Gahhh finally I can update XD I have been so busy first exams then essays and now falling ill, but at least I now have time to

Gahhh finally I can update XD I have been so busy first exams then essays and writers block, but at least I now have inspiration to update for you lovely people out there XD so without further ado I give you chapter 3.

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WARNING – STRONG LANGUAGE, but not excessive, but it is there and proberly will pop up around the rest of the story so you have been warned.

Chapter 3:

They stood atop a hill watching the white haired vampire have a tantrum, well Raven did, Malchior watched Raven with a look of shock and admiration, but over all he was annoyed at her.

"Why the hell did you have to piss off the Vampire, couldn't you see he is of high authority!?" She turned to look at him with a bemused look and then turned away again. "Well aren't you going to answer me, its common courtesy is it not?" Se snapped around at this a less humoured look on her usually calm face.

"Actually I chose to ignore the comment hoping you wouldn't persist the subject, but it seems you didn't get the hint, I do NOT bow down to anyone who tries to get me to do their bidding I thought you would have realized this from your experience." She informed him in a low dangerous voice, daring him to retort, any other man wouldn't have done so but apparently Ravens dig had got to him.

"Don't shout at me, you are not at all intimidating I'll have you know." He was shocked at how calm she was, he expected her to back away at least. The dragon towered over and continued to yell his guts out.

"I WILL SHOUT AT YOU, DO YOU REALIZE WHAT PREDICAMENT YOU HAVE JUST BEEN IN! LOOK AT THE DAMAGE HE DID FROM JUST HOLDING YOU FOR A SHORT SPACE OF TIME, IF I HAD NOT OF BEEN THERE THEN WHAT WOULD YOU OF DONE? Where would you be now and in what condition?" she stared at him, why wasn't he winging about his life being in danger, why was he so concerned about her, frankly that is what left her speechless.

"I am sorry for putting you in such a dangerous position, next time I'll use different tactics okay?" the sorceress' reply came out on auto pilot, Malchior was thankful that she was aware of how her actions where of effect.

"It's not me I'm worrying about, its you, you know as well as I how lustful vampires are and you love are just what pushes their buttons." Raven simply nodded knowing every word was the truth despite her dislike of it. The red eyed humanoid took a hold of her injured wrist tilting his head side to side like a curious bird and is by magic, produced a black handkerchief from his back pocket, the silent dragon tied said handkerchief around her wrist, he didn't let go of her wrist when he was finished he held it.

"I surmise we are near a village or town, of a vampire proportion." she looked over his shoulder whilst answering.

"A vampire town, a large castle in the centre."

"Well that's very precise, have you been here before Raven?" she shook her head and pointed to the town that was behind him, he turned to look at the town wondering why he hadn't noticed it before, maybe he… No he had just been to busy making sure they where out of danger.

"We will need a disguise before we go to the town, it's obvious that he's from there and will have people looking for us." The ebony haired lad nodded his head in agreement.

"You are best to change everything, I'm sure your face will stick in his head the most..." she turned to watch him as he prepared himself to do the magic necessary.

"I can't do that, you should know that no one can change their eye colour and my hair is unable to change colour, I can change the length and shape I suppose." He just nodded. They both turned away from each other and did the spells needed. Ravens hair had lengthened and now had loose curls throughout, her face was pretty much the same, her skin had become white instead of grey and her charka had gone. Malchior had changed himself back to the guise he used when he was imitating Rorek. They Both turned and gasped at the others appearance, Raven in shock and disgust and Malchior in lust.

"Why do you have to use that look?" she hissed he shrugged his shoulders and changed his skin colour to match hers and his hair colour to deep crimson, she nodded at him in appreciation.

"We'll have to steal some clothes from the town as I'm not sure what the style is and I'm sure we'll stick out as it is." She had already began to walk away.

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