Title: The Ones Who Cried Love

Summary: A rich playboy. A wealthy artist. Two different people who have everything and can have everything. One thing that they don't have: Love.

Genre: T

Rating: General/ Romance

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Chapter Seventeen

Uninhibited Desires


Give a man a free hand and he'll try to put it all over you.

Mae West 1892-1980


Weekend can astonishingly fast once again for Rukia. It was already Friday and she couldn't wait to get to sleep all day and of course, her favorite pastime, to eat and eat and eat.

"You're not dreaming again of spending your weekend on the bed sleeping all day long right?" Ichigo asked as they were at their biology class and he sounded like he read her mind.

Rukia rolled her eyes in irritation and glanced at him. She couldn't help herself to gape at him since he looks so sexy and almost edible if she were a little close to him. She shook her head in disbelief about thinking about Ichigo in that sort of way.

"I don't remember that this is your permanent seat Kurosaki." She retorted.

"You liked it this way, ne, Kuchiki?" he smirked and leaning again to her neck, brushing his nose on her soft skin. Rukia tried so hard not to giggle because he was so extremely flirty ever since this morning.

To his bad luck, their teacher noticed Ichigo's actions towards Rukia.

"Kurosaki!" he called. "If you keep on harassing Kuchiki, I might as well kick you out of this class!"

Ichigo just nodded and continued to write the lecture. The teacher was a little displeased by his reaction.

"You shouldn't have done that." Rukia whispered, looking at their teacher as if listening. "Look at his expression. He's not pleased."

"So what?" Ichigo whispered back. "He's just jealous over me because he never had a cute girlfriend like you."

The petite girl blushed at his remark and laughed at his comment about their lecturer. Her actions were also go noticed by him, too.

"Kuchiki." He said and Rukia looked up. "What's so funny?"

Rukia's mouth opened to answer back rudely and blame Ichigo that it was his fault, she just settled in bowing her head down and muttered, "Nothing, sir. I'm sorry."

The man continues his lecture and without him looking Rukia stepped on Ichigo's foot. He gave silent yelp to avoid further trouble and looked at Rukia angrily.

"What did I do?" he mouthed.

"It's your fault, bakamono." She mouthed back, glaring at him angrily too.

Ichigo flashed her breathtaking smile that made Rukia's heart race.

"I'll get you for this." He whispered to her.

Rukia smirked. "As if you can, Kurosaki."

They both ignored each other during class to avoid any more problems. Ichigo was having a hard time to control himself or else, he will be pulling her out of the room right, take he somewhere secluded and that included his car and have his way with her.

Her clothes didn't do any good either. She had this shirt covered by a light jacket and a skirt that Ichigo was sure she can totally flash half, no, the whole Karakura town.

He also couldn't ignore her appearance today. Her eyes were so clear that she was so excited about something. It felt like it was so alive at the moment. She has a tinge of pink in her cheeks and her lips… well, they never looked so inviting as ever.

He fought the urge again to jump on her right now. This will be definitely seen by their teacher and his classmates and truth is he doesn't give a damn.

Without in full thought, Rukia's tongue escaped from the self-possession of her lips and Ichigo felt like his breath has been sucked out of him. She rewetted her lips as she answered their subject activity.

He definitely couldn't forget on how she kissed him using those scrumptious lips of hers. He got a slight tingling sensation in his body when he thought of that.

Rukia mentally smirked. She knew that Ichigo's staring at her and looking at her like she was a piece of meat. She had glimpse of him earlier and his eyes held a hunger look in them.

Ichigo's eyes furrowed when Rukia passed him a piece of paper. He opened it to see what was written.

Don't stare too much you might pop those eyes out.

He replied and passed it to Rukia again. She opened it for his reply and it says:

You're tempting me too much.

Rukia looked at him and he was smiling at her. She passed the paper to him again.

To tell you the truth, I'm also tempted by you looking at me like that.

Ichigo smirked at her reply.

Don't wear that skirt again. He replied.

Why not?

They continued to pass the paper cautiously so the teacher wouldn't notice them.

Because I said so.

Well, sorry. It's not my fault you got so turned on by me wearing this skirt.

Ichigo rolled his eyes. Cocky little midget. Well, she was right about that, really.

I am not.

Really, Kurosaki?

Yes, Kuchiki.

Rukia laughed silently.

What's so funny?

None of your business…

I'll get you later, midget.

Like I said, as if you can, bakamono…


Later that afternoon, Rukia couldn't help squealing and plopped herself on the bed. It's only 8:30 in the evening and she was already wearing her chappy nightgown. She planted her head on the pillow and screamed in happiness.

"What's the occasion?" Ichigo asked, staring at her somewhat sexy form on the bed. Of course, seeing his girlfriend wearing an adorable nightgown and lying on the bed, he's ready to pop his eyes out.

"Damn it, Rukia." He exclaimed. "I told you to get rid of that freakin' short skirt and now you're clad in a nightgown and I'm sure this time you might flash the whole Japan."

She glared at him because he wasn't making any sense. "Stop your whining." She said. "I didn't ask you to see me like this. You didn't have the permission to enter this room either." She added.

Ichigo sighed and decided not to irritate the little girl furthermore. Knowing Rukia, he might end up in a bloody nose. He gestured at her to move so he can have space for him to sit down. Rukia stuck her

tongue at him and kicked him playfully. Accidentally, he caught a glimpse of her enticing thighs and Rukia smacked him for being a pervert because she saw his hungry gaze at her.

"It's not my fault." he reasoned out. "You were the one who lifted those legs of yours."

"Well, I didn't ask you to peek or look at it right?" she asked sarcastically, sitting up so she can beat him with her verbal lashing thing. "You're such a perv." She added again.

Ichigo stared at her and looked down to the level of her chest. Rukia noticed this once again and tapped his forehead.

"Hey. A little control, please." She said skittishly.

Ichigo blushed. He had never done that before. Seeing women naked and nearly naked make him uncomfortable but seeing Rukia wearing a thing like this made him speechless.

Rukia smiled at him and pinched both the sides of his cheeks. "Kawaii! Strawberry is turning strawberry!"

Ichigo yelped out loud and recovered quickly by being dazed under her smile.

"Change your clothes." He demanded.

"Excuse me?" she asked, trying to be clear and letting go of his cheeks.

"I said, change that very indecent outfit of yours." He repeated.

Rukia looked at herself and her clothes. "There's nothing wrong with this." She pointed out.

"Oh yes there is." Ichigo disagreed. "One gush of wind and you'll be naked."

Before answering him, an idea crossed her mind. She'll tease him a little bit. Just a little bit for her to have some fun.

"Oh?" she asked innocently. "Wouldn't that be a good thing?"

Ichigo stared at her and her eyes showed an expression that she wants to play.

"Oh, please, Kuchiki." He sighed in deep boredom. "Those charms of yours won't work on me. You're not even half, no, quarter of the attraction of the other playboy cover girls."

She smirked. She'll get him for that remark. Thinking of another thing to work him up, she shifted her legs behind her, lodges her palms on the mattress and crawled slowly to him like a stealthy cat. Ichigo turned his head towards her and is breath hitched seeing Rukia in a very compromising position. Rukia's mind mentally smirked. She got him or she thinks.

She leaned forward like she was about to kiss him but halted in a minute. She sighed dramatically.

"You're mean." She whispered near her ear. "Too bad if you did not let go of the nasty remark, I would have continued further."

"On what, Kuchiki?" he asked curiously and gulped as he sees her definitely not modest cleavage in front of him.

Rukia laughed like he missed something. "You are so innocent, Ichi-kun." She declared very seductively. "The dozens of times you attacked me and nearly do something unexpected to me, I still can't believe you can't handle a situation like this."

Ichigo bit his lip. She knew what she was getting at. Truth is, a few more convincing words from her mouth, he'll push on her on her soft mattress and take her depending on how she like it. Her nightgown is freaking him out in a good way, the way it clings to her curvy body does a very distracting occurrence in his lower regions (no need to deny that) and her lips, her lips that he considered that he can kiss those 'til he die were secretly inviting him to taste it himself.

She moved closer to him more slowly making her movements too much for Ichigo to handle. She roughly grabbed his shirt and pulled his head along his lips dangerously close to her lips. She smirked. Rukia was about to kiss him when suddenly….

"Are you on drugs?" he asked out of nowhere, trying to control his breathing and erratic beat of his heart.

Rukia rolled her eyes in irritation. "You really know how to mess up a moment."

She desperately lets go of his top and sat beside him. She suddenly looked angrily at him and grabbed the bottom of his collar using both of her hands.

"Don't you get it, Kurosaki?!" she suddenly blurted out.

"W-what?" he answered.

Rukia growled in anger and pushed him down on her soft bed, still clutching his shirt.

"Are you dumb?!" she said angrily. "Don't you get what I'm going to do to you?!"

Truth is she couldn't control it anymore. The way his presence affect her greatly, the way he looks at her like she is the only thing he sees, the way he kisses her that made her sure that she will get an heart attack when the time comes. She couldn't take it all anymore. More to that, she can't resist and control her emotions that she held for him.


Ichigo finally smirked on what she meant. This was what he was dreaming a long time ago. The girl who completely ignored her, the one who he deals with to be his girlfriend… She wanted him. He can definitely see it in her eyes.

"What?" Rukia asked helplessly. "You're just going to smirk like that and daze me again?!"

"The truth finally comes out of your mouth." He said suddenly causing Rukia to blush.

"Do you want a round of applause?" she said sarcastically.

"No." he answered simply. "I just needed a more proof or evidence that you really want me. I mean, seeing you like this, let's put it this way. I needed a proof or evidence that you desire me." he added.

Rukia turned angry then within a few minutes, she smirked. "You're really enjoying this, huh?"

"Quite possibly." He said, smirking back. "I want to really here the reason so I can have the automatic permission to touch you know. Think about it. This may be a good chance to do what you want. Your dear brother isn't here."

"So?" she asked. "If he sees me being fucked up by my boyfriend, I have to be ready for your funeral."

Ichigo laughed. "But we're both sure when he's coming home."

"Good answer." She complimented.

Rukia lets go of her grasp at his top, lied comfortably above him and encircled her arms around his back.

"So, what do you want to know?" she whispered to the demanding orange headed man.

"Tell me everything." He groaned out, feeling a little constricted on his pants while feeling Rukia's contours on his own.

Rukia laughed softly. She lightly kissed his collarbone. "The way you walk and stride really makes me… off." She started and emitted the last word from her mouth in a sigh when he grounded his lower part against hers. "Especially when I walk behind you. Your butt looks sexier than any model I have seen."

Ichigo laughed softly and kissed the side of her face. She giggled at the sensation.

"One flick of you gaze and I'm sure I'm ready to die right in front of you." She continued as she licked his throat. "The way you kiss me and as if trying to suck my soul out of my body makes wanna lie down and demand that you bury yourself to me."

Ichigo snorted and loving the sensations she made as she kisses her way to his lips. Her lips swept past his collar, throat, chin and the sides of his lips.

Rukia smiled as she reached his lips and so does Ichigo. Her lips teased his as it was hovering above his and was touching as she spoke. "I can't think of anything anymore. You made speechless with your distracting sexy aura."

"Are you sure that's all?" Ichigo asked seductively.

Rukia nodded. "If you give me what I want I might add a few more things."

Ichigo smirked once again. "If you insist, Kuchiki Rukia."

Without further ado, he grabbed the hands that held his shirt and flashed Rukia a dashing smile. Too preoccupied by his smile, Rukia didn't notice that he changed their position in a matter of seconds.

Now, she was underneath him and Ichigo was on the top, dominant on their current position. Rukia glowered at him and he finds it really cute.

She retorted. "You are such cheater." She muttered, her face still held her angry yet playful expression. Before she can add anything else in her rants he immediately acted and kissed her hard on her mouth.

He quickly delved his tongue to her mouth so she can't say anything anymore. Rukia moaned beneath him. Due to her excitement, she bucked her hips against his. Ichigo suddenly lets go of her lips to groan out and Rukia whimpered as she felt the bump in front of his pants. She smirked between her flushed face.

"Ichi-kun is so hot and bothered." She teasingly mused, smiling at him.

Ichigo growled at her remarks. So he decided to play along.

"Please Kuchiki." He pleaded with mock hurt. "Don't you dare tease me this time." He said that while smothering her neck with kisses and his hand crept downward to hold her exposed thighs to wrap around his waist. She complied.

Ichigo kisses his way down to her throat and Rukia held her head back in pleasure and of course, to give him more access to her smooth skin. Ichigo couldn't believe she was volunteered on doing this. In return, Rukia held her hands up and rested it on his soft hair. She gently ruffles it in her hands.

Ignoring her actions, Ichigo was so preoccupied in his ministrations to her. She can feel his lips going down and down 'til he was at her modest cleavage of her night gown.

He suddenly looked up. "How am I supposed to take this off?" he asked.

"Find a way, sweetie." She cooed and Ichigo had this tingling feeling when she affectionately called him that. "You want something find a way to get it."

Ichigo returned to his previous position which was near her mouth and kissed so hard that she was breathless after it.

"Naughty little midget." He muttered as his lips caressed her baby soft cheeks. Rukia sighed in contentment as she felt his lips and breathe on her skin.

"Ichigo…." she moaned. Then using her strength, she pushed him off of her and went to his top as fast as she could. She crazily half torn his shirt and threw it on the floor. Ichigo laughed at her aggressiveness.

"Are you really this… wild when you couldn't control yourself?" he panted and so happy to see her being on top of him. He reached up and with his unbelievable strength; he ripped off the top half of her

nightgown. Rukia lightly moaned as Ichigo cupped her mounds and she threw her head back in pleasure. Ichigo smirked.

"You like that, Rukia?" he taunted. Rukia couldn't answer due to her dazed state. She bit her lip to avoid any more noise.

"What are you doing, Kuchiki?" he asked playfully. "You were so aggressive earlier and why are you turning so mushy right now?"

He squeezed her breast a little harder and when she opened her eyes, they were clouded obviously with unheeded desire.

"Ichi…go.." she managed of saying it or to be honest, moaning it.

Ichigo smiled at her reactions on what he was doing to her.

"You… aah!" she shouted as he pinched her nipple. "… Ripped my favorite… oh god… nightgown…"

He immediately flipped her onto her back Rukia circled her arms around his frame and pulled her closer to him. She managed to remove the rest of her dress and while she's at it, Ichigo, on the other side, fumbled on his belt. Seriously, with this happening right now, the bulge on his pants is trying to wreck havoc.

Ichigo turned his attention back at Rukia who was now only in her underwear. He deliciously appreciated every part of her that his eyes see; even it was only the moonlight that was covering their bodies. Rukia rolled her eyes as she saw Ichigo.

"Look, you can always back down on this." She said. "You were always clouded by guilt if we ventured further."

The look in her eyes, the tone in her voice… It was obvious she didn't want this to stop. He didn't answer to her last statement and just dipped his head down to the same level of her breasts. Without any warning and Rukia didn't see it coming, he puckered his lips around her left breast nipple. She grasped the back of head and arched her back, as if offering herself more to him.

He shifted to the other side and does the same thing to her right nipple. His lips covered her blushing nub and Rukia couldn't control herself any longer and screamed in urgency to Ichigo to give her more.

Ichigo grinned at her cry of pleasure and demand. "Wait a second, baby. I'm not done." He said impatiently.

Rukia slightly cursed and was rapidly changed into a moan as she scraped his teeth over it. In return, Rukia coped to slither her hands to the zipper and button of his pants and in succession, she removed it in ease.

Ichigo's eyes furrowed in amazement on how in the hell she managed to pull it off. He shrugged out of his pants and now was down to his boxers. Rukia find it very seductive seeing him for the first time in his

underwear as Ichigo leaned on all fours on top of her. She blushed at the sight as his shaft stood proudly. She laughed. Ichigo knew why and blushed too.

"Shut it." he said in gritted teeth, trying to hide his embarrassment.

"Come on now, Ichi-kun." She cooed sweetly at him while arching her back and brushing her breasts against his chest and in instantaneously pulled him down to hers. Leaning on his ear, she licked the said part and Ichigo moaned out loud because of the contact, and whispered, "I want you to take it off." She demanded.

"The what… Rukia?" he asked curiously.

"Oh you know what." She answered huskily, gesturing downward on her body.

"You could have just spit it out." He suggested as he hooked his finger one her underwear and pulled it down off her legs.

"How do you like it, Rukia-chan?" he asked sweetly. Rukia smiled.

"Any way you like, Kurosaki-kun." She answered. "Just do it, Ichigo. Don't you dare hold back."

He complied and getting on what she wanted and he was sure to give it to her, he ran a finger between her puffy lips. She was wet as he felt her juices sliding out in his hand. Without holding back, as Rukia demanded, he inserted a finger inside her and she screamed uncontrollably.

"Ichigo… Ichi…" she chanted his name over and over again. Two fingers and she was about to lose her mind. She needed him inside her.


"Ichigo?" she gasped as he continued to touch her most sensitive part of her body.

"What is it, Rukia?" he asked.

"Take me…" she said. "Take me now…"

"Why?" he teased.

"Or else… I'll force myself in you." She replied back.

"As you wish." He said as he took off his boxers.

He positioned himself on top of her while Rukia wrapped her arms around him for support on what was coming.

"Are you ready, Rukia?" he asked, smiling.

"No, are you?" she challenged as she bit her lip sexily.

Then, he slid inside of her and Ichigo find it difficult because…

"Kuchiki…" he stuttered as he pushed into her. "So tight…"

Rukia snorted then whimpered as he pulled out and shouted to the heavens as he entered her again with unimaginable force.

"Ichigo!" she shouted.

"Rukia…" he moaned back.

As the minutes go by, Rukia begin to thrust back at him to take her to endless pleasure. The feeling of his shaft coming in and out of her, it was beginning to be too much for her. Oh my god, she thought, this was too much. Too much that she wanted more…

To her surprise, she felt herself contracting and she clamped down on his shaft and the breathless Ichigo suddenly groaned at her actions and she came with a scream. Afterwards, Ichigo followed her in the depths of deep pleasure along with her.

As their breathing returned to its normal pace, Ichigo laughed softly and brushed the hair that was between her face. She was smiling back at him and caressed his cheek sweetly. She had never felt so complete. He had never felt as happy as he did that.

As contentment and exhaustion invaded their bodies, they fell asleep, side by side.


Rukia opened her eyes as she felt her phone ringing off the hook at her bedside table. She was greeted by an asleep and… naked Ichigo?

Her eyes suddenly widened and bolted upright on the bed. She felt the chilly air of the morning in her body as she too was naked.

Then suddenly all of the things happened last night came banging in her head.

She and Ichigo were… well… they… um…

She shook her head to put together her messed up thoughts and turned her attention on the phone. She grabbed it form the table and flipped it open to answer it.

"Rukia?" Byakuya's voice said through the phone.

Oh god.

"Hai, Nii-sama?" she answered.

"I called because I'll be staying here ay Okinawa for a few more weeks." He informed her.

"Okay." Rukia understood.

"So, take care of the house." He said sternly. "I don't want it messed up okay?"

"Sure, Nii-sama."

"How are you and Kurosaki?"

Blush crept in her cheeks as the things happened last night flooded her brain.

Well, we had sex last night and he is sleeping here and naked like me. She can say that but that will happen if she wanted to die.

"Well, we're okay." She said. Smooth, Rukia. "He visits me every day."

Two points for Kuchiki Rukia!

"Well, I'll be hanging now." He said. "I'll see you."

"Good bye, Nii-sama. Have a nice day." She said and hung up.

Rukia sighed in relief and thinking on how will she face Ichigo after being so demanding last night.

Suddenly, she felt arms enveloping her form and his lips touched her ear. She gulped and resisted a moan.

"That was smooth, Kuchiki." He said as he showered her neck with kisses. "Nice one."

She was tempted to moan as she felt his hard rock chest at her back and his husky voice sending shivers at her spine.

"Ichigo." she said as she leaned her head in his shoulder.

"Yes, Kuchiki?" he said as he kisses her shoulders blades. "Before you say something, you were so… unexplainably aggressive and demanding last night."

Rukia blushed at his statement but since this already happened between them, she might as well get over it.

"Don't act as if you didn't loved that." She said sarcastically.

"Touché, baby." He whispered against her skin and pulled her down on the bed again. He puts his body above hers.

"Get used to it." she said.

"Well, if you want me to," he started as he teasingly brushed his lips against hers, urging her to open up for him which she complied easily, and kissed her breathlessly. After that, he continued, "We might as well do it again."

Rukia rolled her eyes. "You just can't wait for tonight, huh?"

"We're doing this tonight again?" he asked unbelievably. "We can do it again right now."

He ran a finger between the valley of her breasts. She sighed and he smiled.

"Go ahead."




That's all.

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