Disclaimer: I don't own Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go

Disclaimer: I don't own Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Mr. Nieli does (don't know his last name). Anyway, I read a fanfic on here that inspired me to do this. But, be aware that it is of my own original thoughts and plot development, not a copy of another's. Hope you enjoy and R&R!

Chapter 1: The game Begins

The sun was setting upon the city of Shuggazoom. People were preparing for the night: closing down shops and restaurants filling out their last orders for the day, citizens vacating the streets for their homes to enjoy some family time. Yes all was quiet and peaceful…

"I wanna be a rock star!"

… Well, almost quiet and peaceful.

"Otto, you've been singing the same song the whole time we've been out here!" Chiro stated to the green simian beside him, "Can't you choose another song to sing? Besides, everyone's going inside for the night so please sing quieter. "

As usual, the monkey team was patrolling the city for any strange and/or evil activity. Tonight, it was Antauri on the farthest side of town; with his new silver body, he could patrol any part of town quickly if he was on his own, just like he was now… again. Sprx and Nova were checking the center plaza; if you listened closely, you could always hear at least one echoing smack came from their general direction, an indication that Sprx had once again tried something on his yellow teammate or ticked her off somehow. Gibson was staying at the robot, scanning for activity that may be located outside Shuggazoom or off in space. This, of coarse, left Chiro and Otto paired up and patrolling the abandoned section of the city; condemned and solitary places like these could make good hideouts for someone with nasty plans.

Otto became bored after the first few minutes and thought singing would help. Unfortunately for Chiro's ears, it did.

"Hmmm, OK!" Otto cheered.

"'Cause every time we touch!-"

"Not that one either, PLEASE!"

"Awww." Chiro's little green friend whined. He liked that song; it was one of his favorites.

"Anyway," Chiro said, "I think we're done here, so we can call it a day and head back to the Super Robot."

"'Kay!" Otto yelled happily. Just as they were about to jet off, however, something caught their attention…

Drums.. They could hear drumming somewhere around the corner of the condemned building behind them.

"Hey, Chiro." Otto called his leader seriously while turning to look behind him.

"I know. I hear it too." The young boy responded, "Let's check it out."

They started walking towards the noise cautiously. Even stranger than hearing drums in the first place was the fact that the closer they got, the faster and louder the drumming resonated around the two of them. Otto and Chiro stuck to the corner wall, Otto's saws at the ready, and jumped around the corner to find… Nothing.

All drums halted, the ally way cleared of all signs of life.

"What?" Chiro asked, confused, "I'm pretty sure I just heard drums banging back here!"

"Yeah, I know," Otto contributed, retracting his weapons and joining the monkey team leader in his confusion, "I heard drums too but I don't see any—Hey! Lookie there!" He shouted, pointing at something underneath some stone rubble a few feet ahead of them. The green simian quickly made his way over to the strange object to pluck it from its resting place.

"Otto, be careful! For all we know it could be a trap." Chiro warned.

"Right." Growing serious once more, he carefully pulled the box from where it laid and backed up suddenly, just in case he triggered something. When nothing happened, Otto took his place next to Chiro's side and inspected what he found.

It was a strange wooden box that looked strangely like the back of an envelope, something akin to green flames decorating and lining the… flaps and around some weird orb-thingy placed at the top section. From the way the setting sun shined upon the semi-sphere, you could guess that there was plastic casing around it, possibly for protection. The left, right, and bottom sections of the box looked as if they could fold out into something, but Otto and Chiro weren't sure as to what that would be. Above the orb was a mysterious name made of the same material as the green flames on the box.

"Chiro? What's a 'Do…dung….guy'?" Otto asked, even more confused.

"Actually Otto, I think it reads 'DoJunegee'." The monkey team leader corrected, not too sure of his pronunciation either.

"Well, what's that?"

"I don't know." Chiro replied, "Let's take it back with us. Maybe it has some kind of sound device that caused all that drumming." Otto nodded and, with that, both activated their jet packs and made their way back to the Super Robot.

A/N: Well, there you go! The first chapter of my second fanfic with more chapters coming soon. Just to let you know, Chiro pronounced it correctly; the name does sound like do-June-gee. I might post a pic of what the game looks like on my deviantart account, but that depends on if I can get my lazy butt to do it, lol. Anyway, I'll try to update as soon as I can or as soon as I get the second chapter figured out.

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