The Last Brother

The Last Brother

AN: I know I am working on another story (Ice and Fire) but this randomly hit me today when I was in the shower. It's not a 'love' Dramione, but the main characters are Draco/Hermione…no love blossoms, sorry. After you've read, this, you'll find out why that would be a little gross if they loved each other 'that way' ENJOY!

CHAPPIE 1 – Good-bye For Now

Hi. My name is Hermione Granger. I am a Muggle-born…or at least I thought I was. I wasn't supposed to ever find out, it would cause too many questions. But of course, when your –supposed– mother brings home a rubber duck…things change.

It all began when I just finished my 5th year. My birthday was coming up soon and I couldn't wait for my sweet sixteen. I was going to get the BEST birthday ever! I wish. I came home to find banners and streamers hanging all around my house, my 'parents' jumped out at me and screamed (a little too loudly) "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!"

I squealed and hugged them (almost) too death, mostly too make up for (almost) turning me deaf. "YAAAAAY!" I yelled, skipping around the decorated house, this was ALL for ME! Little old ME! I couldn't WAIT for my birthday gift!

As usual, my 'parents' could read my mind, my 'mum' whispered something into my 'dad's ear and ran upstairs. While waiting for my mum, my dad decided to warm me up for the 'big' surprise.

"Now, sweetie, it may strike you as a little odd, but this is a very expensive, valuable object which you shall cherish for the rest of your life. It cost us a little more than a small fortune and we hope you love it and much as we, I mean I, did when we first saw it through the window of a wizard's shop,"

"Wait, did you just say 'wizard'?" I didn't mean to sound unexcited, but I was rather curious, an odd, expensive, valuable object? What on earth–?

And then my 'mother' strutted down the stairs, her hands were hidden behind her back and (obviously) my gift in her palms.

"Okay, here goes nothing…" My 'mum' said as she placed a neatly wrapped pink box on the floor, it was about the size of my head. It had a bright red card on it saying 'HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN SWEETIE!"

My 'parents' quickly hurried behind me and cowered behind the wall, they really looked scared, almost as if the box was going to burst open in some sort of a bomb or something…what was actually in there was the next WORST thing…

I gingerly undid the tidy ribbon, tenderly undoing the knots. Finally I lifted the light lid of the box and there was a…

Rubber Duck.

Literally. I'm not kidding; right there…was a yellow rubber duck.

"Eh?" I said, staring down at it, I thought at the time that it was some sort of a practical joke…it wasn't.

"Ask it a question!" My 'father' bellowed at me.

"What? Are you mad?"

"JUST DO IT!" my 'parents' said in unison.

"Ookay…Tell me something that I DON'T know about my parents," I said, smirking behind me at my 'mum and dad'. Their faces turned…well I don't know what, there were in a state of complete fear, they were really nervous about something…

"They live exactly 167.3 miles away. See you at Lisvor's Manor!" And then it went poof. Gone.

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