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Chapter 39: Looks are deceiving


As Raw kicked off the program began with Orton and Legacy appearing on the screen, as it would seem he had some announcements to make.

"Welcome to Raw, now as acting General Manager I would like to say that tonight both my Wrestlemania opponents will be in action as John Cena will face The Big Show and his tag team partner, Edge In the first ever two on one stretcher match!"

The crowd loved that idea but booed the disadvantage Cena would be in.

"And last week me and Xander Cage went one on one In a match, which I lost, I would like to say that yes you did beat me Cage but you got lucky! So tonight both Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes have cashed in their rematch clause for the Tag Team titles as it will be you and Christian versus them tonight!" he announced.


Me And Christian were in the locker room discussing our battle plan for tonight.

But we were interrupted as Kelly walked in holding a bottle of water.

"Hey guys!" she said.

"Hey!" we both said in unison.

"Came to wish you both luck and I brought this for…

"Thanks I was a little thirsty." Christian said just taking It and downing it all.

"Hey that was for Xander!" she complained.

"Sorry babe but when he and I are teaming he is the El capitan of us both so just let him have it." I said to her.

"Alright since it's ok but next time don't be mean." she said to Christian.

He just smirked at that.

"I came to wish you luck tonight and be careful." she said to me.

"Babe, I'll be fine no worry, Orton can stack the deck against us if he wants to but last week he underestimated me and look where that got him, if Rhodes and Dibiase are planning to take me out then I plan on at least going down fighting." I explained.

"Or overcome incredible odds and actually retaining our titles." Christian added in.

"Yeah that as well." I said.

"Ok boys I gotta go I'll catch you later." she said as she gave me a peck on the cheek and left.

"How do you do it?" he asked.

"No idea, just my luck I guess." I said.

We both decided to go with our usual plan and just head to the locker room and watch the handicap stretcher match.

Cena was at a huge disadvantage as both Edge and Big Show just pounded Cena into the canvas, with every move they had.

Cena did fight back as he threw Big Show to the outside and managed to take down Edge with a few shoulder tackles and a throwback which set him up for the five knuckle shuffle and it connected. But Cena went to the outside and grabbed a steel chair, as The Big Show was back Cena went right for him and started wailing on the giant with the chair, he even broke it over his back after the last shot.

After he managed to incapacitate the giant, Cena went back to Edge who had gotten up and both were exchanging blows but of course Cena would always win that contest as Edge raked the eyes of Cena he went up high and attempted a cross body but then Cena grabbed Edge out of instinct and propelled him onto his shoulders and delivered the Attitude Adjustment on top of the stretcher.

Cena had him right where he wanted him but he was still weakened from the beating he took off both men earlier on. But it didn't stop him as he slowly wheeled Edge up the ramp, he was halfway towards the finishing line to win the match, he only had a few more pushes to win it.

But out of nowhere he was attacked by Legacy as they beat down Cena and took him back to the ring and began an assault on him, both Rhodes and DiBiase had weakened Cena to the point that both Edge and Big Show were back in the match, as Edge hit a Spear, then Big Show connecting with that knockout punch of his.

Legacy had left the ring and left them to do the rest of the work, Edge and Big Show both threw Cena onto a stretcher and pushed it up the ramp and across the finish line to win the match.

They both celebrated the tainted win as Cena was taken to the hospital via the ambulance that was awaiting him.


"Now that right there was…impressive, one down one to go." Orton said watching the stretcher match.

The door opened and both Priceless entered.

"Cena is out, just Cage left now." Rhodes said.

"Alright I've taken care of the match, all you two have to do is win it." Orton explained to them both.

"Don't worry Randy we've got this." Rhodes said.

"Yeah and anyway we've already won the match." DiBiase said.

"We've managed to get someone to work on the inside for us, the person has already managed to get one of them out of the way now it's only one of them we have to worry about." Rhodes explained.

"I hope your plan does work…for your sakes." Orton said.


Priceless hit as the challengers and the former champions looked confident as they were heading down to the ring and awaited our arrival.

Bleed it out hit, I came out to a great ovation from the fans as I wore my hat and shirt and threw them to the audience, I held up my half of the tag titles and kept my eyes on the Legacy as I awaited the arrival of my partner.

GO! Just close your eyes hit but as awaited the arrival of my partner there was no sign of him at all as I started to get concerned.

The titantron then displayed the back area and the locker room surrounding something.

I saw the EMT's as I really was worried and it was my worst fear, Christian had been found but they said he'd collapsed after complaining of a stomach ache, they took him away on a stretcher and to the local hospital.

It then shifted to Orton.

"Now it seems your partner is unable to compete tonight so without a replacement in time for you I guess this is now a handicap match for the titles."

The crowd and even myself were hating this completely as I knew they had something to do with this.

"I am also adding a few changes to this match, I would like to introduce to you the special guest announcer…the ECW Champion, Jack Swagger!"

Get on your knees hit as the All American-American, the ECW Champion and Christian's opponent at Wrestlemania made his way out as the special guest announcer for this match as he told Lillian to step aside.

"I would also like to introduce the special timekeeper for this match…the Intercontinental Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield!"

Longhorn hit as more boos echoed throught the arena with the white longhorn limo arriving and out came the self made millionaire, the self proclaimed Wretling God, JBL who came out in his suit and cowboy hat and made his way to the timekeepers area where he told the timekeeper to step aside.

"The following contetht ith a tag team match and it ith for the Undithputed Tag Team Titleth, introducing firtht they are the challengerth, Cody Rhodeth and Ted Dibiathe! And their opponent, he ith one half of the Tag Team Championths, Xander Cage!" Swagger announced.

I found it a little funny cos his lisping just made it hard for me to take him seriously, as then Orton made another announcement.

"Oh I almost forgot there's also a special guest referee for this match…

As the camera zoomed out to show Orton in a referee's shirt.

"This will be refered to as Orton's law tonight!" Orton anounnced as he made his way out.

I hear voices in my head they council me, they understand, they talk to me…

Voices hit as he came out wearing a ref's shirt, the crowd and myself knew this was completely unfair, he wanted to make sure I didn't walk out with the titles or even make it to Wrestlemania.

JBL rang the bell and the match was underway with me facing DiBiase first, we tied up as I caught him into a hammerlock and used a double leg takedown quickly and synched in a headlock. But he quickly got to his own feet and threw me off into the ropes as he tried to clothesline me but I ducked it and nailed a high kick to his head.

I then ran towards his corner and smacked Rhodes off the apron, I went for DiBiase as he got up and was about to go for an inverted DDT but he crawled out of it and went to the outside with his partner so I just decided to take the fight to them and just flew right over the ropes and take them both out in one shot.

I quickly made it back into the ring as Orton just looked on and waited for his team to get back in the ring, he didn't make a count as I figured. DiBiase got back in as this time I started striking him with a few body shots and got a quick snap suplex, I awaited Orton to count the pin but he just stood there.

It was obvious this was all a setup, I had no chance of winning this match as I looked Orton in the eye as he then did the same. But it distracted me as DiBiase tagged in Rhodes who jumped me from behind, he quickly took me down to the floor and started nailing fist after fist to the temple. Orton again stood by and watched it, Rhodes tagged DiBiase back in and they rose my arms up and hit that two man strike to my body.

The match had been turned around officially as DiBiase tagged Rhodes back in as he began stomping on me furiously. He brought me up and nailed his DDT, 1-2-nope I quickly got my shoulder up as Orton tried to quick count the pin fall. Rhodes then just launched me through the ropes as I went to the outside, both DiBiase and Rhodes distracted Orton as then I was pounced on by Swagger and JBL who took turns in beating me up.

As Swagger held me up JBL started punching the hell out of me, then he grabbed me by the arm and just clotheslined me, I fell hard onto the ground. The arena began to hate this as they all knew it was a beat down, Orton orchestrated the attack from the start making it impossible for me to walk out of here in one piece.

As then JBL started to clear the announce table so they could put me away, Swagger had me in a gut wrench position as he was about to power bomb me right through it. But the attack was stopped as both men were struck with steel chairs by the Hardys, they took them out as I was able to get back in the ring, but Legacy wasn't going to give me a chance to get back into the match.

I got stomped on by Rhodes and DiBiase, as I was brought to my feet Orton came over, I was held back by them both as Orton slapped me repeatedly across the face, "YOU NEVER BEAT ME!" "YOU'RE NOT IN MY LEAGUE!" he shouted to my face as I was unable to anything, but the sudden burst of strength and anger helped me to break free as I hit an uppercut to Rhodes and a backflip kick to DiBiase, Orton was alone as I went for him, I chased him to the outside, he went back into the ring I was ambushed by him he stomped on me, then Legacy joined in, as they got me up and Rhodes nailed the CrossRhodes on me, DiBiase brought me up and right into the Million Dollar Dream clutch and took me into the air hitting DreamStreet on me, but the coup de gras was Orton who went into that viper like state and RKO'ed me into the mat.

He ordered one of them to make the cover, as DiBiase did he counted 1-2-3 the Legacy stole the titles!

Orton raised their hands in victory and gave them their titles as they celebrated their victory, Swagger and JBL were still brawling on the outside with the Hardys as Orton wasn't done with me, but to everyone's surprise Kelly came running out and she blocked Legacy from doing any harm to me, they began to back off.

She turned to me to check if I was ok but then no-one saw this coming as she then kicked me right in the gonads, I fell to my knees and was in complete shock to this…why?!

She turned to Legacy and smiled and both Rhodes and DiBiase knew what this was all about as Orton realised what they meant earlier on, she was the insider, she took Christian out of the match.

But to the surprise of everyone Aeon came rushing down to the ring and confronted her friend about this, they started arguing and it erupted into a brawl to the outside as I tried to get back up…all I remember was that and then…BOOM! I got my lights knocked out, Orton had punted me in the head.

The chaos had stopped as security and personnel separated everyone, however the main concern was me as I layed unconscious in the middle of the ring.

"I cannot believe what just happened, Xander Cage was facing Rhodes and DiBiase defending the Undisputed Tag Team Championship while his partner was incapacitated, the numbers became too great for him even with the Hardys out here to even things up but even after beating Cage and taking the titles, Randy Orton was not done, as we all thought that Kelly Kelly was coming out here to try and save her man." Cole explained.

"Yeah but this shocked us all as she turned her back on him and her friends as she low blowed him and aligned herself with Legacy. But Kelly's best friend, Aeon made her presence known and was disgusted by this act of betrayal and began brawling with her." King explained..

"But the worst part was when Randy Orton kicked Xander Cage in the head." Cole said.

"That sickening, vile punt of Orton's may have claimed another victim here tonight." King said.

"This was a cowardly assault by Legacy who not only took Cena out earlier on tonight but have now taken Cage out as well, we may not have a main event for Wrestlemania." Cole said.

I wasn't sure of what I was hearing but I was slipping in and out of consciousness but I think I heard Aeon's voice and it sounded like she… was…crying?!

I also heard her brothers voices as well I think but I passed out again as I was taken out on a stretcher and rushed to the local medical facility.


I awoke in a hospital bed I had no idea how I go there, but I did think back to what had happened.




Why did she turn on me and join Legacy? It doesn't make sense, she isn't that kind of person, but maybe I didn't know her as well as I thought.

But my main thought shifted to Orton.

Orton you son of a bitch, I swear when I get my hands on you I'll…

"You're awake!"

I turned my head to the right and saw it was Aeon, she was by my bedside?

"Hey, what're you doing here?" I asked dizzyingly.

"Wanted to make sure you're ok." she said in a quiet tone.

"Is Christian ok?" I asked.

"Yeah he's fine they discharged him hours ago." she said.

I noticed the restlessness in her eyes.

"How long have you been here?" I asked.

"Since last night, I went with you in the ambulance, someone needed to be there for you when you woke up." she explained.

"Thanks, didn't think you cared." I said.

"Just because I enjoy playing pranks on you doesn't mean I don't care." she said.

"Sorry I'm just pissed off about what Kelly did, she lead me on, fooled me and she's now sided with those guys." I said.

"So am I, I mean we're best friends and I don't even know why she did it, it doesn't make sense?" she questioned.

"Only she has the answers to that, but my main priority is to get back at Orton for the punt!" I stated.

"I don't blame you for wanting revenge, but I have to try and talk with her, get some answers." she said.

"I must have shmuck written on my head for me to fall for that." I said.

She could clearly see I was feeling humiliated and tried to make me feel better.

"Kelly must be crazy to give up a guy like you." she said.

I was shocked to hear those words from her, Audrey "Aeon" Hardy, a woman I enjoyed playing pranks on.

"You really mean that?" I asked confused.

"Why wouldn't I? I've gotten to know you better and…

The doctor came in to tell me of my current condition.

", I've reviewed the CAT and MRI scans and it seems the blow to your head caused a grade two concussion, you will be kept here for a few days but I suggest if you wish to compete at Wrestlemania I suggest you take some time off to heal." the doctor advised.

"Sorry doc but I do plan to go back a little sooner than that, but I will rest for this week but I highly doubt it for next week though." I said as the doctor left.

"Got something planned?" Aeon asked.

"Could say that, but…

"You haven't thought of one yet have ya?" she asked.

"Not even one bit but I will get one…eventually." I answered honestly.

"Well I know next Monday I got a match with Kelly so I can hopefully get some answers to why last week." she said.

"I hope you beat her, as I know I won't be there next week, be careful you don't know what she's got planned." I warned.

"I will, my bros are on Raw next week so I've got backup, don't worry about me ok?" she said.

"I'm just worried about what Legacy has planned next, but I'm comin back wether they like it or not!" I stated.


Raw kicked off with clips of John Cena being decimated by Big Show, Edge and Legacy as he was carted off on a stretcher.

While it then shifted to Christian being taken out and myself getting beat down and then Kelly betraying me and then Orton punting me in the head.

Legacy were in the ring and it seemed as always Orton had something to say.

He tried to talk but the crowd was as hostile as ever over his actions last week.

"Last week you all witnessed the downfall of John Cena and the annihilation of Xander Cage, I wanna make one thing clear, I never lost to Xander Cage, he got lucky, but however with both of them out of the way the board of directors will have to award me the World Heavyweight Championship!" Orton rambled.

The crowd booed again as he ignored their jeers.

"But also tonight we will take out what's left of the competition as there will be a Legacy initiation tonight as both Kelly Kelly and Aeon go one on one tonight, if Kelly Kelly wins tonight she will join Legacy." Orton went on.

The jeering continued as he started to get pissed off.

"SHUT UP!" he shouted angrily.

The crowd was getting to him as they went silent for a short while.

But before he was about to speak again he was interrupted by All grown up as the GM Stephanie McMahon made her way out and stood atop the ramp with a mic.

"Randy, you and your group's actions as of late have been ruthless, sadistic and unexcuseable, I spoke with both of John Cena and Xander Cage's doctors and John is medically cleared to wrestle tonight, but Xander however has suffered a grade two concussion as a result of your punt, but it is undetermined if he's cleared to wrestle at Wrestlemania and also tonight I'm making a non-title tag team match, it will be John Cena teaming with Batista to face Priceless tonight." Stephanie announced.

"Randy, I received a request from a friend of Xander's to face you tonight as it will be one on one, Randy Orton versus Christian!" Stephanie announced.

"Also the match between Aeon and Kelly Kelly will be a No Disqualification match." Stephanie announced making more stipulations to tonight's bout.


"You can't stop me from doing this, I'm gonna get some answers outta her whether you like it or not." Aeon said.

"We know that we're worried about what Legacy and Orton will try against you, and we think it would be a good idea if we were there in case of that." Jeff said.

"If they do then yeah I could use your help, but I have to do this on my own but I'm only doing this for Xander." she said.

"I know you felt it was your fault but no one saw that coming, the only person to blame is Orton and Christian plans on getting revenge tonight, but remember everything we taught you about using weapons like a ladder for instance, if your gonna disfigure her then you'd better have a good reason to do so." Matt advised her.

"If I ever resort to that then I will but I just want answers!" she stated.

"You heard from Xander?" Jeff asked.

"Nope not since last Wednesday, he checked himself out of the hospital last Saturday and I haven't heard nothing." she said.

"I hope he's ok, but just be careful out there, we don't want a repeat of last week." Jeff warned her.


As the night went on both Cena and Batista were victorious against Priceless after Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment on Rhodes and Batista nailing a Batista Bomb on DiBiase for a double pin win.

Orton however managed to beat Christian with help from Swagger as he nailed the RKO for the pinfall.

The No-DQ divas match was about to begin as Kelly was already out in the ring and was awaiting her opponent.

Inside the fire hit as a very angry but confused Aeon hit the ring and was about to go for her so called best friend until Kelly grabbed a mic.

"Wait Aeon before you beat me up I only did it cos he forced me to, you know I'm not like that so please I don't wanna go through this with you!" Kelly pleaded.

Aeon grabbed a mic.

"So I'm supposed to believe that? He "forced" you to kick someone while they were down, drug his friend's drink and turn your back on everything for what?!" she demanded off her.

"Ok fine he didn't force me, Cody and Ted came to me and said they saw potential in me, but realised there were certain things holding me back like these morons!"

The crowd was booing her for that comment.

"People like Xander who all thought I was just a pretty face and had no business in the ring!"

More boos echoed through the centre.

"And especially rejects like you! But now I have a chance to go to the top, and when I beat you I'm gonna join Legacy, win the Miss Wrestlemania crown and become a champion and get the respect I deserve around here!" she made clear.

Aeon went up to her to say something and looked away for a second and smacked her in the head with the mic starting the match as the bell rang.

They brawled to the outside and Kelly's head bouncing repeatedly off the announce table, Aeon then went under the ring to grab a weapon as she went for yes a ladder!

As she tried to drag it out Kelly attacked her from behind and returned the favour and bounced her head off the announcer's table repeatedly and then threw her back in the ring as she grabbed a leather strap from underneath the ring and looked at her former friend on the mat trying to get up.

And began wailing on her with it but it just seemed to make Aeon angry as she got up and tackled her to the ground and nail left and rights to the blonde as she would not stop and the ref was no use as it was No-DQ.

But Aeon was then grabbed from behind by Rhodes and DiBiase as they held her back Kelly got up grabbed Aeon by the face and started talking trash to her and slapped her repeatedly across the face which prompted her brothers to come out for the save, as the two women continued their fight the two teams also fought on the outside.

Aeon then out of nowhere nailed Angelic Fire on Kelly and was going for the Leap of Faith but was struggling to get to the top rope as she was turned around by…Orton!? He had that viper look in his eyes and just RKO'ed her.

Kelly quickly took advantage and pinned her 1-2-3 it was over!?

As Orton rose Kelly's arm in victory and accepted her into the Legacy he then said some thing into her ear as Kelly had an evil grin on her face and was about to do what everyone was thinking as she saw her trying to get up and was going for a punt…

Until John Cena came out for the save going after Orton as they battled, Kelly missed the punt and just K2'ed Aeon instead.

But Cena's rescue was short lived as he was attacked from behind by…Snuka?! He was back and both him and Orton went after Cena as the numbers were too much, it was chaos as everyone was brawling.

Bleed it out hit as attention was given to the ramp way but no one came out as Orton was awaiting my arrival.

But out of nowhere I came through the crowd with a baseball bat dressed in a hoodie, slacks and sneakers and nailed Rhodes and Dibiase with the bat helping both the Hardys out, I hit the ring and hit Snuka between the eyes, I turned my attention to Orton who was as shocked as anyone, I swung the bat and he ducked out of the way and slithered out of the ring, I saw Kelly and she got out quickly as Legacy regrouped I stood tall in the ring brandishing the bat at Orton daring him to get back in the ring.

I helped John up as he was in shock also, as I went to check on Aeon as she said she was ok just really hurting, I not only want the World title but Orton's head!

So Orton trieds to destroy Cena, punts Xander in the head, makes his girl betray him and now that he's back will he be able to compete for the World Championship at Wrestlemania?

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