Woohoo! My first Spirited Away FF. I am so in love with that movie. This is also a rolelay intro post, so I'll decide whether to make my own story, or copy and paste my roleplay partner's posts. I'll let you know.


Full summary:

Ever since she got back from the mysterious Bath House Yubaaba rules, life had not been easy. Everyone in town thinks she's a weirdo because her parents and herself totally skipped the last three months. Disappeared, and came back not knowing. Her parents now needs to work extra hard to earn money, therefore never really paying attention to her. Chihiro's grades slipped, because she wonders from day to day, when Kohaku is coming back, and how. Without knowing it, Chihiro is going to turn fourteen. With a blink of an eye, five years have almost passed since she was ever in contact with anyone in the spirit word.

Then, on the eve of her fourteenth birthday, Chihiro lies on her bed, not able to sleep. There was a gentle breeze from her open window- Japan was always so hot in the summer. Her curtains floated gently up, the bells hanging from her window tops chimed, and the red hair band perched lightly on top of her bedside table gleamed. Chihiro knew that it was a presence of a spirit.


"Uh.. Uh."

Chihiro shot up, glancing at the window. A black masked figure appeared, his hand held up, towards her. "Uh, uh." He repeated, beckoning Chihiro towards the window.

(No Face)

Chihiro remembered the last time she had seen him with that gesture. He was offering a huge handful of gold. She had politely refused, telling him she was needed to be somewhere. Chihiro remembered the smiling mask turning into a frown..

"Uh..uh." He grunted, floating closer to Chihiro, who was sitting up, her eyes gleaming. A few more grunts, more gesturing, and she finally got it.

"Oh! You want me to come with you!" She said, surprised at how slow she was that night. Chihiro swung her legs to the edge of her bed, and pushed herself up. She hesitated when she was getting her shoes. What if this was a dream? Could a spirit really reach her this way?

No, she decided. Even if it was a dream, she does not ever want to wake up.

She grabbed her shoes, grabbed her red hair elastic, wore it like a bracelet, and ran to her window, where Kaonashi was floating off of. "Wait!" She whispered frantically, not wanting to wake her parents up. "I can't jump!"

Kaonashi looked back, his mask appears as if grinning. He held out his hand, and Chihiro took it. She had half-expected for her hand to go through his, but Kaonashi's hand was just as solid as hers.

He floated down from her apartment building with Chihiro helplessly clinging on to him. He then disappeared, making Chihiro panic. She held tighter on his hand, expecting it to, too, disappear. But his hand stayed solid, though completely see through. As long as his hand is there, Chihiro knew that she would not wake up. Suddenly, with a jerk of Kaonashi's hand, they were both flying.

Chihiro's now almost waist-length chestnut hair flew back. She usually wore her hair in a high pony tail, but had no time to do so tonight. She shivered through her faded pink pajama set- not by coldness, but by anticipation. She is finally returning to the Spirit World! Right..? Why else would Kaonashi be there? Chihiro watched as the city flew past her, and wondered why Kaonashi was there. Had Zeniba sent him? If so, then why? And for the millionth time, where was Kohaku? Why didn't he come for her? Without knowing it, Kaonashi stopped, and they arrived at the bridge. The moon was high up in the sky- she could tell it was almost midnight. She watched, amazed just like the nine-year old Chihiro was, as the spirits one by one exited the boat, and stepped on the bridge towards the Bath House.

Kaonashi appeared again, and walked on the bridge. Chihiro knew what to do. She took a big breath, and followed Kaonashi. This time, there were no surprises. She was able to cross the bridge without breathing in, or out. Proud of herself, she followed Kaonashi around the Bath House.

Why were they going this way? Couldn't she just go through the boiler's room just like she did last time? Then she could see Kamaji, and Rin! But instead of protesting, she quietly followed Kaonashi until he stopped moving. He looked up, and Chihiro followed his actions. With a gasp, she saw Yubaaba flying with her bird, and lowering towards them. "Kaonashi!" She gasped, "Get out of here!"

She grabbed for his hand again, but her hand instead went right through him. With a bow, he disappeared. Chihiro lunged at him, but got the air instead. She tumbled down onto the grass, and lied face down, hoping Yubaaba didn't see her. She then heard a quiet chuckle.

"Chihiro, my dear. Do not fret. It's me. Zeniba." A quiet grandmother-like voice spoke. Chihiro

felt her heart lift as she sat back up.

"G-Granny?" She whispered, uncertain. She was Yubaaba's look-a-like nod, and smile gently. A smile of her own came, and she threw herself at Zeniba. After hugging for a long time, Zeniba held her back, looking at her.

"Granny! Oh, I missed you so much!" She gushed. She could not remember being this happy.

"My, my, Chihiro. You're a real young lady now.." She said, looking at Chihiro with the sparkle in her eyes. Chihiro felt herself blushing. Yes, she had shot up since she was twelve, and was now 5"6'. Her hair was much longer, straight at the top, but ending with a little wave at the bottom. Her chest grew into a size B, and she had curves. "Look at you.." Zeniba looked like she was going to say something else, but decided against it. With a glint of something in her eyes, she spoke again. "Let's get you inside. And out of these ridiculous child-ish clothes!"

"What's wrong with my pajamas? I like them.." She defended, following her Granny's long strides. She kept up with Zeniba, jogging slightly. "Where are we going? Is Rin still here? How are the others..? Is.. Is Kohaku still here?" She couldn't help but to ask the last question. She knew that she should be just as happy to see everyone else, but she also knew that she wanted to see Kohaku the most. It seemed like Zeniba knew it, too.

"Right after you left, Yubaaba decided to leave the Bath House to raise her baby, Boh. That left Kohaku in charge of the Bath House. He was so desperate to see you again, Chihiro, he even offered his position to Rin! But no one took it. He was bound with magic at ruler of the Bath House. Until he appoints it to someone else, he can't leave."

Chihiro didn't know what to say. She was happy, because she knew that Kohaku haven't given up on her. But she was also sad, because until Kohaku finds someone willing to take the job, he'll be stuck here to eternity. "Where is Kohaku?"

"Probably in his office." Zeniba said, walking towards the front entrance of the Bath House.

"Why are you here? No to be rude, or anything.."

"I am sort of Kohaku's assistant. What he was to Yubaaba before she left."

"Why can't you take over the Bath House?"

"I simply can't. Yubaaba's enchantments. She hates me so, and even with her gone, she would know who is next. She'll come back to fight me for sure. She only made peace if I lived far away.."

They were inside the Bath House now. Everyone seemed busy, not realizing Chihiro's back. No

one even glanced at her way. It seemed like everyone had a costumer to take care of.

"Wow. You guys are really busy.." Chihiro commented.

"Yes. Another reason why Kohaku can't just appoint some random person." Zeniba said, stopping in front of the elevators. They waited for a while, then the elevator came to their floor, and people flooded out. Chihiro's heart missed a beat as she saw Rin. Luck was on her side- Rin did not have a costumer.

"Rin!" Chihiro called, waving her arms. Rin looked over, confused at first. Then her eyes widened, and yelled back, "Oh my gosh! Sen?"

It seemed that time suddenly froze. As soon as Rin yelled out Chihiro's work name, everyone turned at her. Suddenly, everyone was yelling out her name, asking if she was here to work again. Zeniba helped her escape by dragging her into the elevators. With their costumers, Chihiro's former work-mates could not follow her. But Rin could.

"Sen! I can't believe it!" Rin gushed as Zeniba pulled the lever, and the elevator doors closed.

"Wow. Who knew I was so popular?" Chihiro gasped, recovering from her moment of shock.

Rin gave her an apologetic smile. "Sorry. But you know, after your little stunt with the River God, you earned Yubaaba the most money she had ever received from one guest! Of course you're popular. You were also the first one to break Yubaaba's contract!"

"Wow.." Chihiro breathed, smiling.

"Gee, Sen. Look at you, all grown up. You have boobs!" Rin said jokingly. She laughed as Chihiro heat up. "Kohaku's going to be pleased."

"Umm, uh, why didn't you age, Rin?" Chihiro asked, trying to avoid the conversation being embarrassing.

Rin rolled her eyes. "As 'living' spirits, we age three times as slow as you humans. As long as you're in Spirit grounds, you age one year ever three human years. So it's like you have left for two and a half, not five, years. I just turned seventeen. And Kohaku is turning sixteen soon." Her tone of voice became teasing a gain. Chihiro's face heat up again.

"Jeez, Rin. My world does not revolve around Kohaku.." She said, avoiding Rin's eyes.

Rin scoffed. "Yeah. Whatever."

The elevator dinged again, and Rin pushed her out of it. "Say hi to him for me!" Rin waved, and Zeniba smiled encouragingly. Chihiro gulped, and turned around to knock on what used to be Yubaaba's office door.