Authors note: It interesting how I protest poetry

Authors note: It interesting how I protest poetry. Yet this pairing (however unbelievable) inspires me. Yep, I give up Muse. (dang it!) No, I don't own HP (just the books) or even make money off of this. So now the lecherous lawyers can leave.

Slytherin sentiment

Stubbornly I have watched from afar

Within the shadows of my fear and scorn

This place which was created for me

At first unknowingly coveting you

Your ways unknown to me

Your light too bright to see

Too young to understand

Too proud to look further within

Too full of rejection and pain

Parrain saw through me

He questioned instead of belittled

Who am I? And if so then what am I?

The first time he asked, Pride answered

Years later Stubbornness

Tragedies later Maturity and some wisdom

Now I watch without distorted views

The light which you emit has edges of darkness

There I gain steps to you.

Parrain - Godfather