Well here it is the big night! enjoy!

Chapter 2: Draft picks and…what the hell?








"Welcome back to Monday night Raw, I'm J.R. Jim Ross and I'm here alongside as always with Jerry "The King " Lawler, and we are here live tonight on the annual WWE draft." J.R. exclaimed.

"You got that right J.R., tonight has been a night of shock we have seen some superstars leave their brands for new ones and now it will be up next Raw vs. Smackdown!" King said.

"Exactly that King it will be Raw's Jeff Hardy against a Smackdown! Superstar yet to be named." J.R. said.

"Yeah even though we are obviously gonna win, I bet Smackdown! Are too scared to show who their pick for this match is, because they know that we are the superior brand and they are the B show, ha ha!" King mocked.

"King whenever we are at a cross brand PPV remind me to stay the hell away from you when we see Smackdown! ok?" J.R. complained.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and will determine the next draft lottery pick!" Lillian explained.

Jeff Hardy's entrance hit and as King would say, he has a rock star reception wherever he goes and anyway why shouldn't he, he's the WWE Intercontinental Champion and I guess his suspension made him want to come back and be the champ again.

"And his opponent…representing Smackdown!"

The titantron began playing Linkin Park- Bleed it out, and as the movie reel showed my name and the crowd went nuts.

"From New York City, weighing in at 238 pounds, XANDER CAGE!" Lillian shouted.

I came out with a new shirt which was white with my name In blood on it and a massive X on the back of it, I was absolutely happy to be back in the ring and I ran to the ring and Jeff was surprised that I was his opponent and as I was in he ring I went top rope and posed with a double cut throat as my trademark sign.

The bell rang and it was on, we locked up in the centre of the ring and I managed to get him locked up into a wrist lock, but he turned the tables with one of his own but I countered into a quick switch for a full nelson followed by a drop down with a leg sweep which took the champ off of his feet. He got up pretty quick and came at me with a flying clothesline which got me, and he hit about three of them and picked me up and nailed his face drop on me 1-2- no I kicked out, he then attempted to try and hit me with another one but I countered into the suplex combo, suplex, german and a belly to belly which threw the champ off of his game and I had to stay on him, I began to nail some kicks to his head and body to try and weaken him, but as I went to take him to the turnbuckle he countered into the whisper in the wind and, wow! That was one hell of a shot to my noggin he tried to pin again, 1-2- nope still nothing. He got me up but I threw him to the outside and as he was recovering I went from the ring to the outside apron, and I used the top rope to catapult myself off of there with a moonsault right onto Hardy which sent us both down. I got back up began hitting him with some punches and threw him into the ring and I began working on the lower back by applying the Texas cloverleaf and I tried sitting into it to apply pressure, he was desperately trying to get to the ropes and I used what I could to keep him In the centre but his fighting spirit kept him in and he got to the bottom rope and the ref ordered me to break the hold I let go and wasted no time and I began hitting knee drops into his shoulders and using the spinning toe hold to weaken his legs and then applying the figure four leglock on him but his ring awareness got the better of me as he got to the ropes again. And after a four count I broke the hold and I dragged him back to the centre and I hit him with some fist drops to the head, I got about 4 of them in, it stunned him, but as soon as I got him on his feet he began fighting back with strikes left and right and a jawbreaker which caught me off guard and send me right into the corner turnbuckle and it gave him the position to nail that high dropkick into me, It connected and was my mouth hurting or what!

As I began getting up from that shot I didn't realise that he was just waiting for me to do so and got a kick to the lower section and nailed The Twist of Fate and he had me right where he wanted me and he went up high and I was down in position for the Swanton Bomb, he made his trademark pose and went for it.

Luckily I was aware of it and got out of the way just in time and he missed it by just a second which gave me the opening, I went for a clothesline but he ducked and he went for one as well but I ducked as well but out of nowhere I nailed a backwards kick to the head and it staggered him and out of nowhere I hit The Rage in the Cage, went for the cover as quick as I could, 1-2-3 it was over! I beat the Intercontinental Champion and won a draft pick for Smackdown!.

"Here is your winner Xander Cage!" Lillian announced.

I looked at Jeff and offered my hand to him, he accepted and I helped him up and he shook it, to the crowd's pleasure we both got an ovation.

"Therefore the next draft pick goes to Smackdown!" Lillian announced.

The computer showed the entire roster and it began it's random pick of who we would get and after ten seconds it revealed…




We both looked at each other and It shocked us both and the crowd, I was going nuts that I just got…..no stole the Heart break kid from Raw to Smackdown! And his entrance played and he looked pretty excited about it and I pointed to him as did I, we would both be facing each other real soon.


I was back in the Smackdown! Locker room and we were watching another draft pick match, it was a divas tag team match pitting Candice Michelle and the Women's Champion Mickie James against Victoria and their newest acquisition Melina, I was pretty interested in who would win, of course I was rooting for the home team. But however I missed what happened as I went to the bathroom, I could hear the sound of disappointed superstars and knew we lost.

Oh well, wonder who's gonna get drafted next?

I came back and asked.

"Hey who got drafted?" I asked.

They just all looked at me dumbfounded and I saw on the TV screen.




"Wow…well I guess all I gotta say is see ya!" I said

And I left my former brand and went out to the stage and greeted the arena, and the divas were excited I was coming to Raw, I never saw this coming, but I guess this will be a new start for me and my career on Monday nights.







Wow what a comeback, he wins get's HBK now he's on raw! well now it is getting please!

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