I know …I really should be just doing another one-shot or something but this story came to mind and I have a feeling it's goin

I know …I really should be just doing another one-shot or something but this story came to mind and I have a feeling it's going to be a bit longer than a one-shot, I promise THIS WILL NOT INTERFERE WITH 'WHO AM I NOW?', I'll update one then the other and so on, so with out further delay enjoy.

Change in the Winds

Chapter One – In the Beginning

They walked in complete silence, the atmosphere so raw that it would send a normal being into madness.

But of course neither of the two where exactly human thus were immune to such trivial things. The had simply made a truce to get out of this…place, not sure where they were but knew that the others power would be more help than hindrance, yet neither of them knew anything of their location all they knew was that no technology worked in this derelict place and the weather seemed to change fro extreme to extreme.

Yes it seemed that the fates had brought the two humanoids together for some un known reason. Raven seen it as them attempting to give her a mental brake down and Malchior as a chance of redemption.

Three hours of walking in the derelict landscape when finally he decided to break the silence that loomed over them.

"So… How have you been since I last saw your beautiful face?" he asked with his most seductive tone, she shot him a wry look and rolled her violet orbs upwards.

"Malchior do not think that for one second just because we are alone in this …place that I will fall for your charm." She told him quickening her pace, her voice cracking under emotional strain; evidently Malchior didn't know when to shut up.

"Ah, you admit a have charm." She shot him a glare, looking at him properly for the first time since arriving in this hell, his human form was diverse to that of Rorek, his hair ebony and was short, falling around his ears in spiky bangs, his crimson eyes glistened in the merciless sun although they held a dark look in and around them, he wore simple black slacks with a red shirt and black blazer accompanied by shining black shoes, not exactly the most suitable clothes but they did compliment his …everything, he was tall dark and handsome, something she liked, she silently scolded herself for letting her emotions get the best of her, man she really needed to meditate.

"Don't flatter yourself Malchior, I find you as charming as I do Beastboy."

"That's low Raven, to compare me to that little gremlin thing."

"Don't you dare speak of my friends in such a way, you have no right to judge anyone, take a good long look at yourself." She snapped the first dig had no intention of bringing the green boy into the conversation; she was just so accustomed to using him a ammunition in arguments.

The silence returned.

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