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Chapter 2

Three days prior

"Well class it seems that Ms. Higarashi has fallen ill yet again and will not be joining us today." Mr. Takanaka says to the class as he starts his day.

Kagome's friends Ayumi Yuka and Eri are sitting in the middle row of the class room when they here this and start passing notes about it.

I wonder what's wrong with Kagome this time. Yuka passes to Eri.

I don't know but I hope it's not as bad as the congested ring worm she had last week. Eri passes back.

I hope Kagome gets better soon we have a test at the end of the week. Ayumi writes to both.

Arrgh don't remind us! Eri and Yuka reply back.

Knock, Knock, Knock…

There was a soft knock on the door to the class room and a boy that nobody has seen before enters the class room and hands the teacher a note.

The boy was around fifteen or sixteen with black shoulder length hair, and greenish blue eyes. He was about five and a half feet tall, athletic build, wearing the schools uniform except with sneakers instead of dress shoes.

"Gomen (sorry) I'm late teach, I got a little lost finding the room." the boy says running his hand through his hair.

The teacher looks at the note that was handed to him and tells the class "Well class it seems we have a new student with us today his name is Yashi Taishio. Well Yashi before we seat you, why not tell us a little about yourself.

OMG he is such a hottie! Ayumi passes to Yuka.

Yashi steps in front of the classroom and says "hmmm what is there to tell. Of course you know my name is Yashi Taishio. I was born in Kyoto sixteen years ago, and when I was five I moved to the United States because my dad had a job offer there. Then at ten we moved back to Kyoto when he got another promotion. Now I live here in Tokyo. I like baseball and soccer and I'm fairly skilled with a sword and the martial arts and also I absolutely love ramen can't get enough of it!" (A/n who does that remind you of)

"Very well Yashi," the teacher says, "since we don't have a seat prepared for you, you can sit where kagome usually sits." And Ayumi got excited because that was right next to her.

Yashi sits down where he is told to and begins taking notes while Yuka and Eri both passed Ayumi a note saying the same thing Please switch seats with me and she replies no chance and they both shrug their shoulders and go back to taking notes.

At the end of class the right before the bell rings, Yashi turns to Ayumi and asks her "hey umm Ayumi right? Can you help me and please tell where my next class is?" and he hands her his class schedule.

"Umm sure, why not?" Ayumi says as she takes his schedule and studies it.

"Hey you've got the same schedule as me so I can just show you where to go!" Ayumi says sounding a little over exited.

"Sweet lets go." Yashi says as he walks to the door and ayumi just sits there admiring the view from the back. "Well are you coming"

"Sure give me a second." Ayumi says as she walks towards him to show him the way to the next class.

The day went on with Ayumi showing Yashi to every one of his classes, and helping him out on the courses that he was behind in with his old school. At lunch ayumi invited him to sit with her friends, and as they ate Hojo came up to them to ask about Kagome.

"Is Kagome sick from school again?" Hojo asks looking as clueless as ever.

"Yea I really hope she gets better soon." Yuka replies.

"Oh well when you see her can you give her these for me?" Hojo says as he hands them a bag of acupuncture needles, incense, and a book on how to use them. "I hear that those work really well on most illnesses."

"Umm sure Hojo we'll do that" Yuka says as an anime style sweat drop formed on her forehead.

"Arigato and good luck on your test this Friday" Hojo says as he walks back to his table

"Is that guy always like this" Yashi asks between mouthfuls of fried rice

"yea he is always trying to get Kagome to go out with him" Eri tells him still dumb founded at having one of the hottest guys in school sitting at their table much less talking to them

"But she doesn't seem to be that interested since she stood him up twice, and she already has a boy friend, that is a two timing jerk." Yuka says emphasizing on the last part

"Is he really that bad" Yashi asks

"Judging by the way kagome talks about him. Yes, but she always seems to defend him in the end." Ayumi says after taking a drink from her thermos

"Hmm sounds to me like she loves him," Yashi comments, "and maybe this other girl is a bad influence on him. But who knows? I'm just speculating."

Every one nod their heads in agreement and Yuka says "sounds like you're talking from experience."

"Well not personal experience, but I've seen it so many times where one person goes out with another, who had their heart broken by someone, and will always go back to that someone completely clueless to how much it hurts that one person" A/n how many of you know somebody like that.

Just as Yashi finished telling the girls about his experience the bell rang signifying the end of lunch, and Yuka and Eri got up and walked out to go to their next class, but when Ayumi got up to follow suit Yashi stopped her and said "Ayumi there's this new club for kids like us opening up down town this Friday and there sort of having a costume party to celebrate and I was wondering if you would like to go with me."

Oh my god did he just ask me out Ayumi thinks not realizing that she is taking so long to answer

Yashi noticing the silence says "but it's ok if you don't want to. I mean…

"YES" Ayumi yells "I mean yes"

"Really!" Yashi says excitedly

"Yes really" then Ayumi gets an idea "but would you mind that if Kagome gets better by that time we bring her along"

"Hmm why not and she can bring her boyfriend with her as well like a double date. Plus I would really like to meet this guy.

After that the new couple walked to class where Ayumi excitedly tells her friends of the arrangement and how they plan to somehow drag Kagome into it.

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