"So what's the news?" Naja asked as she walked into Piper's lab."Am I fucked?"

"Oh, I thought that already happened. "Piper answered. Naja chuckled. " I don't know yet, but I had a thought. Do you remember the old werewolf legends?"

"Sure, full moon turn into a man hungry wolf. Eats children and people." Naja rolled her eyes as she leaned against the wall, crossing her arms.

"Do know what a succubus is?"

"A Creature of sex. Some believe it's a demon. Feeds off sex and sexual energies." Naja answered. Then straightened. "What does this have to do with me?"

"There's an old legend, one you may or may not know, a werewolf, full moon, and a man eater. But not in the same sense as our modern day stories tell. Man eater or a Woman eater, and a lover unless spurned." Piper answered. Naja stared at her in confusion. "

"What?" Piper opened an old book next to her and scanned on of the pages before turning several pages and started to read.

"It is said that on an ancient and haunted terra, that is was once a pure and beautiful terra long before it was haunted. It is said that on this terra, two creatures came together. The Werewolf, and the Succubus. The Werewolf, is like any other creature, a creature with a carnal need, a need for sex, a need to reproduce. The Succubus enticed the werewolf, bringing it to her bed. It is there it is said, that she conceived a creature, werewolf with a strong desire for pleasure, that becomes unbearable during the time of the full moon. Naja, what if this is what is going on?" Piper asked. Naja laughed.

"Nah-uh!" Naja shook her head. "No way. Never had a problem before this damn crystal."

"But Naja, what if. What if it is? For all we know it's an amplifier crystal. It could amplify your condition." Piper countered, walking up to Naja. " What did the Crystal look like?"

"Purple. With red and Yellow swirls and this freaky red glow. It looked twisted. Like those twisted pretzels we loved to get at the Carnivals we went to as kids. Smaller though." Naja answered.

"Can you draw it?" Piper asked. Naja laughed hysterically.

"Do you remember how I used to draw as a kid? I haven't gotten any better. Trust me. I still do stick figures."Naja answered. Piper smiled sorrowfully.

"That could have helped us I.D. the crystal." Piper chuckled. " You never could draw. Remember the stick figure houses you used to draw. Houses on hills and basements deep into the hill and tunnels to get under the house."

"Oh my god, I found a binder full of those the other day. I cried when I saw it, along with all my other attempts to draw. It was so horrible." Naja cracked up. Piper giggled.

"I am so glad you are here." Piper exclaimed.

"I am too. And so are all the men in the atmos." Piper and Naja started laughing.

"Can you see the crystal?" Piper asked. Naja pulled her top down slightly, so Piper could see the strange dot or swirling color just between Naja's gracious mounds. Piper reached out and poked it finding it to be as hard a a crystal would be, instead of the soft, smooth skin Naja was gifted with. "is that?"

"The Crystal? Yes. I've tried to remove it. But to no avail." Naja answered. Letting her shirt go as Piper walked away to take notes in her note book.

"Interesting. Do you know how it reacts with other crystals?" Piper asked.

"Nope. " Naja answered. Piper nodded.

"Well, I guess we have a nice amount of tests to do to figure out what the crystal is." Piper answered. Naja smiled. " But I think we'll have to let them wait."


Later that night, Naja dreamed. Her dream a twisted nightmare. A nightmare of all the things swirling in her ran down this path trying to get away from something, passing all these things, swirling pictures that made we cry out. Werewolf and succubus having sex. Dark Ace and Cyclonis torturing her. The Crystal being shoved into her chest. The things she'd done during the full moon. The horrible things she could do during the full moon. Until Finally she bolted up right with a scream. Naja started sobbing as she took in her surroundings. She looked out her window to look at the almost full moon.

"I hate you Cyclonis. I will not let you destroy me…" She seethed, glaring out the window.


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