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Yuffie bounded into the bar her usual exuberant self, and upon seeing the colossal pile of bags left by the door, she squealed with delight. Tifa's home! Oh YES! Finally no more pervy guys staring at ME! She clambered up the stairs taking two at a time, knowing Tifa was in her room. She was about to barge in when she caught the stifled sobs coming from inside. Eyes widening in worry she knocked, which was thoroughly not Yuffie's style,

"Tifa…you there?"

Tifa smiled a little, thank god Yuffie's here. She could count on her for comfort, "Come in."

Yuffie carefully opened the door, revealing a curled up Tifa on her bed inside. "God, what happened Tifa? Was the flight hijacked? Did you meet the love of your life on the journey, but failed to get his number? What's wrong?!"

Sitting up, Tifa sent a startled glance Yuffie's way, her imagination knows no bounds…She rolled her eyes and was about to say something when Yuffie interjected,

"Oh wait, scrap the "love of your life" crap, you have Johnny," she smiled, "Shall I call him over, I'm sure he can make feel you better." She winked suggestively.

Tifa's eyes immediately glazed over and grew distant, oh Yuffie, "He…Yuffie…I-"

Yuffie's smile faltered as she regarded the other woman's red and puffy eyes ready for the next onslaught of tears, she sighed ruefully, "God Tifa…that son of a bitch."

She kneeled up on the bed and hugged Tifa tightly. After a few silenced seconds, "You want me to beat him up Tif? My shruiken proves to be very useful in times like these babe."

"What! No!" Tifa grinned; she could always count of Yuffie.

After a few minutes of comforting, Yuffie abruptly declared that she had something which would "Make Tifa's day", she could never stay put for more than five minutes anyway. And so, Tifa groggily followed Yuffie to her room on the other side of hallway. Stepping inside, Yuffie dashed to her cupboard, and started to tear the clothes out from the confines, messing up the place even more. Manoeuvring over all the crap on the floor, Tifa examined the room with slight distaste, she was pretty damn sure that if a bomb exploded in it tomorrow, the room wouldn't look any different than it did right now. She sent silent prayers that at least it didn't smell as if something had died in it, like it had the previous week. She smiled whilst looking at her 17 year old friend, Yuffie may have the maturity level of a 3 year old, but you needed someone like that, someone to take the edge of now and again...Someone to have a good laugh with. Sitting down on the single bed, she gazed at the walls; well you couldn't exactly see them. Yuffie had an immense bank of posters which ranged from cute animals to heavy metal bands; those of which were plastered haphazardly covering three of the four walls and integrated with Yuffie's personalised postit notes. However the fourth wall was a different story. The posters here were placed and positioned with such care, the blue tack stuck evenly, so it didn't create a crumpled bump on the front of the paper, pins placed right at the edges, to prevent the holes being visible when the time came to take them down. If that time ever came. This wall, of careful consideration, was dedicated to, none other than: The Cloud Strife.

Tifa scowled with disgust, that man, she was sure, held no moral values and from the interviews Yuffie forced her to watch, he was SO full of himself! Each poster she scanned had him pretty much naked, lean muscles taut and toned to perfection, the light catching each every curve, every angle beautifully…Eugh. She called a halt to her premature drooling, she was positive anyway that he didn't really look like that. The physical epitome of every woman's dream in a man couldn't possibly be real! The camera, let alone photoshop, works wonders nowadays anyway! However, she knew that if you took away that cursed face of an angel and beautifully chiselled body, you were bound to be left with a very ugly personality. And that personality was always spun into something not as bad. He went through women like a bat out of hell, the most recent record being that he was spotted with 3 different girls in one night! Why women went for some one like him, she was mystified. He was hot, rich and insanely famous, she'd give him that, but take that away he was a womanising alcoholic! Who knew what else he did, drugs?! It wouldn't surprise her, so you see he really didn't have much going for him. She laughed to herself; although most women wouldn't give a shit when faced with someone like that in the flesh.

"Tifa…Tifa! OI! Stop staring at my turbo-dream babe! He's mine." Yuffie said, waving her hands in front on Tifa's face.

Coming out of the daze she didn't realise she was in, Tifa shook her head a little, "Turbo-dream babe? That's so 90's Yuffie…"

She ran up to the "sacred" wall and pointed at one of the pictures, making sure not to touch it, in case, god forbid, she left a mark, "I know! But he did a 90's shoot titled that last week, it's been all over the news Tif, oh god isn't he gorgeous!"

Rolling her eyes Tifa yawned, "Careful hun, you're gonna flood the place in your drool if you don't stop."

"Shut up…anyway, here you go!" Yuffie held out a box to Tifa. It was red with a golden bow tied neatly on top.

Tifa quirked an eyebrow, "And this is?..."

"Just open it!" Yuffie said excitedly.

Tifa took the box from her, untied the bow, and carefully took off the lid. What she found inside made her eyes bulge, "A NEGLIGEE! What the HELL am I meant to do with this?!" She exclaimed, hitting Yuffie round the head with the lingerie box.

"OW! You wear it! Duh! Tif, you're 21 now! And yeah, idiot boy may be out of the picture, but that doesn't mean you can't have your own fun! You have wardrobes of miniskirts, I'm sure this wouldn't be too hard to try…"

"Err and with whom may I ask, would I have the pleasure of strutting around in this for?" Tifa questioned, eyebrows knitted together.

"We work in a bar Tif, I'm positive there's at least 20 hot guys which-"

"Are you expecting me to have one night stands?" That really wasn't her kind of thing, yes, she agreed she wore short skirts, although wardrobes of them may have been a slight exaggeration, but still…Johnny just broke up with her! Wasn't Yuffie meant to shower her with chocolates and ice cream, and that kind of thing?

"Fun, Tif…FUN!" Yuffie grinned "That cost me a lot you know, Agent Provocateur and all!" She grabbed the skimpy number and held it in front of her body, "Damn, this will make any guy go crazy for you!"

"And that's what I need?"

"Precisely that!"

Tifa gazed at the item again, running her fingers across the soft mix of silk and chiffon, it was undeniably very sexy. She knew she would be anything but confident in something that see-through. She grinned, "Why don't you have it then?"

"Oh no, that would just defeat the purpose." Yuffie bounded on top of her chest of drawers, and attempted to walk seductively across the surface, "See, my name is Tifa Lockhart," She stuck out her chest and slurred, "And I have triple Z boo-"

"Yuffie!" Tifa glared at her…but after a few milliseconds of silence she broke it and smirked, "Double D in fact" and they both burst into uncontrollable laughter.

Yeah, she could always count of Yuffie.

"Mr Strife, all we're looking for is, how can I say it?...Vertical sex on hardwood, take it away."

The backdrop featured the docks of one of Tokyo's many ports. The photographer was looking for an industrial feel, and the ships, cranes and other large construction machines were certainly giving it that. In turn, the mid-evening golden sun gave the set a romantic touch, perfect for their iconic campaign shot, however this also meant they had a small window of time to work with, and Cloud Strife was never one to be hurried.

The model who Cloud was going to shoot with was one of the top current catwalk models, Lucia Malarié. French and stunning. One of Cloud's favoured mixes. Going all out aren't they, he mused.

"Bonjour Lucia," He took her hand gracefully and focused his icy blue eyes on her lighter ones, kissing her knuckles he drawled, "Aujourd'hui, vous êtes magnifique."

A sea of pink covered her sun kissed face, biting her lip she giggled, obviously embarrassed, "Monsieur Cloud-"

"Oi, there's no time, the sun's gonna set and we only have tonight! Get it down!" Zack shouted out of nowhere.

Cloud groaned and pulled the French beauty into him, leaning back against the dock railing, signalling to the photographer to start. Taking one of her long slender legs, her brought it up and wrapped it around his naked waist. She smiled, and gazed deep into his eyes, whilst running her hands up his chest to hang loosely around his neck. Damn, he was getting turned on, the feel of her hips pressed into his made him instinctively grind against her, a husky growl emitting from his deep in his throat. Their bodies, covered in a light sheen of perspiration due to the heat, caught the rich sunlight, encompassing both figures in an almost ethereal glow. Cloud could only stare back, lust evident in his eyes; wait for tonight

"Nice job man, it actually looked like you two were gonna rip each others clothes off if we stayed any longer."

"Good thing that's happening later, right?" Cloud quipped.

Zack chuckled, "I never doubted you man, and I never will."

Cloud leaned back in the passenger seat of the black Aventador, which arrived fresh from Italy earlier that day, a pregnant pause settled between the two and he frowned, "It's been 6 days right?"

"Yup," Zack sighed "It's on tomorrow, got off the phone with Vincent about an hour before you finished the shoot." He glanced sideways at Cloud, he was starting to sound uneasy, "He's a kid, small but agile. He's quick Cloud, real quick."

"Name?" Cloud picked up on Zack's hesitation.

"Jay Zhao, um…20 from China."

"Kid? He's only two years younger Zack, don't get ahead of yourself," Cloud began to smirk, but looked over to see Zack pinch his eyebrows, "What style?"

"Yeah…that's the biggie."

"It can't be that bad, I've got First Tsurugi if anything Zack-"

"That's the problem, you're gonna have to go without it, this guy specializes in Dim Mak."


"Yup, you'll have to throw everything at him, but he's so fast. Last year I saw him take out someone twice the size, in under 4 minutes! If I found out sooner we could've trained harder, I'm not doubting you or anything, but this could end up-"

"Zack," Cloud interjected, "It'll be alright." He retorted forcefully, he had no time to hesitate or be weak. He turned to stare out the window.

"Yeah man." Hopefully.

The rest of the journey was in silence.

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