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Mary looked down from her seat in heaven her tears falling gently down her cheeks here wonderful baby boy her Dean had sold his soul for his brother he would never be able to come home to her.

Carry on my wayward son

There'll be peace when you are done

Lay your weary head to rest

Don't you cry no more...

Mary thought to all the times she watched her boy no her soldier that was what he was a silent soldier, a wayward son fighting a war that not many men dare to fight and he had started fighting at the mere age of four, while looking after his brother. Mary's heart broke again at the missed turning points in her son's life he would never play pee wee football like planed he would never get to have that best friend that both her and John had the one to run too when family was too much.

Once I rose above the noise and confusion

Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion

I was soaring ever higher

But I flew too high

Through my eyes I could see I was still a blind man

Though my mind could think I was still a mad man

I hear the voice when I'm dreaming

I hear them say...

Mary thought of the many people that broke her tin soldier before he could ever guard against it, the worst was his own family John and Sammy how could they do that Dean was the glue that held that family together but what they never saw was how nothing but sheer will and loyalty held Dean together. Then there was the times he got a taste of 'normal' life and how it always bit him back so hard that he almost shattered into millions of pieces.

Carry on my wayward son

There'll be peace when you are done

Lay your weary head to rest

Don't you cry no more...

Mary watched him put his mega watt smile on and his cocky heir hoping that someday someone would see through it. His brother has started but even then he will never see what is truly under that steel reinforced concrete walls that Dean has up. Dean was always her favorite even from here he never hid behind revenge he held his shield out there daring the evil to come get him he was a true soldier.

Masquerading as a man with reason

My charade is the event of the season

And if I clam to be a wise man, well

It surely mean I don't know

On the stormy sea of moving emotion

I toss about I'm like a ship on the ocean

I set a course for winds of fortune

But hear voices say...

Mary again looked to Dean wondering how he pulled it off being able to seem so calm when his own emotion lay bubbling under the surface. Dean seemed to roll with it changing everything positive again her heart weeped for every bit of innocence that was freely given from her eldest to her youngest. Dean put his own dreams and life behind the needs of his brother and father he wanted no more then to protect and make there life better.

Carry on my wayward son

There'll be peace when you are done

Lay your weary head to rest

Don't you cry no more


Mary weeped openly her boy would never be able to travel with the rest now his soul was up for grabs and any Demon would want Dean's soul he was far the most desirable soul. He was pure and selfless as one could get he might not have lived by the normal rules of what is proper but when his soul was sold to the others heaven openly weeped for there soldier.

Carry on, you will always remember

Carry on, nothing equals the splendor

The center lights around your vanity

But surely heaven awaits you

Carry on my wayward

There will be peace when you are done

Lay your weary head to rest

Don't you cry (Don't you cry no more)

Mary's tear's began to spill down to earth as she wanted him to remember that he is and will always be loved and there is no more splendor then watching him grown into the man soldier he has become and that heaven will always welcome him he is her wayward son and one day but not for years will his travels lead him home to her welcoming embrace. For Dean Winchester is her wayward son and she and all of heaven will wait for his return.

Dean looked up from the hood of his Impala as the song came to an end and smiled as the warm rain hit his face. "I love you too mom."