I've noticed a lot of people thought Kohaku's very OOC in my story. I do realize that I made him more outgoing than he really is in the movie, but I guess that's just how it's going to go. It is a fan fiction, after all. It wouldn't be so if all the characters were IC.

But you know what, the reason Kohaku's more open in my story is going to be in the next chapter.

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Chihiro was giggling by no time. Kohaku was just amazing! He made Chihiro laugh so hard, she almost peed. Of course, there were their intimate, heart-pounding, pulse-stopping kisses here and there. And Chihiro's already lost count on how many times she's been lost in his eyes. How many times no matter what, her eyes just cannot tear itselves away from his. How many times she could just melt...

It seemed like just ten minutes has passed when Kohaku was buying tickets already. There was this one movie, about a girl who moves to a new city. It seemed like a cheesy movie to Chihiro, but she wouldn't be paying much attention to the screen, anyway. Kohaku was much, much more exciting to watch.

Protesting, Chihiro walked along with Kohaku to buy popcorn. They just had an amazing lunch, she can't possibly stuff any more food in her mouth, and it'll all go to waste.

"But, Hiro, I thought popcorn and pop was essential for any theatre movie?" Kohaku said, frowning, waiting for the line to clear.

"Um, no. I don't think it's essential. I go to movies with my parents all the time without popcorn." Chihiro argued.

"Regardless. Popcorn and soda. I'm curious to taste it. They said popcorn is oily, but it seems kind of nice." He said, thoughtful.

"Fine. But don't expect me to eat a lot." Chihiro mumbled, lost.

Kohaku smiled, and kissed Chihiro on the forehead.

The cashier was a girl, older than her by possibly five years. But nevertheless, she was flirting excessively. Chihiro fumed as the girl smiled, and tilted her head to the side, asking what Kohaku wanted. Yes, Kohaku was a really, really hot guy. But he was Chihiro's really, really hot guy, the jealousy burned her throat so much, it startled her. It surprised her how much this bothered her. She knew that Kohaku was not her property, but Chihiro wanted him to be. Hers, and hers only.

She was still pouting, eyebrows furrowed, when they left the stand for the theatre. Kohaku laughed quietly to himself. Her frown got deeper.

"What?" She snapped, once they found themselves a seat.

"Nothing," Kohaku teased, grinning. "I'm sorry, Hiro. I never thought you're a jealous person."

"Is it that obvious?" She grumbled, folding her arms.

"Jealousy is practically leaking from you, Hiro. I can see the steam coming from your ears."

Chihiro huffed.

"Oh, Hiro. Can you not? You know that she is so unimportant compared to you? That she is not, and never will be, one hundredth as beautiful, as sweet, and as perfect as you? Chihiro, you are my one, and only love. Do not be mad, please. You are the only one for me."

Kohaku's words were just so soft, but so strong, Chihiro's heart got stuck to her throat. She swallowed painfully, then attacked his lips.

Kohaku responded with as much enthusiasm. It was a close-mouthed kiss, but it contained as much passion as anything.

Luck was on her side today- the lights dimmed at that moment, and a rather loud trailer came on.

She can't remember, but Chihiro was pretty sure that there weren't that many people in the theatre. That was good, because Kohaku suddenly decided to roam his hands up her waist. They stopped at the sides of her breasts, and Chihiro let out a big moan against Kohaku's lips.

They stopped kissing for a moment, catching their breaths. Chihiro wrapped her arms around Kohaku's neck, and secured them tightly. Kohaku smiled gently, taking her lips again.

Kohaku's tongue pried Chihiro's lips open, and started flickering in her mouth. He messaged her lower back, sending shivers, and sparks, up and down her spine. Her right leg twitched.

Breaking free of her own hold on Kohaku, Chihiro let her hands explore Kohaku's upper body. She didn't know if it was a dragon thing, or it's just him, but Kohaku's chest that unbelievably well toned. She could feel the muscles through the thin fabric of his shirt. Her hands found his abs, and traced the muscles with her fingers delicately.

Kohaku groaned at her touch. He broke the furious kiss, and whispered huskily at her ear, "Oh, Hiro. You have no idea what you're doing to me."

As he said it, his fingers brushed Chihiro's breasts. It was amazing how that little pressure can make her feel so fired up.

"Oh, I think I can imagine." Chihiro whispered back. She didn't think he could hear her- the movie trailer was really quite loud. But Kohaku seemed to understand what she said. He smiled wickedly at her, biting her earlobe. It was gentle, but it made Chihiro gasp out loud. She moaned again, this time right at Kohaku's ear. Hearing Kohaku's quite heavy breathing hitch just did it- Chihiro snaked her arms around his neck, and kissed him furiously. She was surprised no one has shushed them yet.

Somehow, Chihiro moved herself on top of Kohaku. Straddling him, she continued to feel the rock hard muscles. She noticed that Kohaku had really nice pecs.. Could this guy be more amazing?

Another trailer came up, and it must have been funny, because the few people around them started to laugh. The laugher brought Chihiro back to earth, and as soon as she realized the position she was in, she blushed furiously. Kohaku chuckled, moving her back to her seat.

Chihiro pouted playfully. She the flickering lights from the big movie screen aluminate Kohaku's face. He had an expression Chihiro couldn't really read. It was half disappointed, but half amused. She leaned in to kiss him again, but he pushed her away.

"Not now, Hiro." He sounded like he was talking to himself more than her. Chihiro could fully relate. But, in the end, with a lot of self-control, they managed to sit through the whole movie without touching each other again. Chihiro was afraid even if she holds his hand she will loose the control. She ate popcorn to keep her mouth distracted.

As soon as the movie was over, Chihiro, who had no idea what the movie was about because she was so distracted, shot up, and grabbed Kohaku's hand. The moment was gone- she didn't think it would come up again, but she wanted to get away from a public place as soon as possible. Kohaku gladly followed her out. They ran, laughing, to the trees where Kohaku was transform again.

"Kohaku," Chihiro said, looking at him before he transformed. "Can we go back to the beach?"

"Anything for you, sweet Hiro." He said, smiling. Chihiro can see the shine in his eyes.

He transformed, and she hopped on. His scales were as smooth as ever, yet she held on to him with no difficulty. It was probably 2 or 3 o-clock now- Chihiro didn't keep a watch with her. She was glad she had another few hours left with Kohaku. Maybe they can go have dinner..

Before she knew it, Kohaku was gliding down. They spiraled faster and faster down to the earth. This time, Chihiro was prepared. She crouched down lower onto Kohaku's body, and this time, she actually enjoyed the rush as they shot back up at the very last second. She couldn't help but to laugh carefreely. If only time can pause. She wanted to stay frozen like this forever.

Once Kohaku transformed back, Chihiro pulled him down so he lied straight on his back. Her rested her head on his chest, and curled to his side. Kohaku smiled, and started to play with a strand of her hair. She sighed, content.

"Look," Kohaku said suddenly, after ten minutes or so relaxing in the silence. " A bird. A big bird, wow."

Chihiro sat up, and Kohaku did the same. There was a crane on the east side of them, fishing. It caught one, and flew away, its powerful wings beating to get it in the air.

"Cranes are beautiful." whispered Chihiro, smiling.

"I can think of someone else who's even more beautiful." said Kohaku playfully, turning me around.

"Oh, really?" a smile crept on her lips.

Kohaku captured them, and Chihiro's lips moved with his once again. It was a sweet kiss, until Kohaku deepened it. The feeling came back. A flame ignited in Chihiro's lower stomach. She moaned as Kohaku's hands held her waist again. She held on to his neck, bringing him closer, if possible. She broke free, desperately in need of oxygen, but Kohaku's lips never left her. It traveled down, sucking at her earlobes, then neck. With his teeth, Kohaku pried down the collar of Chihiro's shirt, and sucked at a spot dangerously close to her breasts.

Letting out a loud and wild moan, Chihiro threw her head back. She straddled Kohaku again, and she attacked his neck. She nipped and sucked down, until she was at the collar of his shirt. Her fingers were playing with the bottom of his shirt, and it came up, roaming on his perfect abs. They felt even more amazing without the restriction of the layer of clothing. Growling playfully, she brought the bottom of his shirt up, and took it off.

Kohaku let her, his hands leaving her waist, and the small of her back, briefly. Chihiro stopped for a second, and looked at Kohaku. His face, his lips, his chest, oh, those abs!

"Enjoying the view?" asked Kohaku in is husky voice. Chihiro took a shaking breath.

"Oh yeah."

Chihiro lowered to kiss him again, with passion she never knew she had. Her hands never left Kohaku's gorgeous body. He flipped her over, and boldly started to fond with her breasts.

Arching her back, Chihiro moaned out his name. It was more like a scream. She was sure no one could hear them, so she made no effort to keep quiet as she did in the movie theatre.

Then, suddenly, Kohaku let go of her, sat up, and rolled over so that he was no longer on top of Chihiro. Chihiro sat up as well, and peered at him in confusion.

"What happened?" she asked timidly. Kohaku's hair was a mess- she was sure hers was too.

"I can't." Kohaku replied in a strangled voice.

"Why not?"

"Because. If I go any further.. I'd loose all my control.. I can't-"

Chihiro didn't let him finish. "Why not?" She repeated, this time in a demanding tone.

Kohaku turned to look at Chihiro with his fierce eyes. "You're too young."

Chihiro's heart dropped. Her face gave away her feelings. Rejection burned. "Oh.." She said in a small voice, looking down. What is this feeling?

"N-No!" Kohaku said quickly, waving his hands. "I'm not saying no! I'm just saying.. not now."

"Oh." Chihiro looked up. There was hope, then. It was small, but it was something. "I understand. I am only fourteen." She shrugged, trying to convince herself it was no big deal. She wasn't planning on loosing her virginity at the age of fourteen, anyway. But she couldn't stop feeling.. awful. She could not put her finger on this feeling- much like everything else about this relationship, Chihiro didn't know what was going on.

"I'm sorry, but-" Kohaku started. Chihiro placed a small kiss on his lips before he could finish.

"No, I understand." She smiled. She did, really.


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