Joel Robinson stared out the window of his parents' car and sighed. They were going on vacation…AGAIN!

"Joel, don't be upset, it's not were leaving you forever" said Mr. Robinson as he carefully tried to find the house where he was dropping his son off.

"Yeah, but…" the little boy started to say, but couldn't finish!

"Well, Mrs. Harrison is visiting her daughter at Saint Benedict's" said Mrs. Robinson trying to help her husband. Joel knew his parents were lying to him, Mrs. Harrison had visited her daughter the week before and had just gotten back, it's because he had made those robots, using junk from her house and his own. They were just piles of junk styled to look like humans in a way, but Joel Robinson loved his robots, but everyone else didn't!

"While you're at this woman's house, Joel" his father stated "you better not spend all your time with those piles of junk, you call your friends".

Joel hated it when his father said that!

"They are not just my friends, Daddy!" he said defensively cuddling, the little red one he called "Tommy", "I'm their Daddy, and I made 'em and love 'em!"

"JOEL!" snapped his mother angrily! "They are things, not people! You need to make friends with people!"

"Like who?"

"Well, the lady who will be looking after you, while were gone has a little boy, a few years older than you named Clayton."

When they arrived at the house where Joel would be staying, a young blond haired woman came out.

"Hello, we're the Robinsons and this is Joel," they said introducing themselves and their son to the girl. "We're looking Pearl Forrester, are you her daughter or niece?"

"What?" demanded the girl "I am Pearl Forrester!"

"Oh" said an embarrassed Mrs. Robinson blushing somewhat, "I'm so sorry!"

"Yeah, I'm used to it" Pearl said, taking Joel. "I just know your son; will have fun with Clayton and Frank!"

"Frank?" said Joel's father said puzzled.

"Oh, he's a kid, he's not mine, but he's always over here and never leaves" Pearl answered. "Also my boyfriend, works at a drive-in and he's always sending me those awful movies because he thinks Clay will like them, but my son never watches them, because he's waiting for a special friend to show them, too."

Joel didn't like the looks of what his parents were putting him into, but he knew if he screamed and complained they'd make him stay anyway.

"Can my robots come, too?" Joel asked as he waved good-bye to his folks

"Does he really need them" said Mr. Robinson as he and his wife got them along with their son's suitcase out of the car and drove off.