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"What about this?"

Yuffie had somehow managed to once again evade the fitting room attendant, and invade herself into Tifa's personal space presenting her with what only she could call a slutty work blouse in the comfort of her own fitting room.

"No way! This is a job Yuffie, not some hooker's meeting.."

"Hooker's meeting? Tifa, this is what you call fashion, get used to it!" Earnest laced her voice, "Tomorrow you'll be working at the top end of the market and if I dare let you waltz in wearing what I can only say looks like Grandma clothing it would be the upmost violation of the best-friend code."

"Relax Yuffie, I'm positive that I'll just be doing the background paperwork, no need for the extra effort."

With that Tifa smiled positively at her, and after ignoring the younger's petulant look of despair, she exited the changing rooms with her chosen decent, conservative clothes and walked straight through to the cashier. She knew that deep down Yuffie had a valid point, but at the same time she trusted Zack not to stick her in the thick of it without any sort of warning...well, she prayed that he wouldn't...

She thumbed through the contacts on her phone, pausing when she got to his name. She could scarcely believe that she was only 10 minutes from where he used to live, never mind back in the same country...she never thought this day would come so quickly, it definitely was not in her 'Five Year Plan'. She looked at her surroundings, the familiar scenes tickling her memories, haunting her thoughts. She could see the bustling café from here..our first date.

"Miss Gainsborough, we were thinking that perhaps you would be interested in this property, its modern and contemporary, comes fully furnished and..."

Sighing to herself, the young woman left her daydream of what could've been half finished and reacquainted herself with the real world. The past didn't matter anymore anyway, she was a shadow of her former self, and she was back here to prove it.

Tifa - Future

His eyes were a flash of that dangerous icy steel, a warning which seemed to literally burn me. His only words echoed the threat, sending a frozen spark down my spine,

"You have ten minutes."

Unfortunately for him...and me..., ten minutes became twenty, which in turn ran into an hour, and then two...until,

"Ok. I understand."


"I forgive you."

It was like a dream, or a nightmare...possibly both just disguised as each other. But I couldn't really tell back then.

The bar could be quite an eerie place when left alone to lock up, Yuffie had gotten an early night for god knows what, but all Tifa noticed at the time was that she returned at around 10pm to a packed out Seventh Heaven looking exhausted...hmm would have to ask her about that tomorrow...tomorrow...Tomorrow! It seemed that time had flown since her last meeting with Zack two weeks ago as all of a sudden 'judgement day' (coined by yours truly) had come upon her at last. To be honest Tifa was, nervous didn't quite cut it. She was panicking hardcore, so much so that a couple of patrons had picked up on her tense state and asked her about it. The fact that she didn't even really know what the job entailed just added to her unease, and that wasn't for a lack of trying to find out, she had asked Zack over the phone quite a few times, the topic of why so many previous PA's lost the job in the first place also came up from her side, but the guy just kept his damn mouth shut and refused to disclose much at all. Cloud...goddamn that insufferable man! Their few encounters so far had hardly shown a promising future of a professional relationship...heck I can't even stand to be in the same room as him...Finally after putting the last chair up on a table and checking the locked front door Tifa made her way upstairs. Tomorrow's is only a few hours away...

It was hot. She could feel the heat emanating from her skin, and the sweat start to form across her body, there was a tingling feeling from deep within her and the grip of fingers on her thighs made her heart jump and her teeth clench. The fingers made their way slowly up and across her body, straying so close to the place where she really wanted them to be, needed them to be. They were gentle yet strong, almost knowing, setting her skin ablaze in the path they left, running down the insides of her thighs she felt them pull her apart and push her knees up. Her breath hitched. She knew what was coming, and it was just before that point of desperation, where she called to whoever it was to do it already, that she felt a flick of a tongue. Oh move and it sent her vision spinning, her heart rate soaring, looking down she caught the eyes of the provider of such a guilty pleasure. Blue...gorgeous, fascinating...oh...

The door flung open, with a preposterously excited Yuffie bounding in,


"Mpmh noo"

Mornings hardly sat well with the half asleep woman, and that was some gooooood...

"TIIIIIFFFFFFAAAAA get your ARSE outta bed right now woman!"

It took a few seconds for Tifa to gather her surroundings. Shit! It was Monday! It was Yuffie! She was wet...Oh god...why did I have such a crazy crazy dream! But it was the first two points that seemed to jolt the young brunette out of her sexual haze. Sitting up straight in bed she blinked a few times in Yuffie's direction and slapped a hand to her face wiping the sleep from her eyes.

"What time is it?"

"It's late, that's what it is! Didn't you set your alarm? It's already 7.30..."

With that Tifa's eyes widened why the fuck didn't my alarm go off? She leaned over to her table to find her phone off the charger, well and truly dead.

"SHIT! I've only got 20 minutes to get ready!"


Her Mini was not a happy bunny. Tifa knew she should've gotten it fixed months ago but she was low recently in pocket and catalytic converters of an old foreign car did not come cheap. The despairing smoking-addict's like coughs that it was letting loose was plain embarrassing, but she didn't care, there were far more things to worry about. Like how I had no bloody time to iron my blouse...and why is it now too tight around my flipping boobs, and I haven't touched my hair or done my makeup was no doubt a bad start to a terrifying day. Not good. Not good at all.

She rolled outside Zack's on the dot of 8.40, thanking her lucky stars she wasn't too late she hesitantly made her way up the stairs, lightly knocking on the door.

Breathe Tifa. Breathe. Breathe Tifa. Breathe. It was the only way she could gather her confidence, which no doubt I'm gonna need today...Bre-

"Well looky here."

Zack's smile was too radiant at such an early hour, and it was when he properly looked at her that he sent a quirked brow her way,

"Not a morning person are you sweetheart?"

Raising a hand in front of her face, and with a sour unimpressed look gracing her features she pushed both him and herself into his house. Once she had closed the door behind she turned to him apologetically,

"I'm so sorry I wasn't really on time, I know it's a bit unprofessional but I forgot to put my damn phone on charge and the alarm didn't go off, and I had no time to pick out the clothes, or put my game face on, and I had such a bad sleep...yehh...but I know no excuses, it's a bit shitty of me for the first da-"

"A bit shitty..."

The low drawl of the voice was strikingly familiar and the sarcasm of the laugh that followed was almost deadly. Tifa could feel her body shudder from the realisation of who it was...

"Zack's doing you a favour, and you could only repay him by being late dressed worse than someone who's homeless. Do me a favour Zack and just allow this. I don't have the time or money to waste on it."

Dangerous blue eyes were trained directly on her and a sneer marked his lips. Cloud Strife looked positively livid. Tifa felt sick under the gaze alone, and with every word his stare seemed to intensify, locking her in one place. Homeless? IT? Holy shit this man had some fucking nerve! She racked her brain for some sort of worthwhile reply, but everything seemed to be failing her this morning. Where the hell was her confidence that she drummed up outside? This was exactly what she needed it for, the countless insults, the degrading complete disregard of her existence...

" nice. It's her first day."

Smiling to Tifa Zack held her arm and walked her away from the blonde and towards the kitchen,

"You both obviously got up on the wrong side of bed, don't worry. You probably skipped breakfast right? Now tell me, what would you like? Its gonna be a long day..."

Great, just great.

Countless apologies...