Here we are the last chapter, it's been a long while but it's finally happened, with that said enjoy!

Chapter 41: Destiny fulfilled

Vacant World Heavyweight Championship

Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Xander Cage

WWE Championship

Chris Jericho (c) vs. CM Punk

ECW Championship

Jack Swagger (c) vs. Christian

Undefeated streak vs. Wrestlemania streak

Jack Dark vs. The Undertaker

Intercontinental Championship

JBL (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

Money in the Bank Ladder match

Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Evan Bourne vs. John Morrison vs. MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Edge

Miss Wrestlemania Diva Battle Royal

Undisputed Tag Team Championship

Legacy (c) vs. D-Generation X

It had finally arrived…Wrestlemania 25 in Houston, Texas and the night had already kicked off with bang as DX finally won their first tag team gold against Legacy.

Then it got a little shocking but bizarre as there was a Miss Wrestlemania crowned, the "twin" sister of Santino Marella, Santina Marella?! And just saying right now I felt equally as disturbed as everyone did seeing a grown man dress and act like a girl.

Then the night got better with the Money in the Bank Ladder match, every man in that match was willing to put it all on the line for a chance at becoming world champion, risks were taken as the ever exciting Evan "Air" Bourne made a depth defying leap from the top of a ladder with the Air Bourne onto every competitor on the outside.

More highlights of that match was the Hardys once again becoming extreme in their type of match as Matt hit a Twist of Fate from the top of the ladder to Edge and Jeff, Swantoning from a ladder to Shelton Benjamin and MVP even Kofi was going crazy as he just jumped up every ladder he could find and Morrison once again using a ladder with a moonsault, and Edge took every opening he could to win a third Money in the Bank briefcase.

But in the end there could only be one winner as everyone was out it was down to two men, Matt and Jeff Hardy as they battled up high for the chance at being world champion, but this night belonged to the younger Hardy as Jeff hung Matt off the ladder by his leg and grabbed the briefcase winning the match and his title opportunity.

This meant that Jeff could cash in his opportunity at any time he wanted to, this meant all three world champions were in danger of losing their titles possibly tonight or from up to next year's Wrestlemania as he was now in command of his own destiny.

The night got more amazing as Rey Mysterio won his first Intercontinental championship from the self proclaimed Wrestling God, JBL but in an even bigger twist after losing the match in his home state, JBL quit on the spot!

Then the ECW championship decided as I watched my mentor take on the wrestling prodigy and the two time All-American, Jack Swagger, the champion began to get the upper hand but Captain Charisma's experience was what caught Swagger out as Swagger tried to cheat to beat him by using the exposed turnbuckle but as he did that Christian exposed the other turnbuckle causing the ref to be distracted and giving Swagger his opening but Christian drop toe holding Swagger face first into the steel and nailed the Killswitch, 1-2-3 he got him! After so many years he had finally done it and new ECW Champion Christian.

Then one of the most anticipated matches of the night was on as for weeks both Jack Dark and The Undertaker were trying to one up each other but as Undertaker tried to intimidate Dark he was unaffected by his tactics as it was Undefeated streak vs. Wrestlemania streak. Even though Dark was actually proving his worth against the Deadman it was not his night as The Undertaker Tombstoned his way to 17-0 at Wrestlemania and ending the undefeated streak of Jack Dark.

But the rivalry for Smackdown's main event was more about who was better than who as it was the Superstar of the year and defending WWE champion Chris Jericho defend his title against the 2009 Royal Rumble winner, CM Punk. But it was neck and neck as both men seemed incapable of losing, but CM Punk nailed the Go To Sleep on Jericho and regained his WWE Championship.

But the attention was now on Raw's main event, the camera shifted to all three of us as it began documenting how this match came about and mainly about me and Orton.


"This match will determine who will face the World Champion whomever it may be at Wrestlemania."

"It will be Xander Cage vs. Batista, both men are putting everything on the line here as a shot is hanging in the balance."

"The Animal is about to be unleashed! He got him up Batista Bomb!



"Oh my god! Cage kicked out! He's going for another!"

"Wait, Cage caught him, Xander Zone connected!"




"He did it, Xander Cage…is… going… to… Wrestlemania!"

"This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the World Heavyweight Championship!"

"The challenger Randy Orton to face the champion, John Cena."

"Both men are neck and neck, wait Orton's on the top rope, he got a cross body!"




"It's over, but the referee is saying that both men's shoulders were down for the count, what does this mean?!"


"The World heavyweight Championship has been vacated, so there fore a new champion will be crowned when it will be John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Xander Cage at Wrestlemania 25!"

"Cage you are not in my league!"


"It will be tonight for the first time ever, Xander Cage vs. Randy Orton."

"Orton went fro the RKO…no Cage countered, cradle, 1-2-3 Cage did it, what an upset!"



"Wait what's Orton doing and…oh no, no, NO!"

"Oh god! Orton just punted Cage's lights out, and possibly out of the World championship!"


"Wait, it's Cage he came through the crowd and he's gunning for Legacy and Orton!"

"Randy Orton may have opened up the gates to his own hell."


"First time ever, John Cena vs. Xander Cage in a lumberjack match."

"Neither men is willing to give this fight up."

"I will never back down I will never quit!"

"Wait it's DiBiase and Rhodes attacking both men and now Orton's emerged and an RKO to Cena and another RKO to Cage."

"This Sunday will not be the return of the Age of Orton it will be the beginning of a new age…the Age of Legacy!"

"Who will be the World champion come this Sunday?"

I hear voices in my head they council me, they understand they talk to me…

Voices hit as the Legend Killer and the leader of the Legacy made his way out to the ring first with his look of determination to win back what he claims is his, the World Heavyweight Championship, the crowd gave Orton a chorus of boos as he just walked down unaffected, into the ring and posed for the crowd and awaited for the arrival of his opponents.

All of a sudden Word life hit Cena's old entrance music sounded as then an even more bizarre thing happened when not one Cena came out but a whole army of them! As they then began using Cena's signature taunt "You can't see me" as they all saluted their Commander and made a pathway ready for the real John Cena it seemed.

Time is now hit and out came the real John Cena to a mixed reaction as always but he just ignored it and ran right down the isle, and straight into the ring as he posed for the crowd, threw his hat and shirt to the crowd and locked eyes with Orton as they awaited my arrival.

The cameras turned to the stage and saw Linkin Park and Busta Rhymes.

The titantron played We made it as it then showed me on the reel in darkness and sitting down with my head down in my knees.

Together we made it

We made it even though we had our backs

I looked up and straight into the camera.

Up against the wall

See a nigga survived the worst

But my life is glorious (uh!)

But I know that I leaped every hurdle

And I'm so victorious (uh!)

Take a look I'm a symbol of greatness

Now call a nigga Morpheus (yeah)

As force securin' the win, but they

Believe I'm so notorious (yeah)

You know that I've been 'bout my bread

Even though we rappin' now (yes)

We used to live on the strip even though

A nigga higher level trappin' now (oh!)

Superseded everyone of my little struggles and (uh!)

So failure has never ever been an option (trust)

A nigga paper long like rush hour traffic

And I'm about to take the hood shoppin' (get it!)

It showed my journey through the WWE and my road to the main event with me winning my Tag Team and Intercontinental championships.

Together we made it (say we did it niggas)

We made it even though we had our backs

Up against the wall (come on)

Forever we waited (ah hah)

And they told us we were never gonna

Get it all we took it on the road

To the riches (on the road)

To the ghetto (on the road)

In the projects, to this bangin' instrumental (on the road)

Rise with me (on the road)

Come and get it (on the road)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yo

When it all got started we were steadily

Just getting rejected

And it seemed like nothin' we could do

Could ever get us respected

At best we were stressed at the worst

They probably said we're pathetic

Had all the pieces to that puzzle

Just the way to connect it

The Road to Wrestlemania tournament was shown as it showed me qualifying to get in.

I was fighting through every rhyme

Tightening up every line

Never restin' the question if I

Was out of my mind

It finally came time to do it or let it die

So we put the chips on the table and

Told them to let it ride, sing it (yeah)

It goes on to me beating RVD and Edge.

Together we made it (say we did it niggas)

We made it even though we had our backs

Up against the wall (come on)

Forever we waited (ah hah)

And they told us we were never gonna

Get it all we took it on the road

To the riches (on the road)

To the ghetto (on the road)

In the projects, to this bangin' instrumental (on the road)

Rise with me (on the road)

Come and get it (on the road)

Yeah, yeah, yeah,

It shows the highlights of my finals match with Batista.

Look In case you misunderstand exactly what I'm buildin'

This shit that I can leave for

My children's (children's) children's (children)

Now on the wake up I smile, to see how far I've come (yeah)

Fighting for sales when I'm stripped

To negate the hustle from (yeah)

From nights in jail on a bench using my muscles son (yeah)

To countin' money like Dre and Jimmy and Russel was (yeah nigga)

But now I live when I dream, you see we finally did it (oh!)

Let's make a toast to the hustle

Regardless how you get it, sing it

It shows my victory over him and my current rivalry with Cena and Orton.

Together we made it (say we did it niggas)

We made it even though we had our backs

Up against the wall (come on)

Forever we waited (ah hah)

And they told us we were never gonna

Get it all we took it on the road

To the riches (on the road)

To the ghetto (on the road)

In the projects, to this bangin' instrumental (on the road)

Rise with me (on the road)

Come and get it (on the road)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

The entire of Houston was buzzing from that as the lights came back on and the sound of an engine was heard.

A biker in an all white suit came driving from outside the arena and smashed through the glass and down the ramp as he then stopped a few metres from the ring.

Bleed it out hit as he turned the engine off and revealed it was me as the crowd went wild seeing me pull of an entrance like that, I was staring at Orton the entire time not taking my eyes off of him.

I placed the helmet on top of the bike and took the jacket off and I entered the ring now wearing like my old attire but the pants and boots were white and silver, my gloves and elbow pads were still black.

My eyes still locked on the man who tried to end my career two weeks ago as then Lillian went to make the introductions.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the World Heavyweight Championship!"

"Introducing first the challengers, from St. Louis Missouri, weighing in at 245 pounds, he is a former 2 time WWE Champion and a former 2 time World Heavyweight Champion, he is the Legend Killer, the One Man Dynasty and leader of the Legacy, Randy Orton!"

A chorus of booing was echoed throughout Texas itself as Orton was unfazed from the reaction.

"Introducing next, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing in at 240 pounds, he is a former 3 time WWE Champion and a former World Heavyweight Champion , he is the Doctor of Thuganomics, the Chaingang Commander, John Cena!"

A mixed reaction but a few more cheers than boos for the most controversial superstar in the history of the WWE, he still posed to them as they gave him support.

"And introducing next, from New York City, weighing in at 245 pounds, he is a former 2 time Tag Team Champion, a 2 time Intercontinental Champion, he is the X Man, Mr. Unpredictable and the Xancotik, Xander Cage!"

I got a standing ovation as I then did a double cutthroat to both Cena and Orton with me making a double point to Orton.

The referee then held up the World Heavyweight Championship belt up high for us three and the world to see as the graphics showed it was for the title.

The bell rang and I just out of pure rage I darted for Orton and took him down to the ground with a double leg takedown and pounded the living hell out of him reigning nothing but fist to him as I the got up and grabbed him and threw him right through the corner ropes and connecting hard with the ring post shoulder first with a thud, he fell to the outside as I went for him again I dragged him to the announce table and bounced his head off the ECW, SmackDown and Raw tables, I still wasn't done as I the took him down and grabbed him by his legs and catapulted him head first into the ring post, I had taken him out of the match.

I went back into the ring and locked eyes with Cena who was shocked at what he saw, even the WWE Universe was but couldn't blame me for doing it as he had it coming for a while.

We then just locked up as it was now a one on one match, he had me again with his superior strength and threw me off but I came at him instantly with a single leg takedown, and locked in a basic leg lock from my MMA days.

I wrenched as hard as I could but Cena managed to quickly get himself to the ropes as I was forced to break the hold. I went back for the leg but as I grabbed them both he kicked me off as I fell against the ropes I came off them and he drop toe hold me into an STF, but I began to block it as he tried to lock me into it, I turned myself over and kicked him off.

We both locked eyes as he just said to me "you were that close" as he just said to me I knew I nearly got caught. We locked up again and this time I got the upper hand by taking him to the corner turnbuckle I got in some shoulder thrusts and went to the top and began nailing the fists to his head as the crowd counted with me, "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10!". it echoed throughout Houston as then John had me on his shoulders and I was up high in the air.

I was in a perilous position as he was looking to power bomb me but I then saw that Orton was back up and he went straight to the top rope and from there he got a cross body to me but also launching me down to the mat hard. Orton had a cover, 1-2 nope it got broken by Cena, as both men slugged it out with one another as I rolled my way to the corner to recover.

I watched on with Orton getting the upper hand following a thumb to the eye, he quickly took Cena down with an uppercut and began the assault by dropping a couple of knees to the head. As then he stomped on the prone body of Cena, and went for a submission, he brought him up in a sitting position and grabbed both arms for a surfboard stretch.

Cena screamed in pain as Orton continued to apply pressure, but Cena who had that unbelievable strength managed to fight out of it as he rose to his feet and quickly broke the hold and kicked Orton to the midsection and nail a fisherman suplex, 1-2 nope Orton quickly kicked out, but he just grabbed Orton again and went for another suplex but Orton countered as he dropped behind him and got in a neck breaker.

Orton rolled to the outside to get his head together and come up with a plan but Cena managed to recover quick enough and followed him as they still continued to exchange lefts and rights on the outside. But as they were unaware I was up and saw my opening as I came flying over the ropes and right into them both, the crowd chanted "HOLY SHIT!, HOLY SHIT!, HOLY SHIT!."

The entire arena was in awe as I took that risk but it paid off as I got both of them down and myself in the process. I recovered faster than they did as I got to my feet and just my luck Orton gets to his next as I went back for him I just lashed out a wicked left hook completely catching him off guard as I continued the strikes, I took us to the other side of the ring where then I missed a punch and he capitalised as I turned into a thumb to my eye.

He grabbed me and lifted me up and dropped me ribs first on the guard rail, as I then fell over the rail into the crowd Orton followed as he started stomping my injured ribs, then bringing me back up to my feet and another shot to my ribs as he used his knee to inflict more damage. But his intention was clear as I got rammed into the barricade back first and positioned as Orton was about to clothesline me over it but I ducked it and back flipped him over the rail and out into the floor.

I hopped over slowly clutching my possibly bruised ribs and went after the viper, but I was met instead with a clothesline from John Cena. He was back up and was ready to fight anything that moved and unfortunately that was me, he grabbed me and took me back into the ring, where he hit a T-bone suplex, 1-2 nope I kicked out.

He waited for me to get up and from behind he slammed me back down with an inverted power bomb. As the hand of Cena was raised and the entire crowd knew what was coming next, he came down to me and said "YOU CAN'T SEE ME!" as the crowd also said with him as he came off the ropes but was pulled to the outside by Orton who just threw him back first into the steel steps.

The viper was going for me as he knew I was wounded as he nailed a couple of knees to my head and some fists. I was still reeling from the slam I received from Cena and with Orton on the attack my chances of winning the World championship and leaving in one piece was slowly slipping away.

He got me up as he looked to set up an RKO but I broke off his hold and kicked him in the mid section and got in a suplex, then a german and finally a belly to belly, 1-2- nope he kicked out. My ribs were still killing me but I sucked it up and just went back on the attack with another MMA move as I locked the armbar in, the pain on his face was giving me some measure of revenge.

I was pulling as hard as I could to try and get him to submit but most importantly I was trying to hurt him. But he got his feet to the ropes out of desperation as I then had to brake the hold by the ref and did so after 4, he tried to go to the outside but I grabbed him and dragged him back into the ring by his legs and locked in a Sharpshooter, I was now targeting his back as I heard his screams I wanted to make him suffer for all the crap he put me through.

I sat into it more to crank up the pressure but again he just clawed his way to the ropes and I had to break it. But Orton used the roped to get himself up and again got a thumb to my eye, as I was momentarily taken off my game Orton capitalised and went behind me and grabbed my neck and connected with that gut wrench backbreaker of his, 1-2 nope I kicked out just in the nick of time.

He then waited for me to get up and as I did I turned into him as he lifted me up and got me with a power slam, 1-2- nope I still kicked out. He began to get frustrated as he started punching me in the head repeatedly, and took me over to the corner turnbuckle he placed me on the top rope and grabbed my head and brought me out with my feet still on the top, everyone knew what was coming next as he had that crazy look in his eye and from there he hit that devastating DDT to me, I felt as if I fell from a great height and hit my head hard.

I was in a knocked out sort of state as my lights were nearly out as Orton dragged my lifeless body to the centre of the ring for a cover, 1-2- it was broken by a now rejuvenated John Cena, he swung a Orton as he then started coming off the ropes with a few shoulder tackles, he then took Orton up and slammed him down as he was right next to me Cena got the crowd pumping as he went again " YOU CAN'T SEE ME!" the crowd went along with him as he came off the ropes and nailed a double five knuckle shuffle on both of us.

Cena gave the salute as Orton was up as so was I, he was trying to decide who to go for, and just picked me, he had me on his shoulder but decided to again go for a double whammy and got Orton on his shoulders! His strength is unbelievable as he Attitude Adjusted Orton off my shoulders and went to hit it on me but I countered it after hitting elbows to his head and getting an inverted DDT on him, 1-2-nope he kicked out.

I didn't stop as I came off the ropes for a running knee drop but he got out of the way and locked me instantly into the STF, I was trapped and my world title hopes were disappearing, I WILL NOT GI VE UP! I mentally motivated myself to claw my way to the ropes as I used every last ounce of my strength to do so as I finally made it to the bottom rope and he was forced to break it.

He tried to reapply the hold but I caught him into an inside cradle, 1-2-nope he quickly kicked out. We both got up quick as I tried to nail a kick he ducked it and got me on his shoulders and I felt the Attitude Adjustment! It was a powerful move as Cena went for a cover, 1-2-no Orton broke up the count saving the match up. He threw Cena into the corner and shoulder first into the ring post, he followed him as Cena fell to the outside and grabbing him by the head in front of the announce teams, RKO on the outside!

Cena was out and now Orton's main priority was to annihilate me and win the World title, as the viper was uncoiling ready to strike, he waited for me to get up but for some reason he had stopped and stood up and was in the corner and everyone knew what he was going to do.

He was firing himself up as he was about to kick my head off again! I was still reeling from the Attitude Adjustment I received earlier, but Orton wanted to finish the job as he ran right for me as he was about to connect I saw him coming and I drop toe holed him to the ground and locked in the Deadend, I just wrench and picked him apart with all I had as he was writhing in pain n the centre of the ring.

I kept it on as hard as I could with Orton seemingly trapped he was trying to get out but after such a time his screams could be heard echoing throughout the arena as it happened he had no choice but to tap out…it…was…OVER!

The referee rang the bell as I wasn't letting go I did though and my hand was raised.

"Here is your winner and the NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, XANDER CAGE!" Lillian announced.

The entire arena had irrupted as I was announced the new World Heavyweight Champion, I was disbelief as I tried to let it sink in but when the ref approached me with the belt and handed it to me I was realising that I had done it my first major title in the WWE, my dream had finally come true.

I took the belt in my hands and saw it, I was holding the prize which said you are the man, I took it to the corner and showed it to the crowd as I celebrated my victory with the confetti and pyro going off in the back I just wanted to have my moment.

I began to point to the sky.

I did it Lucy, I did it!

He finally did it! And with that this story ends, to all the reviewers and fans there will be part 3 so be ready! (i do not own the song we made it!)

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