this ain't my own, people. L. Frank Baum provided the plot and CLAMP created the characters. actually, it's based more on the movie and the stage production (of which i know every word) with some small allusions to the book

Princess Sakura of Clow Country was completely unprepared for the sandstorm as it hit the desert ruins where she was playing with her best friend, the small, white, talking dog that she called Mokona. The two took cover inside the gigantic stone wings as sand flew every which way, borne on wind so strong that it pulled the massive stone stucture that the friends were hiding in out of the ground and flung it into the two terrified soon-to-be travelers clung to each other as the mass of stone hurtled out of Clow and landed with a dull 'thud' in a magical land that was located a long way away from anywhere, over a rainbow and a desert.

A shaken-up Sakura and her friend, the equally stunned Mokona, staggered out of the stone structure that had just served as an unlikely vehicle, and into a beautiful, green country. Suddenly, bright, bubbley music came ringing out of nowhere. As our heroes looked wildley around for it's source, they noticed a large, shimmery bubble lazily descending until it popped in front of them to reveal a man with short, blond hair and glasses who, Mokona realized, looked very similar to the high priest of Clow Country. Sakura wondered who this person was, not recognizing him at all. He stepped toward them and bowed to Sakura. "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" he asked.

Sakura was a bit bemused by everything that had just happened. "I-I'm sorry." she stammered."I'm not a witch at all"

"Oh...well that a witch?"

"Moko-chan? Moko-chan is my dog." She picked up her tiny, talking terrier, who waved it's paw at the man, and said in a cute, high pitched voice, "Mokona wants to know why you asked if we were witches?"

The man's jaw dropped. Totaly and completely amazed, he said, "Your dog talks?!"

Sakura grinned. "You can understand him? Usually it's just me."

The man nodded. "In answer to your question, Mokona, the munchkins called me here saying that a new witch had just dropped a large pair of wings on the witch of the East. Here you are, those are the wings, and that arm is all that's left of the wicked witch of the East."

The two travelers turned and gasped as they glimpsed an arm under the gargantuan shaped stone that had carried them to this mysterious land. There was a slim silver chain around the unfortunate witch's wrist, from which danged a ruby red, feather shaped charm. But what really stood out were the witch's fingernails, black and white striped, with neon orange polkadots.

"So," the sandy-haired man continiued, "The munchkins want to know if you are a good witch or a bad witch."

"But I just told you, I'm not a witch at all." Sakura was confused so Mokona cut in. "What are munchkins?"

"They are the little people who live in this land" the strange man explained. "And you are their national heroine." He turned toward some large flowers on the edge of the clearing and called, "It's alright! You can all come out and thank her!" As the spectecald young man spoke, about twenty five white, rabbit-like animals came bounding out of the bushes on two legs. They were about half of Sakura's size, and seemed ecstatic. Two of the strange, cute creatures pushed their way through the crowd and stood in front of Sakura. One, wearing a red and gold hat, started to speak in a voice very much like Mokona's.

"As mayor of the munckin city, I welcome you regally into this fine land of TsubOza, and-"

"But wait!" the other one, wearing a purple hat, squoke, er... spoke. "We have to make sure that she really is dead."

A third bunny-like animal in a black hat made it's way to Sakura, Mokona, and the other two. "I've thoroughly examined the body, or what was left of it." he said in his high, squeaky voice, "How could anyone survive something like that dropping onto them? She is really, sincerly dead."

The other munchkins let out a clamorous cheer, that turned instantly into a piercing scream as a flash of fire revealed a frightening man with a split chin and a monocle.

"Where is my servant!" He hissed.

"I-I'm so s-sorry" Sakura stammerd. "The ruins dropped on her."

"You dropped those wings on my servant?" The scary man's voice wasn't a hiss anymore, instead it was more of a growl. "How could anyone be so... so... clumsy?"

"Look closer" The tall, blond man was starting to get impatient.


Wow, Sakura thought, He sounds annoyed.

"You recognize her, then."

"I have never seen anyone else paint their nails like that. Not only that, but she wears that ruby feather on her bracelet." There was a moment of awkward silence, then the frightening man with the frighteningly split chin did a frighteningly late double take. "The ruby feather! Little girl, you have helped me greatly. I shall use the ruby feather to make my power greater than ever! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! MWAHAHAHA-what?"

Sakura, Mokona, the sandy haired man, and all the munchkins stared at him. The tiny talking terrier that sat tight in Sakura's arms looked at the hand, then the scary man, back to the arm, and back to the scary man. The man looked down.

"NOOOOOOO! The ruby feather! What did you do with it?!" He approached the bespectecaled man menecingly.

The other man didn't flinch. "It's right here." he said idicating the surprised girl's wrist where the bracelet and feather did indeed hang. "And it won't come off unless the girl takes it off. Which of course," he looked at Sakura, "you know that you should never do." The girl nodded. "And now you," the tall man turned back to the scary one, "should get out of here before someone drops a gigantic stone structure on you."

The scary man growled, contemplating the options. He turned to Sakura. "Very well. I'll bide my time. But just wait, little girl. I'll have the ruby feather soon." He gave one final evil laugh and dissapeared in another flash of fire and smoke.

There was a pause where everyone absorbed what had just happened. Then the tall, sandy haired man turned to Sakura. "Well, unfortunatly, the Evil Western Warlock is out to get you. It would be best for you to get out of TsubOza altogether. And unfortunatly, the only one who can send you home is the great and powerful Good Witch of the Emerald City, also known as Spirit, in the county of Jade. It's a long way from here. Did you bring your broomstick?"

"N-no. Sorry" Sakura was still in shock after the unexpected unwraveling of uncanny events.

"Well then, you'll have to walk. Follow the Yellow Featherbrick Road. It will take you straight into the Emerald City. Safe journey." And with that, the bubbly,music burst from nowhere as the man drifted into the air, a shimmery bubble forming around him. The munchkins all crowded around Sakura to wave goodbye.

As the shimmering bubble and the bubbly music faded away, The munchkins swept Sakura towards a sparkling golden road paved with gold bricks that looked like-

"Feathers!" Mokona shouted gleefuly in his tiny voice. As the kindhearted munchkins pointed Sakura in the right direction, they sang a little song.

"Yoooou're off to see the Won-der-ful Witch of Tsu-bOz-a!"

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