Title: The Ones Who Cried Love

Summary: A rich playboy. A wealthy artist. Two different people who have everything and can have everything. One thing that they don't have: Love.

Genre: T

Rating: General/ Romance


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Chapter Two

What is Love, anyway?

The Next Day…

"Who was he again?" Rukia asked for the tenth time that day.

Hinamori sighed. "How thick is that skull of yours, Rukia?"

Rukia just rolled her eyes. "Just tell me again who he is. It won't do anything bad for you."

"He is Kurosaki Ichigo." Hinamori said, finally gave in. "He is the son of Kurosaki Isshin, the owner of this school and other business enterprises here and in Tokyo. Now, do you understand?"

Rukia nodded. "He must be really rich then. He's so lucky."

"Like you the one to talk." Hinamori accused. "You're also part of the Kuchiki clan and you call them rich?"


"Oh god, Rukia." Hinamori gave up. "You are so slow. You are rich too, remember? Sister of the almighty Kuchiki Byakuya who owns the Kuchiki Group of Companies! Now you dare to call him lucky."

"I'm not lucky, Hinamori-chan." She mumbled. "I was… um…"

"Lucky." Hinamori continued for her. "You are rich and you know it. Yet, you waste your money to buy a new canvas or a new paintbrush. If I were I should buy a dozen mansions or even build myself a resort."

Rukia looked at her and spoke, "I don't want those. I don't want to spend my entire life spending money in nonsense things like those. If I build a dozen mansions, will I use it all? I rather stay at my house right now. If I build a resort, who in the hell will go there? The people who are underprivileged cannot afford to go there only rich people."

"I think you will much better do good in politics." Hinamori laughed and at the same time impressed on what she had said. "You will make a good senator or even a prime minister."

"Ha ha…" Rukia said sarcastically.

"Do you find him attractive?" Hinamori asked of nowhere.

"Who?" Rukia asked.

Hinamori gestured to her left and Rukia looked. She was pertaining to Kurosaki Ichigo. Right now he was surrounded by pretty girls, who the boys in the school adored but to Rukia, they are all a bunch of pansies.

"No." she said flatly.

Momo's eyes widened. "What?! I'll give my right arm in any costs just to be around him."

Rukia smirked. "It's not worth to lose a body part to someone you don't know. I thought he was a good guy when I bumped into him but looking at him right now makes me want to puke." She was talking about the girls around him. "Is he always like that? Surrounded by those girls?"

"Yeah." Hinamori replied taking a sip in her drink. "Those girls don't need shame when they go to him. It's all in the face. If you are good looking, you pass Kurosaki-sama's judgment and you are welcome to his league of cute girls."

"I don't know what they see in him." Rukia said.

"He's good looking and he definitely rules with the gorgeous body he has," Hinamori mused. "But when it comes to inner personality, no comment."


"With great power comes great responsibility." Hinamori said. "If you are a guy with breath taking looks like that, what will you do?"

"Um… I don't know…"

"Some people will automatically use it for the bad. Take him for example." She said while pointing at Ichigo. "I believe he dated many girls yet he didn't take them seriously. He always breaks their hearts. After that, he will go to another girl as if nothing happened and do the same routine again."

"Really?" Rukia asked with great interest.

"Yeah." Hinamori answered. "Anyways, I interviewed one girl who became his girlfriend. She said it was all worth it. She didn't mind getting hurt as long as she experienced having Ichigo as her boyfriend and being one of the popular girls in school. I have never heard such an amazing answer before."

"O-kay.." Rukia said, finally speechless. "You mean he's dating women for convenience?"

Hinamori nodded. "Unbelieveble, isn't it?

"No." Rukia said. "That's totally unfair for girls like us. Wait, did he love any of them?"

"I don't know." Hinamori said. "I think not. So now you know that even how good looking is your man, he is still not perfect. Rare men who are true to their colors these days are so hard to find."

"I don't care anyway." Rukia said. "I don't need a boyfriend to live."

"Don't say that." Hinamori said. "Don't you want someone who will love and cherish you forever?"

Rukia sighed. "That only happens in movies. Cherish you forever; giving you sweets and cute words while you loving him in return. In real life, you can have everything using only money. If you want a guy that will love you forever, pay someone with a good price. I'm sure he'll love you forever."

"You're wrong, Rukia." Hinamori disagreed. "I believe that true love isn't easy. You don't need money to get things especially love easily. You have to work hard for it."

"Tch." Rukia muttered. "People who are looking for love are all idiots. They get hurt and crying most of their hearts out. After that, they suicide and what did you get? Death. It's pointless to do such a thing. Loving someone…"

"You sound like you have been in love before." Hinamori said.

"No, I'm not." Rukia said, shaking her head. "If anyone who is listening to us right now, I think I'll be a great help to them. They will now realize that they don't need men to light up their lives."

Hinamori smiled. "You will eat your words, someday."

"Tell you what, Hinamori? No I won't." Rukia said proudly.

"If you did, you will be my slave for a week." Hinamori dared, smiling.

"Deal." Rukia said without hesitation. "Only if I did."


The bell rang finally, signaling them that lunch is over. Rukia and Hinamori stood up. Both of them took a glimpse of Ichigo going out of the cafeteria with a bunch of girls following behind him.

"What a bunch of morons…" Rukia thought, walking alongside Hinamori.

Then thoughts started to enter her head.

I don't believe what Hinamori said about love. You don't need love to live. All you need is yourself. You, you and you. Men are all bunch nuisance anyway. They will leave you after they got something they wanted in you. After that, it will have big effect in you and will surely lead to something you don't want to do.

That Kurosaki Ichigo. He's a shame to all men. I bet he is the father of all maniacs in this world. He thinks that women are all playthings to him. I absolutely loathe him for everything he did to girls that he had relationships with. I even thought he was good guy after I bumped into him!

Rukia sighed. "What a big stupid jerk…"

Eventually all those thoughts will change.

End of Chapter Two


What is love anyway? Seriously?

I don't know. I have fallen in love three times and did get hurt three times. I didn't get anything good when love. I only get are pain, regret, anger and other things that I don't want to feel.

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