Me: Chapter 2, Naja's tale

Me: Chapter 2, Naja's tale. I know some of you have anxiously waited for this moment. But, I'm going to torture for a wee bit long. That reminds me of the tartan terrors. England forever and Scotland for a wee bit longer. Lucky for I have English and Scottish blood in me. YAY! Anyway, I do not own storm hawks but you all know who I do own. Backyard junk, Saphire and Aria and Naja.

Piper: You're rambling.

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Naja stood on the dock with her luggage and watched the skies until she spotted the Condor. She saw Piper standing on the runway as it started to land on the dock. Naja Rand toward Piper and gave her a hug.

"PIPER! Omg! It's so good to see you again!" Naja exclaimed as she squealed.

"NAJA! It has been WAY too long." Piper exclaimed as Aerrow walked down the runway. Junko jumped down. " And your hair Reveals Aerrow's!" Piper and Naja started laughing.

"What about my Hair?" Aerrow asked as he walked over to them. " Dang, your hair is redder then mine and I thought that wasn't possible."

"Let's just Hope Finn doesn't think you got crystallized into a girl." Piper exclaimed laughing. Naja joined her.

"Eyes are the wrong color." Naja exclaimed as she picked up her backpack. Junko and Aerrow grabbed the suit cases and walked up the ramp that Stork let down as Finn's Voice came over the intercom.

"Can we please go now? The chicks From Tropica are waiting!" Finn's voice whined. Stork voice was heard in the background.

" That would be a fun Halloween idea." Naja exclaimed.

"We should totally do it." Piper exclaimed. The two girls walking up the ramp talking and gossiping.

"So how are you guys containing me on the full moon?" Naja asked.

"We asked Stork to make a special lock for your door and window. Your window is not able to be opened anyway but who ever said you might not break it." Piper exclaimed. Naja smiled.

"Is it done? The full moon is tomorrow." Naja exclaimed. Both girls stopped.

"Tomorrow?" Piper asked.

"Yep. How do you think I know. I have to keep tabs on the phases of the moon. And I recognize the signs brewing." Naja explained.

"What signs?" Piper asked.

"Well, the urge to seduce a boy into my bed. The surge is slight but tomorrow.. Once the sun starts to set, I better be locked up. Then, its an uncontainable urge. Why else would I throw out every thong and flirty ? When we are in a more private Area I'll tell you more. You might be able to use the info to get a cure." Naja exclaimed.

"We'll talk more when we get to your room. It's next to mine. I am going to take notes if that's okay." Piper exclaimed.

"Just make sure no male on the ship sees them." Naja exclaimed. Piper nodded as she opened the door next to her room. Naja's room. The walls were a light blue color and the floor was just metal. The bed was covered in blue sheets and a dresser was in the corner next to the closet. There was a desk with a laptop and shelves for her to put her books.

"Welcome to your room." Piper exclaimed.

"It's beautiful. I wouldn't mind some carpet covering the metal floor so my feet down get cold but whatever. It's room, a place to stay. Thanks Piper." Naja exclaimed. Piper walked into her room and picked up her note book and walked back into the room.

"While you unpack you can tell me about the crystal and what it does and I'll take notes so I can get started on a cure." Piper exclaimed, sitting in the chair by the desk. Naja closed and locked the door.

"Well, the first time it happened, I was at a club in a really revealing outfit just dancing when the sunset. At that point I had said the crystal did nothing but suddenly the sun was down, the moon up, and I was being a freaking hore. Denim mini skirt, thin tight black hilt top open back, lace bra, and lace thong. Not to mention Black strappy heels, spiked heels no less.

"And you know me, I am a girl who loves a hot guy who can dance. So, one guy starts flirting with me and next thing I know, I was freaking in a hotel room across town in bed with him, complete nak'ed. I wasn't even sure he wore a condom. I do know for a fact we did it. I fickin felt like it." Piper laughed.


"Yeah. It hurt like mother … never mind." Naja didn't finish that sentence." But anyway, IT seems to get worse every moon. The next moon when a boy was walking past my house, I stopped him and asked him if he would like some sweets. He looked at me and said sure. I take him into the house and into the kitchen I just stripped for him. We did it in there. The next moon I freakin' jumped on a guy." Naja exclaimed.

"How long has been going on now?" Piper asked.

"Four moons tomorrow." Piper exclaimed.

"Moons?" Piper asked.

"Yeah, There are thirteen moons in one year. Because of the crystal, technically, there in no such thing as a month. The full moon is like a second period. 25 periods. 1 for each month and one for each moon." Naja exclaimed. Piper looked at Naj for a moment.

"I think the moon is the key here. It is the activator and the sun is what turns it off. I'm going to go to my lab and see what I come up with. Feel free to join me." Piper exclaimed. Naja nodded before Piper walked out. Piper went to her lab and stared playing with her solairuis crystal and a few other crystals.

- - -X

Meanwhile with Naja, she was walking down the hallway when Finn ran up to her.

"Aerrow, where's the new… omg.. you've been turned into a girl!" Finn exclaimed. Naja laughed.

"Piper was right, you were gonna mistake me for Aerrow." Naja exclaimed laughing.


"I'm Naja, Piper's cousin." Naja exclaimed.

"Oh… You're pretty." Finn exclaimed.

"Thank you. Just a little advise, avoid me tomorrow and during the full moon. I get a little out of hand when it's the full moon." Naja exclaimed as she continued toward Piper's lab.

"What that supposed to mean?" Finn asked.

"You don't wanna know."


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