that he did not stand a chance against David on his best days, let alone now.

"Paul, it's okay," Marco said approaching the two. He placed a hand on his favorite brother's shoulder and stared at him sympathetically. "I appreciate what you're doing." He smiled at Paul, though the sorrow of the inevitable outcome shone through the upturned lips. His gaze met with David's. "We had an agreement before the fight." He squeezed Paul's shoulder tighter. "It was an honor to fight beside my brothers one last time."

Marco released his hold on Paul's shoulder. The trembling of the former did not go unnoticed by the latter. Paul pleaded with his eyes one last time before stepping away from David. He turned towards Dwayne, not wanting to have to witness the execution. Dwayne stared down at the ground. By rules of the vampire council, if death was the final term the mediator had to stand as a witness to the death sentence.

The both of them had hunted and killed countless mortals over the past few decades. Blood was a part of their culture and survival. However neither of them could stomach to see the end brought upon one of their brothers.

David grinned at the smaller vampire. He spoke in a condescending tone, "Marco, you know I have every right to kill you right now."

"Yes," Marco replied. The youngest vampire selected small answers for he was unsure if he could keep his voice from faltering if he continued to speak. He could plead his case further, but wanted the others to remember him as strong and brave, not a coward begging for his life.

In hindsight he realized his late actions had caused numerous troubles for the rest of the pack. David was correct in fulfilling the punishment. Marco only wished that David was not such a sadist to continue the delay of the final blow.

David was brutal, everyone who had seen him hunt knew that, but his true enjoyment resided in the mental torment of his victims. Now Marco saw himself in the shoes of those worthless mortals who had to endure David's mind tortures for his own sick amusement. When David finally decided to attack it was a given that the pain would be excruciating. Even with that knowledge, Marco wanted David to prolong the wait no longer.

David's eyes burned their natural amber color. Saliva dripped from the fangs while his glare contained contempt for his idiotic brother.

The eldest vampire reared his hand back and delivered the sharp blow across Marco's face. The curly-haired monster fell to the ground, his hand nursing the searing wound. He lifted himself to his knees and checked his palm to see it void of blood. The pain throbbed with each undead heartbeat.

"That was for having to drag us through Hell and fix all your mistakes!" David growled. He decked Marco in the face. The mud sloshed up when his head collided with the earth. "You have any idea what you put us through?" David kicked Marco in the stomach just for good measure. He snarled then turned to face the other two while Marco panted to catch his breath. "They're looking for him and that's what we have to give them."

Marco lifted himself to a hunched position. He was terrified that after the effort he put into standing David would turn around and knock him back to the ground. It would be most fitting after all he had done.

"You're—you're not gonna kill me?" Marco asked through half-shut eyes.

David chuckled. "No," he replied. He grabbed Marco by the collar and shook him. "But if you ever put me through this again I will kill you and I guarantee it will be the worst pain you've ever felt."

Marco swallowed. "But what about the rules we established at the—" Marco's words were cut off when David shook him once more. In all honesty he was not sure why he was not just content with the fact that David pardoned the death penalty.

David tossed Marco to Paul. Paul gripped his hands tightly about Marco's body and helped him to stand.

David glanced over at Dwayne and said, "Don't file a report, this battle never happened. Max and the council never need to know what took place here tonight." David only hoped that Max would allow Marco to live. As long as the council never discovered all the trouble Marco caused Max's hands would not be forced, but at the moment that was all in their hopes.

"What now?" Dwayne asked.

It was David who chose not to dispose of the bodies of Dale Vincent and Lt. Miller. Their unsolved deaths would feed too much into the suspicious beliefs of the Rosaria police department. If the eldest vampire desired to keep his youngest brother alive, they had to work quickly.

Dwayne was appointed with the most difficult task. It took him a half hour, but at last he found himself a poor victim who could play the part. A male of twenty years, two inches taller than Marco, with long, golden curls was dropped at the feet of their leader. The young man looked up at David with pleading eyes as he shook. From the look of the junkie David could tell he was like many of the runaways that populated Santa Carla—a forgotten child who no one would identify or miss.

Dwayne had followed David's orders by grabbing the gun that rested a few feet from where Douglas lay. The dark-haired vampire heeded not to the mortal's pleas and shot him with the cop's handgun. The silver weapon was stuffed next to Miller's corpse, staged to make it look like he dropped it a mere two seconds after his own death. The boys' gloves kept the revolver from being contaminated with fingerprints other than the dead bodies littering the ground.

The blood leaking from the latest corpse tempted the four, but all were aware of how crucial it was for them to leave their props lying in their places. David even scraped up the face of their dummy to avoid the chances of identification. As far as he could tell Marco was dead to the general public.

Marco stared at their display. His stomach turned as he soaked in the amount of detail and effort his brothers put into staging another to take his place. He suddenly found it difficult to lock eyes with his eldest brother.

David stepped beside Marco with crossed arms. He looked over the area once more to make sure they were missing nothing crucial. The decoy had to deceive the local and federal law enforcers as well as the possibility of someone from their own government. Max had heavy influence, but an agent could have been sent to survey the area regardless. It would be more difficult to hide a false from vampire senses, but David hoped their efforts would trick everyone lest Marco's blood be required as price.

"You did all this for me?" Marco quietly asked.

David grinned; it was not his usual smirk, for he found it unfitting for the moment, but he could find reason to smile. He smacked Marco on the back. "The last thing we won't is for others in our business," he spoke. "This will quiet the mortals."

Marco glanced up at David. While his words were cold he could sense a more endearing message behind David's eyes.

The two joined the others who huddled around the fourth body to cover the area. David's smile fell when he looked upon that corpse. For the first time since Stephanie's demise he felt sympathy for the untimely end of a human. It was not fair that one so loyal to their family had to go in such a way, but he was well aware from the beginning of their mission that his life might be a casualty. Nonetheless, Max would be most grieved by the loss of such a good servant. David only hoped the loss would not be added to Marco's possible sentence.

"What do we do with him?" Paul asked. The other three were thinking the same. It was rare for Paul to feel for one of the lesser species, but he had become quite fond of the mortal.

David released a heavy sigh. Douglas would most likely want to be buried in the city he loved where he could rest beneath the earth that his family treaded upon. Unfortunately because of time they would not be able to haul his body back to Santa Carla.

"David," Dwayne said having sensed a switch in David's heartbeat.

The eldest blonde looked up at his dark-haired brother. He gave him a small smile then turned to the others. "After all he did for us, it's only right we give him a proper burial."

David's gaze fell back on the deceased. It was such a cliché phrase, but Douglas appeared to be only sleeping. There was the hint of a smile on the dead man's face. David shook his head at Douglas' last actions. He was only glad that Moonshield's blood had combined with Miller's. If the authorities did discover two different DNA, they would forever be after a ghost. It would give Douglas' spirit a break to laugh while the eternal flames lapped at his soul.

It took no time for the four to dig a crevice deep enough to dump the body. The faces stared down at the helpless body. It was wrong to have to house him in an unfamiliar land. They consoled the carcass with the fact he would forever lay beneath the area that was the playing field for the greatest vampire battle in California.

"Douglas Moonshield," David said, figuring he should be the one to speak on behalf of their ally. "You were the best servant any vampire could ask for. We weren't always appreciative of you, but now that you're gone we realize just how great you were." The wind picked up speed causing David to wrap his arms around his body. "We'll be sure to tell Max what all you did for us." He gave the corpse a smirk. "It was an action worthy of being one of us."

Paul clamped a hand on David's shoulder. At that moment Marco wished he had been allowed to get to know the mortal a bit longer.

"Agreed," Marco said. "If you didn't sacrifice yourself, there's no telling what would've happened to us." He looked up at David who gave him a comforting smile and nod.

"I'm sorry for all the hatred I threw your way," Dwayne added. He curled his muddy fingers against his palm. "Stephanie's death was not your fault, I just wanted someone to blame." He found it difficult to tear his gaze from the man in the steep plot. "You can rest with the knowledge we won thanks in part to you."

The rest gave a brief moment of silence for the dead. They were all aware that the afterlife for someone who spent his life serving unholy creatures was not meant to be pleasant. The least they could do was offer him the respect he deserved from their kind.

"You were a cool guy," Paul said breaking the silence. "I wish we could've hung out more." He gave the corpse a thumbs up.

David nodded at the other three. They accepted his request and began to pile the earth upon the man never to leave that spot. Once the dirt covered Douglas' remains Dwayne and David worked to make it look like the terrain had never been altered. The last thing they needed was for someone Max was associated to be dug up before he could properly decompose.

Marco stood watching his brothers worry and work themselves. He stared down at the area that housed the human who did not deserve his death. The youngest could not help but wonder if he was the sole reason for all the recent headache of all involved. It was an unnecessary question that he knew the answer to. He wondered if he had been in David's place if he would have been as forgiving. However, the fact remained that David's decision was not the one that mattered: there was still one more who had the deciding factor in whether or not Marco would be allowed to continue with his life.

As usual David was the first to rise. The four had taken refuge in a cave in a town sixty miles from Santa Carla. They had decided on flying back to their city. Unfortunately fatigue and wounds from the battle inhibited their speed, requiring them to rest for the night. David felt it was best for each of them to get some sleep after the night's events.

David walked to the edge of the cave and lit up a cigarette with a match. Ever since his youth before the turn of the century David had used matches. They held an aesthetic pleasure that the most convenient of lighters could never replace. The smoke gracefully left his lips. It surprised even him that someone such as himself could always look so classy smoking away on the tobacco rolls that murdered dozens of humans each day. It was yet another bit of evidence that they were superior to those viruses that thought themselves the superior species.

The lead vampire propped himself up on a large boulder at the mouth of the cave and rested his legs on two smaller ones in front. He rested his throbbing head against a larger stone behind him. His stomach begged him for blood. It was only a matter of time before he could feast to his heart's content, well within reason, for gorging on blood could cause a vampire's death if he ingested too much. They were fortunate their father cared enough to provide them with that crucial information.

The sound of approaching footsteps caught the attention of the eldest vampire. He acknowledged the presence of his second-in-command. Dwayne sat adjacent to him. He leaned forward on his knees with his hands folded in his lap.

"The others still sleeping?" David asked. Dwayne nodded in reply. David grinned. "Just like old times." David glanced up at Dwayne who was eyeing him hard. "What?" he asked.

Dwayne offered David a small snort. "There's no use hiding anything from me. I know you better than anyone." Dwayne needed not to mention his special ability to read emotions (though the skill was not as pronounced on other supernatural creatures as with mortals).

David snickered in reply. "I know it's useless," he said at last. Usually he would keep his concerns housed inside, speaking them only to Max if it would affect their pack. Dwayne often reminded him that it was unhealthy, even for the undead. David usually laughed at Dwayne's advice, however now the younger, yet wiser vampire seemed to have a point.

"You're thinking of Curtis," Dwayne guessed.

"Bingo," said David. He tossed the cigarette butt to the ground and stomped it with his steel toed boot. He turned to face his brother. "Killing him was the hardest thing I ever had to do." His gaze met with Dwayne's. "But it had to be done. He was out of control. There was nothing me or Max could do to help him." David waved his hand by the top left side of his head. "He was like a mental patient."

"And you're now worried about having to do the same to Marco?" Dwayne asked.

David nodded. "I don't want to ever relive that moment again."

Dwayne sighed and gave David a small comforting smile. "But you said so yourself, it's not the same." David glanced up at his brother with a raised brow. Dwayne continued, "Curtis was mad. Marco learned from his mistakes."

David smiled at his friend's solacing. "I only hope it's enough to convince Max," David said at last. He clenched his fist against his side. "I don't know if I can hold onto my sanity if I have to slay another brother." David stood and gently clapped Dwayne on the arm. "Thanks," he said before heading back towards the inside of the cave.

Dwayne nodded with a half smile at David's gratitude. It was a rarity that he spoke it aloud. He stood and followed after his leader.

Marco had overheard the majority of their conversation. He never realized how much trouble he caused the one person he intended to escape and eventually overthrow. He was not worthy of David's forgiveness and sympathy and there he was offering it freely.

The youngest vampire pretended to be emerging from the depths of the cave. He rubbed at his eyes and gave an impressive yawn that fooled the two.

"Where's Paul?" David asked.

Marco pointed back towards the inside. "No one has any hope of waking him this early," he said.

David rolled his eyes. Usually he would smack Paul, but decided to let him sleep in this one time. He had been in too much pain the previous day which interfered with his ability to sleep soundly. After all it was not as though they were expected at any specific hour.

After an hour of flight the four landed along the cliffs of their beloved hometown. Paul took a deep breath and smiled at inhaling that scent of salt and blood. In his opinion they had been gone for way too long.

Marco took in the location that he once called his own. He had not intended to return so soon, but the welcoming cries of the evening wind were too comforting for him to argue. In two weeks he had gained the wisdom that most vampires acquired within a century. His gaze landed on his eldest brother; the one he had hoped to escape from proved to be the one who sacrificed his very existence to bring the delinquent back in one piece. Now that he had returned to Santa Carla it was too obvious that it was the only town meant for him.

The homecoming welcome had to be cut short. There was no doubt in David's mind that Max was already aware that his four sons had returned. He would be most furious if they neglected announcing their arrival.

They enjoyed a quick meal of several drunks who strayed from the safety of the larger group. By the following night their faces would be crowded around the collection of various wooden posts and bulletin boards. By the end of the month the authorities would cease their search and they would fade into the forgotten as had been the case in Santa Carla since the mid nineteenth century.

The continued their walk along the boardwalk. Marco had to dispose of his motorcycle in Lintonville since the polie would be searching for that model and license plate. It was hard to say goodbye to his beauty, but there would be other bikes.

As the group approached the video store Marco felt his stomach tighten. He kept his gaze on his shoes, a behavior that did not go unnoticed by the usually most oblivious of the pack. Paul placed a comforting hand on his best friend's shoulder. Marco jumped at first, but upon realizing it was his favorite brother, returned Paul's nervous smile. There was no need for the two to deny the possibility of it being the last night they would speak to one another.

The two younger vampires slowed in strides to separate themselves from the other. David immediately noticed the altered rhythm, but nodded to Dwayne to allow it. He kept his attention straight ahead to keep Paul and Marco from noticing.

"Is it wrong to be afraid?" Marco asked loud enough for only Paul to hear.

Paul shook his head, messy blonde hair swaying everywhere. He gave Marco the best smile he could muster at the moment. "Max is a scary dude when he's mad," Paul said, hoping humor would lessen the tension. His theory proved true for a moment or two. Paul inhaled and stared down at his younger brother with a rare serious look in his eyes. "David went to all that trouble. He's gonna try his best to get you outta this." He offered a comforting smile. "Trust him."

Marco nodded. That was not the first time Paul offered that advice concerning David. Their leader was not an easy one to understand, but as Marco came to realize, David was not one to betray his family.

The four stopped just short of the entrance to the video store. Marco watched customers drift in and out of their meeting place. A part of him hoped that it would be too crowded that Max would request them come back at a later time, like a century later. However, Marco knew that was not the case, and the other half wanted the verdict stated sooner rather than later.

"You two have fun, we'll meet up with you in hopefully an hour," David said to Paul and Dwayne.

Dwayne nodded, yet the sorrow was sill apparent in his eyes. Paul was not one who was good at masking his emotions. He wrapped his arms protectively around Marco, who returned their hug. Were he allowed to live the two would be most embarrassed later, but at the moment their reputations mattered not.

Marco said one final farewell to Paul and Dwayne before following David into the store. The chatter sounded more like a death march to the younger vampire. He already died once, it would be most awful to have to endure a second demise, especially since he managed to escape the clutches of a skilled slayer.

The room suddenly grew cold. It seemed as though every eye in the building was on him. The television screened an old comedy from the seventies. The main couple from the movie laughed while their eyes stared out at the audience. Marco shuddered at the omen.

The two slipped past the crowd to appear in the office where Max waited with his door open. David peered in to see Max sitting in his office chair, his hands folded over his crossed legs. He glanced up at his oldest son then motioned with his hand for the two to enter. Marco refused to make eye contact with his father as he took his seat next to David.

"David," Max said smiling at the mentioned. "I take it that the four of you have safely made it back to Santa Carla."

David nodded and answered, "Yes sir." While he teased Max, he was all business during serious matters. That was one of the many reasons Max trusted him above the others.

Max placed both legs on the floor and scooted the chair closer to the desk. He folded his hands over the surface and leaned forward to better see the boys.

"For starters I'm glad to see you're all alright," Max stated. He cleared his throat then added, "As for now we are lucky that the council has not received any word of vampiric activity in this area. They have yet to contact me, so that tells me they still believe it is the work of a human serial killer." His gaze fell solely on David. "Have you taken the necessary precautions?"

David replied with a smirk and firm nod. Being leader entitled him to many responsibilities, each one he accomplished with pride. He then told Max the details of their scheme to end the police search in Lintonville.

"The decoy looked so much like Marco and with Miller and Vincent dead, it will leave no other witnesses," David finished.

Max nodded with his thumb and index finger pinching the point of his chin. "Yes, it's sounds great," the lead vampire stated. "I just hope not too great that it will lead anyone to be suspicion."

David exhaled sharply. "That was the only drawback I found also," he confessed. Marco squirmed in his seat at the thought of their failed plan. David sat up straight and his smirk returned. "But they'll have no other leads. Every mortal involved is dead."

Max seemed grieved about that news. "Yes, though it's a pity that Douglas had to die." He sighed then added, "I hope that they don't find his body, or we will be in serious trouble." His glare intensified. "And I don't just mean with the humans."

David waited a few seconds, his fingers drumming the armrest before asking the question that needed asking. "So, do we need to inform the council?" he asked.

Max shook his head. "No," he replied. "As long as everything ends now, they won't require any information on recent happenings." Two vampires released a sigh of relief. The celebrations were cut short when Max's glare fell on Marco. "However, I can't let you get away with causing all this trouble."

Marco sunk further into his seat. David left out the details of their fight, however Max assumed a few blows were exchanged considering the oldest boy's calm composure.

Max folded his hands atop his desk. "I'm guessing we will need about three months for this to blow over and the investigations to cease. Until that time you are not to leave the cave. Your meals will be brought to you." Max stared into the faces of both. "Have I made myself clear?"

Both agreed to the terms and stood to take their leave. David requested Marco wait outside for a few moments.

David turned to Max who still appeared worried. He smiled at the elder and thanked him for not asking him to take Marco's life. David thanked him once more before turning to make his exit.

"David," Max called. David looked over his shoulder to see Max offering him a small smile. "He's not Curtis. That one was beyond help." Max nodded at the silhouette of Marco standing outside the office. "You managed to save that one." He clamped a hand down on David's shoulder. "That's the mark of a true leader and brother."

David thanked Max with his eyes and a genuine smile in place of his usual smirk. He stepped outside where Marco waited for him.

The two returned to the cave not long after their meeting with Max. Marco had missed the musty smell of his home. It was comforting to be back where he belonged, considering he would be confined to that area for close to one hundred days.

"You'll have to stay here while I go meet up with the others," David said. He took one last look at Marco, hardly able to contain the joy that Max chose to let him live. Max's words still played through his mind, giving him a reason to smile.

"Hey, David," called Marco. The older blonde looked down at his brother. "I uh—I wanted to thank you for all you did for me," he said. "I know I was a total prick, but you still gave you all to save me." He extended his hand towards David. "Thanks."

David took Marco's hand in his own. The thoughts of having nearly lost his brother twice within the past two nights surfaced. David would later blame it on impulse, but he pulled Marco into an embrace. They parted nearly as quickly as they combined. He patted Marco twice on the shoulder before turning.

Marco watched his brother and new hero leave for the night. He sat down by the fountain, thinking over the events of the past few weeks. He found a reason to smile knowing he was safely with his family once more in his beloved town. Now the fact remained in bold print that nothing would ever drive him to run from Santa Carla—his home.

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