Fairly OddFuture – An FOP/Yu-Gi-Oh! futuristic fan-fic by LgacyZX

Author's Note: Before I say anything let me just say this, I wasn't mean to post this but realizing that the new Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime came out in Japan, I just thought screw it and show off something I would never even try to do. All I can say is that it will not be easy but here goes nothing. Be sure to read and review this and also, I will not tolerate flames and trust me, I don't.

Duel 1 – A Legacy Revived

Do anyone know Timmy Turner? And how can someone like him have somethng to do with this. Well, its not easy for someone like me to explain this but his legacy that he had left behind plays an important role in someone else. You really want to know? Well, I think its only fair that we take a look first at how his actions changed the world.

Timmy Turner, a young pre-teen from Dimmsdale, California was just your average ten year old individual. He didn't have that many friends, he had a troubled life but when he had gotten his hands on Duel Monster cards, his life completely changed. Over the years, he became recognized as a duelist who faces the impossible and always come out on top. He went on to become the Duel Monsters United States champion and eventually the Duel Monsters world champion and has kept that title for many years. As he got older, his skill remained but his life hasn't. Putting dueling aside, he became a member of Space Patrol Delta or SPD for short. Through that, he was known as a hero alongside with his comrades who were responsible for putting an end to the Human-Dragon wars that not only brought humans and dragons to coexist but it also brought peace to the galaxy. With peace finally returned, he lead a quiet and peaceful life becoming a grandfather to several children until his time came. A funeral was held to remember someone who was a man of many talents; a duelist, a leader, a father, grandfather and a hero. His legacy was kept alive alongside many duelists such as Yugi Moto, the King of Games, Seto Kaiba his eternal rival and many others.

Earth… 2116 AD…

A hundred years have passed since Timmy Turner had left a legacy on this planet and the galaxy. Now the remnants of the old Dimmsdale have now transformed into a futuristic metropolis which is now known as Neo Dimmsdale; a city where skyscrapers reach the clouds, vehicles fly through the skyways and beings from other worlds reside in this city. But not everything is as it seems for even though this city is a futuristic metropolis, the bond between the poor and the rich have split the city into two portions; the upper cities where the rich and upper-class reside and the lower suburbs where the poor and middle-class live and unlike the upper cities, the lower suburbs became home to where crime and corruption reside. However, things would soon change as this is the story of how one teenager will bring two worlds together and uncover the truth behind it. Now, our story begins…

March 15th, 2116... 7:30 AM

Far from the city of Neo Dimmsdale where it has now become a boundary between the rich and the poor, a new tale was about to be heard. The lower suburbs were remnants of the old Dimmsdale and is now home to many factories that were built where the homes used to be for the sle purpose of building and developing items that citizens in the upper cities use. As a result, most of the suburbs became old and decrepit not to mention forgotten considering that years have passed and many people moved to the upper cities. Despite that, some people live in the lower suburbs but in this case, this day wouldn't be anything but ordinary. The sun was rising over the city bringing life to the old suburbs where colors of gray and a bit of brown lay all over. Within the suburbs that had signs of the past, there was a house that was home to two individuals. One of them was an adult in his upper 30s while the other was a teenager.

"Dominic, are you awake? You got to get ready for school ya know that." The adult spoke as in his room Dominic was finished getting dressed and gearing up for another day of classes.

"I'm all set uncle. Give me a minute okay?" Dominic replied as he took something out of his drawer and placed it on his wrist which then closed automatically encircling his left arm almost reaching his shoulder.

Dominic is a 17-year old teenager who lives in a house that was part of the lower suburbs of Neo Dimmsdale. He's a cocky yet careful teenager that has baby blue eyes, his hair dyed to a crimson red color and his outfit matched greatly with his hair; white shirt, red jacket, blue pants with red streaks and a pair of white sneakers with red stripes. He heads downstairs where his uncle, a man named Stefan was preparing breakfast with what he can attain. Considering that the poor can not get much, Stefan was a man that was in his 30s but in reality, he has lived a lot longer than his nephew. He was a white skinned male that had brown hair and was wearing a white shirt with blue pants and was wearing brown shoes to go along with it.

"Oh Dominic, it seems you are as active as ever I see. Sit down over here, I've got something to tell ya." Stefan said as Dominic took a seat waiting for his uncle to serve him breakfast.

Stefan put the food out in separate plates and then gave one of them to Dominic who without wasting any time began to eat for it was bacon and eggs that were sunnyside up. Stefan sat down as he watched his nephew ate knowing the appetite that he has.

"See you haven't eaten in quite a while huh? Well, I don't blame you because I don't like being in this dump." Stefan said as he had an upset expression in his eyes.

"Why we got to live here anyway? Those guys up at the central city just want us lower-class to rot here while the rich jerks waste their credits on spending and making our lives miserable." Dominic replied as he drank some liquid that was in a plastic container.

(Off-topic: In the 22nd century, currency is now credits after massive depressions in the world economy. They are a worldwide currency as it was the only solution needed to end the depression of the late 21st century.)

"Calm yourself Dominic… besides, you shouldn't worry about a thing anyway. Besides, I have my own troubles as it is. By the way, I have something for you. Come here for a second." Stefan said as Dominic followed him to what his uncle had planned.

They both went to the garage when Dominic took a good look at what his uncle was working on. What he saw was something that no one would believe; it was some sort of hovercycle that was still in development and from how it looks, it was made out of parts that were found in the many junkyards that were in the suburbs.

"No way… is that an actual hovercycle? You have no idea how much they are in the central city… almost everyone has these things." Dominic said as he looked at the hovercycle from various angles and Stefan began to explain what he had been doing.

"I know that everyone in the city has these things but not in the suburbs. I found a beat-up cycle that was found in a junkyard and I wondered if it still worked. Looks like it did and I knew that if I could fix it, it may get you some leverage in the city. But I'm still missing a few parts and they are hard to find as it is." Stefan replied as his nephew had a suggestion on his mind.

"We can always head to the city and try to find those parts…" Dominic said but his uncle was quick to reply and knowing what the city would contain didn't bother with what his nephew had on his mind.

"And get our rear ends in trouble with the city security? Not a chance kid besides I have a better idea in mind. When you head to the city, I want you to head to a repair shop that isn't far from your high school and find someone who goes by the name of Dax. Tell him that I sent you and he'll get this thing fixed up in no time flat. Is that clear?" Stefan replied as Dominic heard everything loud and clear but not before checking the time and figured that he is about to run late.

"Yeah I got it. Oh snap, I'm about to run late. I got to split uncle… might as well use this so here goes nothing… I suppose" Dominic spoke as he got on the hovercycle and then began tinkering with a few buttons hoping to get it running but it only got him flat.

His uncle then tried to help him out but eventually they got the beat-up hovercycle working… at least for a while. Before Dominic was about to leave, his uncle had one last thing to give him and it would be something that he wouldn't leave without.

"Dominic… be sure to take this too. I know for a fact that this would be better off in your hands anyway. What's in there is something for you to see… now be sure to take care of yourself and don't let anyone push you around." Stefan said as Dominic put the item, a black belt containing two small boxes around his waist.

Once it was tightened, he was already getting the hovercycle running and heading off to the skies hoping to reach the central city and hopefully to not run late for class. Stefan just looked on as he saw his nephew heading off into the skies. With a look in his eyes, he knew that he did what he had to do but knowing the condition he was in it wouldn't last long.

((There he goes… off into the city. I just pray he comes home alright.)) Stefan thought as he sighed seeing that it would be just another ordinary day.

Heading towards the skyways, Dominic used his hovercycle to steer around traffic hoping to reach the central city without having to get seen by the skyway patrols that is. The central city of Neo Dimmsdale was a main sight to behold as many buildings reached the skies and vehicles flew in all different directions and paths. The central city became the barrier between the rich and the poor many years ago and up to this day, it has served as a wall that has separated two worlds. Dominic was steady with the hovercycle and fortunately, it landed at ground where vehicles were landing and then heading off by wheels. The hovercycle afterwards transformed causing the wheels to appear and it was then turned into a standard motorcycle that came out of the 21st century. He rode through the streets passing through traffic that were on the same line and eventually made it to where his high school is but not before making a detour to the repair shop that Stefan had mentioned. Having parked his hovercycle at the gate, he went inside hoping to find Dax and it didn't take him long either way.

"Hey welcome to my repair shop. I'm Dax, how can I help you today? Oh… well if it isn't Dominic, haven't seen ya in ages." Dax spoke as he went closer to Dominic who kept his composure after hearing him again.

Dax was a human being just like Dominic but the only difference is his body as the lower portions of his body had been replaced with mechanical parts. Instead of human legs, Dax has a hoverpod which is known to hold his body weight and considering that he once weighed 190 lbs. it wouldn't be easy.

"I can tell for certain that you've packed on some weight Dax. I haven't seen ya in a long time but still, Stefan told me to find you because he just built what's outside." Dominic said as Dax followed him outside and immediately he took a good look at the hovercycle which for some odd reason is in pretty bad shape.

"So Stefan is at it again eh? I can tell for a fact that he has been hard working scrapping up parts like this. So he asked me to fix this up eh? I figure as much since this guy spends all day cleaning up at the junkyard. I'll have my men work on this hovercycle so come back later and I promise you that you'll love my work." Dax replied as Dominic was pleased seeing that he would take the job which gave him the opportunity to head off to school and hopefully not to be late.

Dominic reached Neo Dimmsdale High School without a second too soon and immediately he made it to class but not before he made it to his seat without getting caught by the monitroid. As soon as he took a seat, he began to place some sort of disk inside the desk which then showed a flat-screen monitor containing basic menus and other functions. The other students began doing the same procedure and it was then that flat-screens began to appear along with Dominic's. The screen then showed a blank figure which some would see that it's the professor and with all the students paying attention, it seemed that the time for class was now.

"Good morning class. I see that everyone is here on time for a change. Anyway, I believe that homework is due so please hand me your assignments that are due today." The professor spoke as all the students especially Dominic took out a small disk and inserted it into the slot that was opened.

(Off-topic again: In the future, students don't carry bookbags anymore for they carry their classwork, homework and textbook information in disks. It became much easier as they keep the disks in special boxes where they are held. Also, the flatscreens that are on the desks provide a view in anything whether it was math, science or even history.)

"Excellent… I see everyone has done well with this assignment especially you Dominic. You are doing well in your assignments indeed… not bad for a suburban fellow. Anyway, I would like for you to insert your text disks and head to chapter 6 now. There will be a quiz on this and chapter 5 next week… that is all." The professor said afterwards as it then vanished showing a message on all the flat-screens.

The students then inserted blue disks into the drives and out came the cover of a textbook on the flatscreen. They then pressed a few buttons which caused it to turn the pages until it reached the proper destination. Everything was under eerie silence as the students began reading from the data that was on the screen. Considerably it was all the students did nowadays in the 22nd century unlike the 21st century where teachers would prepare lessons for the students. For Dominic, it was something that he did every day… for more than twelve years of his life.

March 15, 2116… 10:30 AM…

A few hours had passed and now a break occurred afterwards giving the students some time to get ready before the next classes. Considering that it was just a small 10-minute break, it was more than enough for students to attain what is required for their next lessons. Dominic was right now going through his locker checking what disks he needs for his next class when suddenly someone came closer to him and they began to talk.

"Hey Dominic, I see you are as leisurely as ever. How are you today? You ready for today's class." A friend said to Dominic as he wasn't hesitant to reply.

"I'm fine Leo, I'm fine. Stefan had to get me off my bed at least… can't believe he woke me up at 7am just so I can get ready for school." Dominic replied as Leo chuckles a bit seeing that it was figuratively common.

"Well it's not like the year 2008 where you spend six hours in here gawking away at some primitive teacher with his lessons. Besides, school ends at noon and after that we can go to the mall and check out the arcade." Leo said as Dominic however had other plans of his own.

"Sorry Leo but I can't because I got to pick up something at the repair shop that I just previously dropped off a few hours back. It's something my uncle had been working on and knowing the repair crew, they'll make it something to see. I could head to the mall afterwards if it is okay with you." Dominic replied as Leo nodded in approval but not before the bell rang and monitroids began to appear in the halls having students head to the class before they hand out detention cards.

Everyone went off to other classes as the school day continued so with life in the 22nd century any different than it is 100 years ago… I'd say that it is much different in my opinion. Even though those students have to go through school from Monday to Friday every day, other people have their own problems as they head off to work and do things that some people may not like. Nonetheless, it was a job that people had to do and it didn't provide them much of a choice on that fact.

March 15, 2116… 1:30 PM… 90 minutes after school had ended…

90 minutes had passed since the bell rang and students were heading home on hoverbuses while others were taking other modes of transportation to head off. Dominic was heading out seeing what he had to do next but before he did, he caught eyes on something that nobody would expect. He saw two older teenagers picking on a young kid for reasons unknown. Seeing this as a threat, Dominic decided to intervene hoping to ensure that no harm would come to the child.

"Hey you, leave that kid alone. Why don't you pick on someone your own size for a change?" Dominic said as the two older teens looked at him and with silent expressions, they went after him without wasting any time.

Dominic kept his guard up while the two bullies went after him with full force. Finding weakpoints in their patterns, he laid powerful blows to them causing serious pain and having them land on the pavement. He looked at the quivering bullies and gave them a message that was in fact a serious one too.

"If you know what's good for you, leave this kid alone. If I ever catch you messing with him or anyone else, you will be sorry and that's a promise." Dominic spoke as those two bullies got up and ran off knowing that his message was in fact serious.

After taking care of the two individuals that tried to hurt a little child, Dominic went to his aid and finds out that he hasn't been harmed. Trying to think of this, he wonders what was going on but had very little answers at the moment. The child was around 8 to 9 years old and had blonde hair and blue eyes. He had a strange outfit and it was something that not even Dominic could figure out. Hoping to find out what is going on, he checks to see if he's alright but he would soon encounter something that no one can believe.

"Hey are you alright? Those thugs won't mess with ya anymore and that's a promise. Um… are you alright?" Dominic spoke as the child was silent for a bit but not before he said something and it wasn't gonna be much either.

"Thank… thank you. My name is… Ben. Here, this is for you." Ben replied as he gave Dominic some small box in a black color and by the time Dominic was able to see what was inside the box, the kid was gone.

He then decided to open the box and what he discovered was something that not even anyone could believe. Sure it was Duel Monsters cards but what he saw were cards that used to belong to someone and they represented a style that was once known almost a century ago.

"No way… did this kid have these? Why did he give them to me? Oh well, at least they are more than a reason to get my dueling going." Dominic spoke as he put the cards back in the box and then put it away in his pocket to hopefully not attract attention.

He then went to Dax's Repair Shop to see if the hoverbike that his uncle Stefan fixed was repaired but what he found would be that he would get involved in something out of the ordinary. As Dominic went inside, a man dressed in blue and black was talking with Dax and for some reason that person was shouting at him.

"I know you've been doing stuff for those suburb scum and if you think that I've been watching you do stuff, you got another thing coming because I'll have my squad shut this place down and bulldozed by tonight." The officer said as Dax kept his guard up and then replied with words of his own.

"Please, dude. If you think that I do stuff for the people down in the suburbs, so what if I do. As long as they provide me the money or the supplies needed for stuff, I'll get to it. I don't want to be greedy like those rich-mouthed smartasses up north so don't play any stupid stuff with me. You may be an officer but you have no right to treat me like crap." Dax replied as the officer stood silent but then turned around encountering Dominic in the process.

"Huh? Oh sorry kid, didn't see you there. Better be on my way then… remember this Dax, if I see you doing something for those suburb scumbags, I'll have my men bulldoze your shop flat. Do you hear me? Neo Dimmsdale is meant for the rich not for those poor pennysucking pushovers down below." The officer shouted as he went on his hovercycle, started up the engines and flew off.

"What the hell was that all about? Dax, do you have any idea who that guy was?" Dominic said as Dax took a deep breath and decided to tell him everything.

"That's one of those Neo Dimmsdale officers that stroll around and regulate order in the skyways throughout Neo Dimmsdale. Who you just saw was the captain… Teinel Robbins also known as "The Terror". There have been rumors that I have been helping the poor people down at the suburbs and I don't believe in any of that one bit. So what if I help them out, that doesn't give that buckethead the right to boss me around. Geez!" Dax replied as Dominic tried to call him down but it was then that Dax had something to show him which would completely shock him greatly.

"Whoa… this is so incredible! I don't believe it! It looks like it just came out of a hoverboard shop. Everything about it is so cool, I'm just left speechless. Dax, I swear… you are the man when it comes to this." Dominic spoke as he was continuing to look at the hovercycle that was once beat up but now looked brand new and restored in the process.

"You don't need to thank me ya know. If there is anyone that you should thank, its Stefan. Besides, he wants to make sure that you are happy with what you get even though… you know." Dax replied in which Dominic understood what he meant and decided to calm him down.

"No worries, Dax. I know what you mean by what you said. Besides, I don't even want to think about it for the moment because now I'm heading home." Dominic replied but not before Dax had one thing he needed to mention.

"Before you leave, I kind of made some modifications to the hovercycle. Watch this… field spell activate… Speed World (Field Spell Card) set on!" Dax said as he pressed a button which caused a Duel Disk to emerge and take up a mode which is considered as a Riding Duel mode.

(Yet another off-topic: Speed World is a Field Spell card that is used for a new kind of dueling called Riding Duel. This and the new dueling concept will be explained as the story progresses.)

Speed World activated… Duel Mode online… Auto-Pilot standby… a computerized voice spoke as a duel disk emerged from portions of the hovercycle which now contained a new purpose… to double as a Duel Rider.

"Whoa! No way… you did this too? This is awesome." Dominic said as Dax then turned off the Riding Duel mode which as a result separated the Duel Disk and became a hovercycle again.

"My expertise on technology helped me create this so basically this only works if you are dueling while you are on this. By the way, when you saved that boy earlier… did you notice what was contained inside that box?" Dax replied as Dominic took the box out, opened it and showed all the cards that were in there to Dax.

"I didn't know it at first but those cards were familiar… you see, when I was around 4 or 5 years old I went on a field trip to a Duel Monsters museum. The main attraction was of a deck that was recently gonna be honored there. The only thing was… it once belonged to someone from the 21st century… my great-great-grandfather Timmy Turner." Dominic spoke as if he remembered that very day.

Flashback… twelve years ago… February 11th, 2104

It happened in a museum where they honor the greatest Duel Monster duelists of all time such as Yugi Moto and Seto Kaiba. All the students were gathering around to what would be known as the greatest moment in history; the day that the legendary duelist Timmy Turner's deck would be seen for the first time… in more than 50 years. Two museum employees were holding the exhibit with great care and the students were waiting to peek what was there. Once they placed it on a stand, the students were then went into single line form and all of them witnessed the viewing of yet another legendary deck appearing but this one belonged to someone who was a hero in the Human-Dragon wars. It contained all of the Elemental Hero cards that he used but the difference was that he had other cards with that deck which would explain that the original deck underwent evolution over the years. Fortunately, this was the deck that he had used when he had his final duel many decades ago and now that it would be seen by the world, they would witness history in the making… for a time.

End flashback…

"I can remember it like it was yesterday… the day that Timmy Turner's legendary Ultimate Hero deck would be honored into the Duel Monsters Hall of Fame museum." Dominic said as he held those cards with utmost care almost as if he felt his ancestor's soul in them.

"I know but recently, that deck went missing during the night and the police have been investigating to see who would do something like that. So far, there have been no leads but just to let you know… what you are holding right now… is that very deck." Dax replied as Dominic was shocked to finding out that what he held was the exact deck that his great-great grandfather once used during his youth.

"No wonder that officer was there… he wanted to see if that deck was founded by you isn't it?" Dominic said and in which Dax nodded silently and knowing him, there was one more thing he had to tell him.

"By the way, you do realize that I turned that beat up hovercycle your uncle tried to fix into a completely rebuilt Duel Rider Hovercycle with a new paint-job. And you do know that the deck you hold can only be used in Normal duels. Therefore, this is for you." Dax replied as he gave Dominic a deck and even though it contained nearly all the cards that were in the other deck, it had some cards that would only work under the Speed World field spell.

Dominic put the other deck away in one of the deck boxes in his waist and then took a look at the other deck. Placing the other deck on a special slot, the item that Dominic had on his arm began to link up with his new hovercycle causing the two of them to intertwine and connect. Seeing that the sun was starting to go down, he then went outside with the newly-repaired hovercycle, started it up and then drove off as the sun was still high in the skies of Neo Dimmsdale but not for long though.

As Dominic drove off hoping to reach the skyways that link most of the areas between the upper cities and lower suburbs, someone who had a hovercycle of his own began to follow Dominic for a while. As he went towards one of the gates that would have him head to the skyways, the person who followed Dominic came closer to him and the worst thing was… it was the same officer that was angry at Dax for some random accusations. Seeing this, Teinel came closer to Dominic and knew that he may be the person he was looking for.

"Hey boy, where did you get this hovercycle? I've never seen it before." Officer Teinel said as he went to check on the hovercycle which made Dominic a bit nervous.

"I just got it from a relative far from this place. Why are you wasting time with me? Shouldn't you be dealing with security on the skyways?" Dominic replied as that upsetted the officer a bit but he kept his ground as he continued to watch but that's when he saw something that caught his eye.

"Hey kid, where did you get this hoverbike? It's not recognized in my database unless…" Officer Teinel spoke as Dominic was quick to reply afterwards and that led to him realizing something.

"Unless this hovercycle was somehow developed by someone that knows about it which I doubt that anyone does." Dominic replied as he kept calm, cool and collected.

"You need to watch that mouth of yours kid because I can't find this kind of model anywhere. You know, I think you are in league with that Dax fellow. In fact, I believes this calls for an arrest to be made." Officer Teinel said as he takes out some handcuffs but not before Dominic had a suggestion on his mind.

"Hey easy officer, you don't want to arrest me that quick. I got a suggestion for ya if you are interested. How about we duel and if you win, you can arrest me however… if I win, you let me go and you forget that you ever met me. How's that?" Dominic replied with a confident attitude and knowing him suddenly was ready for a challenge.

It only took Officer Teinel some time before he made his choice and knowing what the risks would be, he decided to accept the challenge. However, seeing that both of them were near the terminal to a major skywy they decided to have their battle somewhere else. At an intersection that would lead to the industrial zone in the lower suburbs, Dominic and Teinel were gearing up their hoverycycles for what is claiming to be a Riding Duel.

"So let me get this straight… if I beat you in this Riding Duel, then I take you to the station in cuffs. But if you win, then that means…" Teinel said as Dominic finished explaining the agreement that was discussed.

"I go free and you forget that you had ever met me. Does that make things clear hmmm?" Dominic replied as Teinel agreed to his wager as he took out a deck from within his jacket and placed it on a slot that was on his left wrist.

"Alright, let's do this! Field spell activate… Speed World set on!" Dominic shouted as the screens on their hovercycles began to show several things which explains that a Riding Duel would soon take place.

Speed World activated… Duel Mode online… Auto-Pilot standby! The computers said as duel zones were shown on their monitors and duel disks began to appear on their individual cycles set for duel riding.

The entire area began to exhibit some sort of weird aura as their hovercycles now turned Duel Rides were set to accelerate. They both took one good look at one another and they were set for one heck of a battle.

"Are you ready? You better hope that you get yourself a good attorney when I arrest you." Officer Teinel spoke as he revved his cycle a bit.

"I'm ready. I just hope that you are a good loser because I despise guys like you. Let's do this!" Dominic replied as he revved up his cycle as well.

Both of them revved their cycles a bit and it was only a matter of time before they get themselves geared up for a Duel Ride that would be anything but unexplained nor unprecedented. It was then the screens showed their respective lifepoint counters and seeing this, the duel was about to begin.

Auto-Pilot engaged… Lifepoint set… Duel start! The computers spoke and both duelists had only two words to say.

"Let's Ride!"

In an instant, they drove off and their duel began heading straight into the heart of the industrial zone of the lower suburbs. And this is how our story begins… now you know it's all about a teenager who carries dueling spirit in his blood but its much more than that. You see why the world he lives in is so split up, there's a reason why it has become this way but for the time being I won't reveal it. And you may also wonder why Dominic ha no fairy godparents either but like I said, all will be revealed in time. All I can say is that things are going to be a bit… fairly odd. So fairly odd that this whole thing needs a futuristic twist! Join Dominic as he journeys through the 22nd century Earth as he makes new friends, encounter rivals, uncover secrets and discover a truth that would shock nearly everyone around him. What can I say? I'm the one that created this and its high time that this adventure begins. So in the words of those two riders, Let's Ride!

Next time on Fairly OddFuture: The Duel Ride between Dominic Turner and Teinel "The Terror" Robbins has begun. Passing through a zone filled with smog pouring through the subrbian sunset, they both use decks that are meant for the high octane style of Duel Riding. Putting Dominic in a tough spot, Teinel brings out his toughest monsters and they nearly put him down for the count. With his freedom hanging in the balance, Dominic hopes for a miracle… can he attain one? Next time on Fairly OddFuture, The Terror's Wrath. Dominic, you carry a legacy on your shoulders… the time to unleashing that power is now. Go! Fight with your heart to reach the sky. Time to Ride!