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Chapter Nineteen

Solemnity in Love


When I'm good,
I'm very, very good,
but when I'm bad,
I'm better.


"So you mean you dressed me up like a Barbie doll," Rukia ranted. "Because your parents want to meet me?!"

Ichigo nodded for the umpteenth time while not trying to bump any cars, accidentally.

Rukia huffed irritably. This is the most stupid thing she had ever encountered. Now, she and Ichigo are an item not anymore the 'pretend to be my girlfriend or else' thing. Furthermore, she and Ichigo have been, well, passed through the making out stage.

She crossed her arms in front of her and huffed again.

"What the hell's your problem?" he asked while turning his head at her and immediately to turn it back on the road.

"I hate this…" she mumbled.

"What?" Ichigo asked curiously.

Rukia just rolled her eyes. "Never mind." She muttered.

Ichigo smiled and took her hand and kissed it. Rukia was astounded at first but felt the tingling feeling whenever his lips touched her skin.

"My parents are not going to eat you." He assured her.

"It's not that, Ichigo…" she said.

"Then what is it?"

She breathed out heavily. "It's just… maybe… um… they won't like me."

"Tch." He said. "My father has seen you once when your brother was with you. Obviously, he was crazy about you. When you weren't looking he even told me to have you as my girlfriend."

"Oh." She whispered. Then her eyes widened on his statement. "So, is that it, huh?"

"That what?" Ichigo asked again.

"That's the reason you wanted me to be your girlfriend?!" she said, figuring it all out. "This is so absurd!"

Ichigo laughed. She's not as smart as she looked. "Stupid." He said while patting her head. "I wanted you to be my girlfriend because…" he trailed off.

"Because?" she urged him.

He smiled again. "That's the one for me to know."

"Cheater!" she exclaimed. "I knew it! This is all one of your jokes again huh? That I love you crap! I hate you!"

She then threw her arms around and began fumbling at her seat. She was trying to unbuckle her seatbelt.

"What are you doing, Rukia?" he asked desperately.

Ichigo parked the car just outside the house and Rukia didn't notice that they are already there. She was still struggling on her seat.

"Let me go!" she shouted helplessly on her seat and at the same time trying to punch Ichigo.

"Stop it! Midget!" he shouted at her, trying to remove the seatbelt from her and evading her attacks.

"No I will not!" she cried. "I knew it from the start that you were just lying! Liar!"

"Stop!" he said.


Ichigo's eyes furrowed at that. "I am so not!" he argued.

"Yes you are!" she said as she managed to remove herself from the seatbelt encircling her form. She roughly opened the car door as soon as Ichigo turned down the engine. Rukia stomped away from him and within minute's time, Ichigo was hot on her heels.

"Where are you going, Rukia?"

"What do you think, Ichigo?" she said arrogantly. "Home, of course! I don't want to spend a freaking useless time with a moron like you!"

Ichigo rolled his eyes and stopped dead on his tracks. How in the hell she concluded those things?! Where did she get them?!

He quickly grabbed her arm from his reach and pulled her to him. Thank god, it's already night time so no one can see them.

"What now?!" she yelled. "You're not going to manhandle me here outside for everyone to see?!"

His eyes suddenly showed a seductive side. "That's a great idea, Rukia." He whispered huskily, his lips nearing hers.

Rukia laughed jokingly. "Oh, so you want my butt for everyone to see?" she asked sarcastically. While she spoke, her lips were a few inches from his.

Ichigo smirked. "No, baby. I suppose your body parts are only for me to see." He said.

"Ha ha." She laughed irritably. She gently nudged him at his washboard- like stomach. "Let go or I'll knee you." She warned.

"You can't Kuchiki." He dared her.

"Oh, yes I can." She muttered while struggling from his grasp. "Let go."

Ichigo sighed. "You're a terrible actress." He mused at her.

"Thanks." She mumbled. "Now, will you please let go of me before you do something that I can't tolerate."

"Like what?"

"Aside from manhandling, Kurosaki," she started. "Maybe from molestation."

"Sou?" he said as he stole a quick kiss from her lips. She quivered. "It's like you don't desire it too much."

Rukia laughed. "Please, Kurosaki. You are not in a half of Johnny Depp or Robert Downey Jr." she huffed.

(I love them both!)

Ichigo laughed too. "But both of them can't give the satisfaction I give you."

Rukia was about to retort something but she took it back. She rolled her eyes because it was an obvious answer and said, "Yeah, yeah…" she muttered. "Now, before you topple your head due to your enormous egoism, let me go."

"I can't Kuchiki." He whispered at her ear, sending shivers down her spine. "Not until you give me something I want."

Rukia huffed. "You are always a cheater. I hate you."

She knew what he wants and he was sure that he will be getting what he wanted from her. Pulling his funky necktie that matches his awesome outfit, he obliged and she kissed him on the lips. Ichigo lets go of her after their simple yet sweet kiss. She smirked.


"That's enough for one night." She said, half teasingly.

Ichigo's mouth gaped open.


"It was nice inviting me for dinner," Rukia said heartwarmingly. "Isshin-san."

Isshin raised his hand to stop her. "Please, Rukia-chan. It's nice to see my colleague's sister and also my son's girlfriend and future wife!"

She nearly spit out on her drink. "W-wife?" she spluttered.

"Damn it, dad." Ichigo interrupted. "Don't jump into conclusions. We're only eighteen."

"Well, it's a legal age for marriage, right?" he asked. "Don't you agree, Masaki?" he said turning to his wife.

Masaki gracefully shook her head. "No, I don't agree." She said simply, causing Isshin to bow his head pitifully and in defeat.

"I know that my loving son will not hurry thing up for Rukia." She continued. "Besides, truth is, this is the first time Ichigo had a serious girlfriend. I suppose you already know that Rukia-chan."

"Um, yes, I think." She answered politely. "If you think Ichigo hasn't change, well, he's making any progress." She happily announced.

"That's nice to hear."

Rukia smiled at Masaki.

"So, why are you guys talking on my expense?" Ichigo asked.

His mother smiled at him. "Pish-posh, my son." She began to look around to see if everyone was finish with their dinner. "Since that you are all finished, do you mind, Rukia, if you come with me?"

"Hai!" Rukia answered immediately and stood up from her seat. Before she can leave the room, she told Ichigo, "I'll see you later!"

Then they left.

"May I have a word with you, Ichigo?" Isshin asked expectantly at his son.


"I was wondering," he started. "How long are you and Rukia-chan?"

"Almost three months, dad." He answered.

Isshin nodded. "She's a pretty amazing girl, Ichigo." he complimented.

"Thanks." He said, blushing lightly. "She does, really. I think I'm beginning to be a moron without her around."

"Then you must be crazy about her." he supposed. Ichigo nodded.

"Heck I didn't know how she did this to me." he admitted, laughing lightly.

Silence ensued for a few minutes until Isshin broke it.

"Do you love her?" he asked out of nowhere.

Ichigo was slightly taken aback by his question. So, he turns his head to the side to hide his flushed cheeks. He didn't answer.

"You are." He said, knowing the look on his son's face. "I can see that she's pretty a fragile girl." He thinks. "She really looks like tiger on the outside but as soft as a pillow inside."

Ichigo agreed. "Yeah. I'm really scared of hurting her." he admitted again.

"Then make sure that what you're feeling now is the right emotions she deserved." Isshin said. "I have never seen you so serious over a woman before. Treasure her, Ichigo. Take good care of her. And I'm not saying because she's the sister of Kuchiki Byakuya. It's because she is your girlfriend."

Ichigo nodded and understood. "Yes, dad."

Isshin suddenly smiled wickedly. "So, are you planning to marry her?!" he asked excitedly.


"No need to deny it, my son!" he shouted. "She's hot and sexy! You really took a special girl this time rather than your past relationships."

"Shut up." Ichigo huffed.

"No, seriously, are you going to marry her?"

Ichigo sighed. Then he remembered the deal they made two months ago. If she fell in love with him within three months, she is his! Only he had it backwards. He was the one who had fallen in love with her and her returning the same thing.

"I… think so." He answered. "Anyway, we're just dating, really. Why jump to marriage already?"

"Come on now, Ichigo." Isshin said. "I married your mom when I was eighteen too."

"And that doesn't mean I will too." Ichigo interrupted. "Rukia and I were just starting. No pressure, dad. I can wait."

"I don't think you can." Isshin disagreed. "The way you act around her, the way you look at her… You seriously dig her."

"Yeah…" Ichigo mumbled, smiling.

"Then marry her!" he encouraged.

"Right now?!" he asked unbelievably.

"Damn straight."

"You're so unbelievable dad." Ichigo shook his head.

Isshin patted the back of his son's back. "Be serious, Ichigo. If you think you're serious enough to her, she is much more serious that you. It will be a terrible thing for her if something happened between the both of you."


"I can't believe you dated my son, Rukia-chan." Masaki breathed. "He has an unusual taste for women and I can't believe you are his type."

"I think so too, Masaki-san." She laughed. "I also think that Ichigo like women as thin as a stick but when he came up to me and told me that he wants me to be his girlfriend… so unbelievable."

"Yes, Ichigo seems the type." She said. "But you have to be careful, Rukia-chan."

"Why so?"

"It's not that I just don't trust my son for you or I don't like his for you or otherwise, you have to be careful in the things that are happening around you." She explained.

Rukia nodded.

"He may not be the one who will slip but maybe you too." She continued. "It is also possible on the things around you."

"I understand, Masaki-san."

"And please," she said. "Take good care of Ichigo. Among all the girls he has dated or been with, you are far most the pleasant and the most beautiful. Truth is, I don't like the girls he brought her especially that Senna. I was even moved by her angelic pose in front of us, but when I found out Ichigo broke up with her and on what she did, so unspeakable."

"Believe me." Rukia assured her. "I love Ichigo and I will never end up like any other girls he has ever been with."

"Ichigo's really changing." She mused. "I mean, he's a little off this days, like he was on a dream and you, you definitely prove in your eyes that you care about his very much."

Rukia smiled sweetly. "It's nice to hear that."

Masaki smiled mirrored hers. "I'm sure Ichigo and you are the best people there is. Both of you are simply made for each other."


After all the parent talking, Ichigo toured Rukia at their enormous mansion.

"And this is my room." He said as they arrived at the end of the hallway. He opened the door for her and proceeded after her.

Rukia looked around his room which as big as hers. It wasn't all too dashing. It was simple yet you still can feel the elegance in it.

"This is so… cool." She said.

She suddenly noticed the balcony doors and nearly squealed. She loves balconies and all. She quickly ran to it and opened the doors. Cold night air rushed inside the room and to their bodies.

"Hey! Close that!" he ordered at her, ran to the balcony and closed the doors.

Rukia pouted at him and rushed to the bed in mock hurt to get him going. Ichigo has fallen on her false impression and before her goes far away, he grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him.

"What the hell?" he asked. Rukia just shook her head and turned away from the intense stare of his eyes.

"Speak." He demanded, loving the way she ignore his demands.

"How are you serious about me Ichigo?" she asked suddenly. Ichigo's eyes opened wide unexpectedly at her question.

"What do you mean?"

"Are you really serious about me Ichigo or are you just playing me around?"

Ichigo sighed. "Why do you want to know?"

"I'm just making sure I'm doing the right thing." She admitted shyly.

Ichigo tipped her chin up using his fingers and leaned in at her face, his lips near hers.

"I'm serious." He whispered huskily as his grip around her waist tightens.


"You are never this questionable." He noticed.

"Well, I am now." Rukia said smugly.

Ichigo sensed at the tone of her voice that she was still not convinced. He sighed again.

"Do you want me to prove how I'm so serious about you?" he asked her seductively, simply inviting her to do such reckless things.

"God's sakes, Ichigo." she whispered, as their lips were inches apart. "Your parents are here not to mention your sisters."

"Well, their rooms are one floor apart from mine." He said. "No one will know Rukia." He assured her. His voice was so sexy that she couldn't ignore the wetness in her underwear.

Ichigo slides his hand from her face, down to her slender neck, on her shoulders, her arms, and hands until it grasped her waist. His other hand was still around her waist.

"Damn it, Ichigo." that came out as a breathless sigh.

"I want you, Rukia." He said at her ear, once again and always did, sending shivers through her body.

Rukia swallowed and just nodded. She was so intoxicated by his scent and his presence. Seeing as it was a sign, he quickly lifted Rukia up and slammed her against his wall. It's too good that his door was locked.

Rukia moaned at pain and pleasure as he did that. She was the same face level as his and he didn't wasted any more time as he doves his mouth to hers and lunged his tongue at her mouth which she returned with the same gesture. Their mouths clashed and their tongues fought for dominance as Ichigo's sly hand slithered underneath her another tempting looking skirt. His hand slipped inside her panties without hesitation as their mouth were still attached to each other.

As soon as Rukia felt his fingers at her sensitive spot, she moaned aloud but was blocked by Ichigo's hot orifice. She continued moaning as his middle finger caressed at her opening as his other fingers are gently circling the sides.

Ichigo's mouth removed itself from hers and instinctively, Rukia arched her head backward revealing her willowy neck. His hit tongue burned a path to her neck and Rukia grabbed at the back of his neck. His hand is still doing miracles o her pussy and she couldn't help but moan out slightly.

"Ichi… go…" she breathed in deep pleasure as she pushed her hips against his hand.

Ichigo smirked. She's enjoying this, he mused. He can feel her already rushing juices as his fingers rubbed a little harder. She was so wet and it was tempting.

"Oh… god…" she muttered as she pulled at the hair on his nape and pulled his head upwards. Rukia's eyes were darkened with passion and wild lust, so was Ichigo. She effortlessly crashed her lips towards his again and they shared a heated kiss. He can fell his already growing tent and somehow he has to do it or else. Distracted by their kiss, Ichigo inserted his middle finger within her and Rukia released his mouth to let go of a very enticing moan. He pushed further as he saw Rukia banged her head against the wall.

"Deeper…" he demanded and he complied. He pushed a little further and Rukia bit her lip to avoid herself from screaming. He agonizingly pulled slowly out his finger from her and a little while, rubbed her clit. Then, he pushed against her hard once again and Rukia mewled softly.

"I…aah!" she screamed as he crazily tears open her shirt, roughly pulled her bra off her causing it to be ripped up and his hot mouth puckered around her nipple. "I… want… you…now…"

Ichigo managed to pull out words and said, "I'm not finished yet…"

"I said… oh!" she shouted. "…now… or else…"

"Hm… so impatient, Rukia-chan…" he muttered but finally he carried Rukia to the bed and dumps her down. Rukia takes off her panties and the rest of her clothes. She was naked before him. Ichigo fumbles at his garments when suddenly Rukia sat up and sighed.

Her hands slides at his button up shirt and removes it and Ichigo was just staring at her as she remove his clothes. As soon anything was removed, he positioned himself above her and his cock at her anticipating pussy.

"What are you doing?" Rukia asked. "Come on."

Ichigo smirked. "If you say so."

He entered. Rukia gasped at his sudden action.

"Goddamnit." She muttered, as she bucked her hips to his.

"You said so yourself." He grunted as pushed harder into her eliciting a hard moan from her. "You like that, Rukia-chan."

She bit her lip to stop herself from screaming. Feeling his length in her made her jelly inside. He pulled out of her slowly ad before Rukia can complain, he goes in again with a fast rate.

"Aaaah!" she screamed.

"So… noisy, Rukia…" he muttered as he keep pushing in and out of her, receiving moans and groans of satisfaction from her. "You don't want them to see us like this, ne?

Rukia laughed weakly, sweat running down her forehead. "I told you… earlier… right?" she groaned.

Ichigo kept pushing in and out of her as he felt himself on the brink. But not yet. Rukia has to be the one to cum. He slid a hand to her pussy and gently caressed her clit. Rukia licked her dry lips and she felt herself contracting. She was coming any minute now.


"Always, Rukia."

She clamped down on her shaft as Ichigo kissed her lips fully and she released, her scream running to Ichigo's mouth. He juices rushed to out from her tight hole, sliding down her thighs.

Within minutes, Ichigo couldn't hold himself any longer and all of a sudden he came.

After a few minutes, Ichigo was on top of Rukia breathing heavily, blankets covering their bodies.

"Hey." Ichigo said.

"Yes?" she asked as she held her hand up and stroked his cheek. "By the way, that was amazing…"

"Thanks…" he smiled. "Anyway does that answer you your question?"

"The what?"

"On how I am serious about you thing…"

Rukia smirked devilishly.


Ichigo's mouth gaped open. "What?"

"I said no. Give me more answer." She said seductively as she grasped his hardening length on her hands.

Ichigo smirked.


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