Notes from the Author: It's been a long time since I've updated this story but due to real life, it's real hard to do so especially since you are a college student that is now heading to Lehman College and yet is nervous for reasons unknown. For the time being, enjoy the story because I don't want to put my troubles over ya. I will be updating my work as much as my can. So for now, enjoy.

Duel 18 – Fires of Revenge

Twenty minutes had passed since the turbulent second match between Amy and the Iron Knight Gill. With what they had witnessed, the tensions throughout the arena had reached an all time high. Despite this, the tournament continued on with the third match that would come soon enough.

"Ladies and gentlemen of Neo Dimmsdale! With the second match all wrapped up, we are set for the third round of the Fortune Cup. It's a riding duel here as suburb boy Dominic Turner going up against the Revived Reaper Shiva!" the announcer said as the crowd cheered on getting ready to see the third round as Dominic is tuning up his D-Rider hoping that it can be all set for his duel.

"Revived Reaper… what do you know about this guy Harold?" Dominic spoke as he was tuning up his D-Rider for his duel.

"I don't know much about him but rumors say that people that duel against him are too scared to even duel again. I hear for sure that this guy is a cruel D-Rider that is well known throughout the pro leagues." Harold replied as Dominic looked back at seeing the guy that was covered in mystery.

"Are you gonna use that card in today's duel? You do know that they will be watching you including your brother." Harold said as Dominic pondered a bit before making his choice.

"I won't need it for this duel… not yet. To let you know, I'll only use Stardust Dragon when I get to settle things with him." Dominic replied as he put his deck in his Wrist Dealer's deck slot.

Outside the arena, fireworks were heard throughout as crowds were enjoying a peaceful day despite the fact that vehicles were filling the skyways and the hologram showing Damien Turner, the Dueling King was seen outside the arena. It was then that it was seen by a D-Rider and it was one that wasn't pleased one bit.

"Dueling King… you know soon enough I will claim what is mine. The one who will take you down will be yours truly… Eiji Marcus." Eiji said as he looked at the hologram and then revved up his D-Rider and rode to the arena but it was then that security tried to stop him but that didn't work.

Going through them, he rode up the stairs and into the arena with security officials racing close by. But before they could react, they saw one of their own who knew where he would be… or so they think.

"Quickly! He went down that way so move it!" the officer spoke as the three security officers went in that direction but what they didn't know was that Eiji was disguised as that officer but before he can move, he saw something shocking which caused him to hide.

It was Shiva along with Jager discussing about what should be done during the duel that would take place. Eiji hid in the shadows while overhearing what was going on.

"You understand what needs to be done yes? You are to push that boy to his limits so we can obtain his data. You must also find out if he may be one of them. Don't drop your guard though because he is the one who had defeated the Dueling King." Jager said as Shiva spoke in a chilling tone.

"I understand… I will do as you requested." Shiva replied as Eiji overheard everything what was going on.

"What… the man who defeated the Dueling King? Who is that?" Eiji whispered as Shiva suddenly heard what he said and then threw a card into the shadows which then only brought out a small rat.

"Just a mouse… how unexpected." Shiva said as the card did hit its mark… Eiji's helmet that is.

Meanwhile, the crowd was at a high tone as they were looking forward to witnessing the third match in the Fortune Cup. Fortunately it was a Riding Duel for it was a need of a change of pace because the tension of the last duel was an intense one.

"Well now, Dominic's up next right? I hear its gonna be a Riding Duel alright. This is gonna be great!" Lucas said as Tommy was worried.

"Will he do alright?" Tommy replied as Old Man Thomas didn't seem to be worried.

"Don't worry kid, the young sonny won't lose for sure. I know that because I've seen how he duels and he's truly one of the greatest." Old Man Thomas spoke as he was exhausted while Harold looked up where Nichols and Jager were witnessing what was going on.

"Everybody, listen up! The third round of the Fortune Cup has officially begun. What better way to kick off the third match with a Riding Duel! And now our contestants… coming up first is a D-Wheeler chosen for this competition. He's a man from the suburbs with a reason to win… ladies and gentlemen, Dominic Turner!" the announcer shouted as Dominic Turner appeared in his D-Rider ready to do battle.

But the problem was that people didn't like seeing him mostly because of the marker on his face that sparked attention. Jeers were heard throughout the arena and not even Lucas' cheers could calm the tensed crowd.

"And his opponent, a D-Rider who is known as an angel of darkness… the Revived Reaper, Shiva!" the announcer shouted as Shiva appeared as cheers began to be heard from the arena.

"Oh come on, why are everyone acting like jerks! They don't have to be hating on this guy jeez…" Lucas said as he heard the cheers throughout the arena.

"Alright, everything is set… let's see if this guy has what we are looking for." Adam said as he powered on his device ready to check if there would be any reading.

Dominic took a look at Shiva as he was silent not saying a word. The crowd's excitement was going through the arena like a high pitch as the riding duel was about to take place.

"Alright everyone, this duel is about to begin! Activate field spell Speed World (Field Spell Card) set on!" the announcer shouted as both Dominic and Shiva activated Speed World causing their D-Riders to go into Riding Duel mode.

Duel Mode on – Auto Pilot standby.

"As you know everyone, the field has been taken over by Speed World. In other words, Spell cards can't be played for only Speed Spells handle things here." The announcer said as Dominic took a look at Shiva revving his bike and it suddenly caught Damien's eye.

"The battle has arrived and the countdown has come… who will be the victor here? Riding duel, acceleration!" the announcer spoke as both players head off and the cloak comes off revealing someone nobody expected… Eiji Marcus.

"Sorry to startle you folks but guess what… I'm back! It's me, Eiji Marcus ready to rock 'n roll like it's the 20th century." Eiji said as everyone was shocked by what they had seen even the announcer who was just speechless.

"This is a surprise… out of the blue comes the Flaming D-Rider who's lifelong goal is to defeat the Dueling King!" the announcer said as everyone was shocked having Nichols and Jager to get to the bottom of things.

"Sir, I have some bad news… Shiva is out of commission. We found him with skid marks all over his room. What shall we do?" Jager said as Security saw Shiva who turned out to be some douche with blue hair beat after getting his butt kicked in a duel.

"Guess what boy, you'll be facing me… yours truly of course. I'm gonna show you what a real Riding Duel is all about… what's wrong Dominic? If you are a D-Rider as well then why don't you throw down! So are you ready shrimp?" Eiji said as Dominic then had a smile on his face almost as if he was expecting it to handle.

"Why not… I accept after all things have gotten a bit boring as it is." Dominic replied as the announcer was confused and dumbfounded by what he had seen but it was one man's words that decided to set everything straight.

"It's alright… the last duel brought everyone's nerves to a high pitch. I believe some entertainment is in order to calm things down." Mr. Nichols spoke as he nodded in a positive manner which excited the announcer.

"Looks like we got the okay from the man in charge… this duel will go on!" the announcer shouted as the crowd cheered as the duel between Eiji and Dominic is about to begin.


Eiji's lifepoints: 4000, Speed Counters: 0, cards in hand: 5
Dominic's lifepoints: 4000, Speed Counters: 0, cards in hand: 5

Turn 1

"Since I called you out, it's only fair that I go first. From my hand I summon Burning Skullhead (Attack: 1000/Defense: 800) in attack mode!" Eiji said (Hand: 5) as he summoned a skull that was encircled in flame.

"Next I set 3 cards face down and call it a turn. Let's see what ya got boy!" Eiji spoke (Hand: 2) as he set three face downs in which Dominic went on the move.

Turn 2

Eiji's Speed Counters: 1
Dominic's Speed Counters: 1

"Alrighty then, let's get it on. From my hand, I summon Speed Warrior (Attack: 900/Defense: 400) in attack mode!" Dominic (Hand: 5) said as Speed Warrior took to the field.

"There it is! Speed Warrior has arrived for its special effect causes its attack power to double on the turn its summoned to the field." The announcer said as Speed Warrior's attack power doubled (Attack: 1800) gearing itself up for battle.

"Battle!" Dominic shouted as Speed Warrior was on the attack.

"Here it goes! Speed Warrior is on the attack!" the announcer said as Eiji had a plan up his sleeves.

"I activate the trap Zero Guard (Trap Card)! By reducing one monster's attack power to 0, that monster can't be destroyed in battle until the end of your turn!" Eiji spoke as Burning Skullhead's attack power went down (Attack: 0) as Speed Warrior went on the attack.

"Go for it with Sonic Edge Kick!" Dominic shouted as Speed Warrior spun his legs and struck Burning Skullhead causing his lifepoints to drop considerably. (Eiji's lifepoints: 2200)

"Huh? What's this… it looks like Eiji's lifepoints have taken a considerable hit!" the announcer said as Eiji tried to hold his bike steady.

"Hey what is going on?" Old Man Thomas spoke wondering about what had happened.

"He just took lifepoint damage all to protect his monster." Tommy replied but Lucas wondered why Eiji's Speed Counters didn't go down.

"But since he lost more than 1000 lifepoints, shouldn't his Speed Counters go down to 0? What's happening?" Lucas said as Eiji had a second surprise.

"This is where my Death Accel (Trap Card) trap comes in! If I attain lifepoint damage by means of battle, I can gain Speed Counters equal to the amount of lifepoint damage by 500. Since I took more than 1500 points of damage, I gain three Speed Counters." Eiji replied as his Speed Counters increased by three shocking everyone. (Eiji's Speed Counters: 4)

"By using this trap card, Eiji's Speed Counters have gone up by three! This is truly a shocking twist." The announcer said as the crowd was cheering on.

"See here people for this is the power of my new Accel Revenge deck built by yours truly, Eiji Marcus!" Eiji shouted as he was showing off what it can do but it was only the start of the duel so anything can happen.

As the crowd cheered on hoping for Eiji to be victorious in his duel against Dominic, he didn't seem at all impressed but knowing how the duel was going, he was ready for whatever Eiji had in store.

"So you want a battle with Speed Spells huh? Okay, this is starting to get more interesting than I thought it would be. I end my turn by setting 2 cards face down… let's see what ya got!" Dominic said (Hand: 3) as Eiji started his turn.

Turn 3

Eiji's Speed Counters: 5
Dominic's Speed Counters: 2

"Alright it's my turn now. From my hand, I play the Speed Spell Summon Speeder (Speed Spell Card)! If my Speed Counters are four or higher, I can special summon a monster that is level 4 or less from my hand. Come forth my Skull Base (Attack: 800/Defense: 800) but he won't be around much longer because I release Burning Skullhead and Skull Base to advance summon my Skull Flame (Attack: 2600/Defense: 1800) in attack mode!" Eiji said (Hand: 0) as he summoned one monster and then releasing both his monsters to summon an even stronger one; a zombie monster that was ferocious as the fire that is in Eiji.

"When Skull Base is used for an Advanced Summoning, I get to draw a card from my deck. Now Skull Flame attack his Speed Warrior with Fiery Uppercut!" Eiji (Hand: 1) shouted as Skull Flame went after Speed Warrior decking him with a powerful uppercut destroying it causing Dominic's lifepoints to drop and his speed counter to go down. (Dominic's lifepoints: 2300, Speed Counters: 1)

"Eiji Marcus using his impressive combination attack using a simple Speed Spell dropped Dominic's lifepoints down greatly but he's still got a slight lead. Will he retaliate?" the announcer said as the crowd was still cheering for Eiji who was excited for what had taken place.

"I'm only getting started. Watch this everyone and prepare to be amazed! I activate the continuous trap card Speed Booster (Continuous Trap Card)!" Eiji shouted as the trap caused two boosters to appear on the exhausts of his D-Rider which caused him to hit a high speed shocking everyone.

"What is that?" Lucas said as Dominic was shocked by what he had seen.

"All the pieces are now in place… now the true battle is about to begin my friend." Eiji replied as he was ready to put his plan into motion.

((What did he mean by that? And by noticing the high amount of speed counters he has, this can't be good.)) Dominic thought as Eiji explained.

"This here is the best part of my Speed Accel deck! Speed Booster is a continuous trap card that can only be activated if I have more Speed Counters than the opponent. It can negate any of my opponent's attacks during the opponent's turn and each time my turn ends, the opponent takes 100 points in damamge multiplied by the difference in Speed Counters between myself and the opponent." Eiji said as he had set everything in perfect motion with a smile on his face indeed.

"Okay so what does that mean? Is it bad for Dominic?" Old Man Thomas said as Harold continued to explain.

"In other words, the farther in Speed Counters means more trouble for Dominic. Thanks to that trap, he can't use his monsters to attack so long as the Speed Counter difference continues to increase." Harold replied as they all see Dominic smiling for some odd reason.

"Hey, Dominic seems to be enjoying himself for some reason." Lucas said curiously.

"Hey wait a sec, this is bad. Why does the fellow have a look of joy in his eyes." Old Man Thomas replied as Harold knew what was coming.

"I'd quit that smiling if I were you because Speed Booster's effect kicks in right now!" Eiji said as missiles came out of the speed booster trap striking Dominic and reducing his lifepoints. (Dominic's lifepoints: 1900)

"Looks like the lifepoint gap is in Eiji's favor. Thanks to that trap card, Dominic is behind by 300 points." The announcer replied as Eiji was finishing his turn.

"You know that no one can keep up with my speed. I set one card face down and end my turn." Eiji said as he set a card face down ending his turn." Eiji said (Hand: 0) as he ended his turn.

Turn 4

Eiji's Speed Counters: 6
Dominic's Speed Counters: 2

"Hey, what's wrong boy? I must be so far ahead you can't even see me and what!?" Eiji said but not before Dominic came out of nowhere drawing his next card.

"I draw… what was it you were saying?" Dominic replied as he drew a card from his deck (Hand: 4).

"Yo dude you only have two Speed Counter so how did you… what!? What!? Slip-Stream (Trap Card)!?" Eiji shouted as he was shocked with what he had seen.

"Huh? Slip-Stream… what's that?" Old Man Thomas said as Harold explained.

"Slip-Stream is known to be a trap card for Riding Duels. It's a trap that can be activated when your Speed Counters are less than your opponent's while the opponent uses a Speed Spell. On the Standby Phase that follows, this trap can raise your Speed Counters equal to the amount your opponent has." Harold replied as Old Man Thomas understood.

"Alright! Nice going." Lucas said

"But wait a second, when did he activate that Trap?" Tommy replied as even Eiji tried to figure it out.

"Okay, I get it… it must have been when I played that card last turn wasn't it?" Eiji said to himself as he remembered what happened last turn.

Flashback… last turn…

"I play the Speed Spell Summon Speeder!" Eiji said as he activated but not before something else occurred.

"I activate Slip-Stream!" Dominic replied softly as the trap was activated.

End flashback…

"Very impressive of you Dominic… but can you keep up with something like this? I activate the trap card Accel Zone (Trap Card)! Here we go!" Eiji shouted as the trap caused a line to emerge in which Eiji went through and hit speeds that no one expected.

The instant he entered, his D-Rider hit high speeds crossing through the entire Dueling Ring all at the same time shouting out hoping to withstand the high speeds that the trap would dish out.

"Whoa, what incredible speed! His Speed Counters have suddenly jumped to a high count of eleven!" the announcer shouted as Dominic got pissed. (Eiji's Speed Counters: 11)

((Damn it!)) Dominic thought as Eiji was going at high speed all while laughing at the same time.

"In case you didn't know, Accel Zone is a trap that activates when the opponent adds Speed Counters by means other than Speed World's effect for thanks to this, it adds on five more Speed Counters to mine. Let's see you keep up with a speed this high boy!" Eiji shouted as Dominic didn't care as he had to continue with his turn.

"Time to fight fire with fire for I play my Summon Speeder." Dominic said (Hand: 3) as he played his own Summon Speeder speed spell.

"Well well, looks like Dominic delivers a Summon Speeder of his own!" the announcer said as Dominic continued with his turn.

"Due to Summon Speeder's effect, this lets me special summon my Quillbolt Hedgehog (Attack: 800/Defense: 800) to the field but I'm not done because I now normal summon the Tuner monster Junk Synchron (Attack: 1300/Defense: 500)!" Dominic spoke (Hand: 1) as he brought two monsters to the field; one a Tuner monster and the other a hedgehog with bolts for quills taking up a defensive position.

((What good will those monsters do? Absolutely nothing.)) Eiji thought as Dominic wasn't finished yet with his turn.

"Now comes Junk Synchron's effect for when its Normal Summoned, I can Special Summon a Level-2 or lower monster from my graveyard to the field in defense mode and I choose Speed Warrior!" Dominic said as Speed Warrior took to the field.

"Level three Junk Synchron and Level two Speed Warrior… TUNE UP!" Dominic shouted as Junk Synchron revved its backside engines and transformed into three Synchrowaves which encirculated Speed Warrior turning into two stars of light.

When two powers appear on our world, their stars call forth a new power.

When that power emerges, a new light is formed.

"Synchro Summon! Come forth level-five Junk Warrior (Attack: 2300/Defense: 1300)! Dominic shouted as Junk Warrior took to the field exciting Dominic's friends.

"It's here!" Tommy and Lucas shouted as Old Man Thomas was pleased with what he was seeing.

"That's the kid's favorite card!" Old Man Thomas replied as Junk Warrior was ready to rev things up.

"Junk Warrior's attack strength goes up equal to the attack power of a level-2 or lower monster that I have on the field. Since I have Quillbolt Hedgehog, it goes up by 800 points. Now Junk Warrior attack his Skull Flame!" Dominic shouted as Junk Warrior (Attack: 3100) now powered up heads to attack Skull Flame but something was gonna stop him in his tracks.

"Too bad boy… did you forget about Speed Booster's effect?" Eiji replied as Junk Warrior's attack was blocked due to Speed Booster's effect.

"What just happened? Junk Warrior's attack had no effect." Lucas said as Harold explained.

"The reason why is because Speed Booster can negate attacks equal to the difference in Speed Counters." Harold replied as Lucas tried figuring things out.

"Which means that if Eiji has eleven and Dominic has six… then it ends up blocking five attacks!" Lucas shouted as he figured it out but Dominic knew.

"Looks like I have to make due with what I've got… I set one card face down and that ends my turn." Dominic (Hand: 0) said as he set a face down ending his turn.

Turn 5

Eiji's Speed Counters: 12
Dominic's Speed Counters: 7

"It's my draw now… squirt." Eiji said (Hand: 1) as he reached the maximum amount.

"This is insane! Eiji has hit twelve Speed Counters… that's the maximum speed here people!" the announcer shouted as the both of them were hitting high speed in this Riding Duel.

"That's right! He who wins in speed wins a Riding Duel no matter what the situation. The speed I've gained here will be my path to reach the King! I've gone through intense training with that very belief in mind! All to attain this speed that the Dueling King possesses!" Eiji said as he remembers the intense training he had to go through in hopes of one day regaining his pride that he once had.

"Here I come for there is no turning back! From my hand, I activate the Speed Spell, Accel Draw (Speed Spell Card)! Since I have 12 Speed Counters, this spell lets me draw two cards from my deck." Eiji spoke as he drew two cards from that Speed Spell but what he drew next would surprise everyone.

"Well well well… look what I got here! It's the speed spell Storm of the End (Speed Spell Card)!" Eiji shouted as he held the card in his hand (Hand: 2).

"What the… " Damien said.

"Storm of the End!? What is he thinking?!" Dominic replied as Eiji was ready to make his move.

"That's right ladies and gentlemen, one of the cards that is in the hands of the Dueling King. Allow me to show you how its done for I play the Speed Spell card Storm of the End!" Eiji shouted (Hand: 1) as he activated the spell which caused a massive cyclone to emerge from the card.

"Storm of the End can only be activated if your Speed Counters are ten of higher. What it does is destroy every monster on the field and inflict 300 points of damage for every monster destroyed." Eiji said as all the monsters were destroyed due to the effect which were his Skull Flame and Dominic's Junk Warrior and Quillbolt Hedgehog. If that wasn't enough, the both of them suffered some serious damage to their lifepoints respectively. (Eiji's lifepoints: 1900, Dominic's lifepoints: 1300)

"Whoa! In just one fell swoop, Dominic is down to 1300 lifepoints but though Eiji destroyed his monster as a result, he has nothing to attack with! Is this part of his plan?" the announcer said as Eiji knew what he was doing.

"There is a reason why I did it to begin with. I remove my Skull Flame from play to Special Summon a monster whose power surpasses it. Come forth now, Speed King – Skull Flame (Attack: 3000/Defense: 2300)!" Eiji shouted as a powerful monster emerged on the field; it was Skull Flame but has horse-like legs giving it a much needed boost in speed.

"What the... " Dominic said shocked by what he had seen.

"An attack power of 3000!?" Harold replied as Old Man Thomas was freaked out what he had seen.

"Unreal! Destroying every monster on the field along with dishing out damage, all so that a powerful high-level monster can be brought forth to the field. What an impressive combination! Eiji's Speed Accel deck is truly fearsome!" the announcer shouted while Damien was not impressed one bit.

"Time for me to put an end to all of this. Speed King – Skull Flame attack Dominic directly!" Eiji shouted as his monster was ready to finish him off but Dominic isn't going to let that happen.

"I'm not going down without a fight! I play the trap card Scrap-Iron Scarecrow (Trap Card)!" Dominic shouted as his trap saved him from an inevitable defeat.

"Lucky son of a bitch! Dominic managed to dodge that one with his trap but will it be enough?" The announcer said as Eiji disagreed.

"Not on my dime because Speed Booster's effect kicks in right now." Eiji said as five of Speed Booster's rockets fired and was then aimed for Dominic dropping his lifepoints even further. (Dominic's lifepoints: 800)

"Dominic, don't give up!" Lucas shouted.

"Now my Speed King – Skull Flame has a nasty monster effect for it inflicts 400 points of damage for every Burning Skullhead that's in my graveyard. Eat this!" Eiji shouted as Burning Skullhead turning into a fiery orb in which it struck Dominic decreasing his lifepoints further. (Dominic's lifepoints: 400)

"Now Dominic is down to his last 400 lifepoints! What is he going to do now!?" the announcer shouted as no one had a clue.

((Stardust… Use Stardust Dragon.)) Mr. Nichols thought to himself watching the situation.

"Ha ha ha, this should be very interesting to see." Jager said as all Damien could do was watch in silence.

Turn 6

Eiji's Speed Counters: 12
Dominic's Speed Counters: 8

"It's my draw now! From my hand, I play the speed spell Shift Down (Speed Spell Card)!" Dominic said as suddenly, his D-Rider began to slow down and his Speed Counters decreased.

"What's this? Dominic's speed counters are decreasing. What is he planning?" The announcer said as Dominic's speed counters went down… by six. (Dominic's Speed Counters: 2)

"What's the boy doing?" Old Man Thomas said as Harold had an answer.

"My guess he's playing a game of chance." Harold replied as Tommy didn't understand.

"What do you mean by chance?" Tommy said as Harold explained.

"Shift Down is a Speed Spell which drops your Speed Counters down by six. In exchange, the player can draw two cards from his deck." Harold replied.

"I get it. He plans on trusting his deck to get victory right?" Lucas said as Harold replied afterwards.

"That's right, after all stuff like this is the guy's strong suit." Harold said as Dominic had drawn two cards from his deck. (Dominic's hand: 2)

"With Shift Down, this lets me draw two cards from my deck! Next I summon the Tuner monster Nitro Synchron (Attack: 300/Defense:100) in attack mode!" Dominic said (Hand: 1) as he summoned a Tuner monster to the field that looks like a small nitro chamber with arms and legs.

"But that's not all because Quillbolt Hedgehog's special effect kicks in for when there's a Tuner monster on the field, it can be Special Summoned from my graveyard." Dominic said as Quillbolt Hedgehog returned to the field.

"Next I activate the trap card, Give and Take (Trap Card)! This lets me take a monster from my graveyard and Special Summon it on the opponent's side of the field in defense mode… and I choose Junk Synchron!" Dominic said as Junk Synchron appeared on Eiji's side of the field.

((What the? What is that thing doing on my field?)) Eiji thought as he was trying to figure out what is going on.

"Now Give & Take's second effect activates. I take a monster on my side of the field and raise its level equal to the monster that I brought back to your side. Since Junk Synchron is a level 3 monster, it raises Quillbolt Hedgehog's level by 3 making it a level 5." Dominic said as Quillbolt Hedgehog's level went up becoming a level 5 monster.

"I get it. With a level-2 Nitro Synchron and a level-5 Quillbolt Hedgehog makes… " Tommy said before Lucas finished it.

"A level-7 Synchro Summon!" Lucas shouted as Dominic went on the offensive.

"Level-2 Nitro Synchron and Level-5 Quillbolt Hedgehog… TUNE UP!" Dominic shouted as Nitro Synchron turned into two circular Synchrowaves while Quillbolt Hedgehog turned into five stars of light.

When two powers appear on our world, their stars call forth a new power.

When that power emerges, a new light is formed.

"Synchro Summon! Blaze on, level-7 Nitro Warrior (Attack: 2800/Defense: 1800)!" Dominic said as Nitro Warrior appeared on the field ready to do battle but Eiji wasn't impressed.

"This is really getting boring boy because you are wasting time! Remember because as long as I have Speed Booster, you can't attack me so just give up!" Eiji shouted as Dominic wasn't gonna give in.

"Eiji forgot one thing because when Nitro Warrior is successfully summoned by means of Synchro Summon, Dominic can draw a card from his deck." Harold said as Lucas replied.

"So that must be what he's after right?" Lucas replied.

"Yep, he's risking it all on one card… a game of chance." Harold said as Eiji was ready to lap around Dominic who was slow due to the low Speed Counters he had.

"Dominic! With the speed I have, I'll outrun you!" Eiji shouted as Dominic wasn't fazed a bit for he put it all on the card he would soon draw. Placing all his faith in the card he soon drew, everyone was silent wondering what would happen next but then something happened… Dominic had a smile seeing that he found the right one.

"Bingo… from my hand I play the Speed Spell card Gaping Storm (Speed Spell Card) and it goes something like this. If my speed counters are ten or more apart from your speed counters, this destroys every spell and trap on the field!" Dominic shouted (Hand: 1) as Eiji was downright flabbergasted.

"Say what!? No, not my Speed Booster trap!" Eiji shouted as every Spell and Trap on the field were destroyed including Eiji's Speed Booster trap which provided him the only defense he needed.

"I get it now! Dominic's been waiting to use that card." Lucas said

"That explains why Dominic had to reduce his Speed Counters in the first place." Tommy replied as Dominic continued with his turn.

"Damn you… damn you to hell Dominic!" Eiji shouted as he was pissed off that his plans hit a serious snag.

"Now my Nitro Warrior's special effect kicks in. When I play a Spell card on my turn, it gives Nitro Warrior an additional 1000 attack points!" Dominic said as Eiji saw Nitro Warrior's attack power raised by 1000. (Nitro Warrior's Attack: 3800)

"Say what!?" Eiji shouted as he saw that occur.

"It's battle time! Now Nitro Warrior attack his Speed King – Skull Flame now! Dynamite Knuckle Shuffle!" Dominic shouted as Nitro Warrior raced straight for Speed King – Skull Flame giving it a devastating knuckle sandwich taking it down and causing Eiji's lifepoints to decrease. (Eiji's lifepoints: 1100)

"Shit… " Eiji muttered to himself.

"Oh I forgot to tell ya that when Nitro Warrior destroys an opponent's monster by means of battle, it can take a monster on my opponent's side of the field that is in defense mode and switch it to attack mode. Plus, it can attack the monster that changed positions." Dominic said as it shocked Eiji even more.

"Say what? To attack mode? Oh crap then that means that Junk Synchron is…" Eiji replied as Dominic knew what he had to do.

"That's right. This duel is mine! Nitro Warrior take him down!" Dominic shouted as Nitro Warrior went on the attack again.

"The difference in their attack strength is as clears the day! You can pretty much guess where this ends up…" the announcer said as Nitro Warrior gave Junk Synchron a serious beating taking out Eiji and the rest of his lifepoints.

"Oh hell… " Eiji said as his lifepoints went down to 0 ending the duel in his defeat. (Eiji's lifepoints: 0)

"That settles it folks! Dominic has scored a come from behind victory with a beautifully-exuected combination. The winner of this duel is… Dominic Turner!" the announcer shouted as Dominic's friends were pleased of his victory.

"Alright, Dominic did it. He won!" Lucas said.

"That's the way kid." Old Man Thomas replied as the duel came to an end.

As the duel ended, Eiji's ride spews out a lot of smoke mostly due to it entering defeat mode. Regardless of this, he seems somehow pleased knowing that he had a hell of a duel.

"I got to admit… that was a great duel and I give ya credit for your tactics." Dominic said as he smiled caryring his D-Rider helmet.

"Yeah, you can say that. But know this my friend, next time we duel… I won't hold back." Eiji replied as he began laughing uncontrollably as a sort of way to express his respect.

"So, he indeed lacked the strength to use it I see…" Mr. Nichols said as Jager knew what was coming up.

"Which that means that up next is…" Jager replied as he had a smile that was evil and yet cacklish to boot.

"Damn it! What the hell are you two trying to do behind my back!?" Damien said as he was irate wondering what was going on but all he heard was silence. Dominic was silent as well unknown to what was about to take place.

The question was what was it as Dominic looked up at that tower where Nichols, Jager and Damien were in. Many things haunt both Dominic and Damien's mind as they try to figure out what is going on but for the time being, they would be stuff that would be revealed for another time as the Neo Dimmsdale Fortune Cup continues.

On the next Fairly OddFuture:

Hey, my name's Luna. As you know, I'm forced to get involved in a loser-revival duel against a man that's really creepy. Something about him is odd and yet… what is going on?

Something about this guy creeps me out and I don't know what that is.

"Huh? What's going on? Why is this place so familiar…"

Now I'm beginning to understand what my great ancestor is trying to tell me. I can't jump to conclusions just yet.

Next time on Fairly OddFuture, A Spiritual Invitation. Kuribbon, please… can you be the one to help me with this?