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Happy Birthday Kagome

By: Moonlight Shadow Huntress

Chapter 1 – Presents, Cake &… Sesshomaru?

~The Present- Higurashi Shrine~

Kagome Higurashi squinted her eyes as bright sunlight streamed into her bedroom. It was a beautiful Friday morning, the day she turned sixteen. She quickly got out of bed, showered, brushed her teeth and slipped into her school uniform then hurried downstairs. She'd returned to her time for a few days because she'd felt homesick. But now it was time to get back to the Feudal Era and help Inuyasha find the rest of the jewel shards.

"Good morning Kagome, happy birthday!" said her mother, little brother and grandfather in unison.

"Morning, thanks guys" she said checking to make sure she had everything she needed. After giving her her birthday presents: a homemade sweater from her mom, a family drawing from Sota and some protective sutras from her grandfather; she prepared to go back to the feudal era.

"Kagome you forgot the lunch I packed for you!" her mom called.

"I always seem to" she said with a small smile as she accepted the bento box her mom held out to her.

"I also packed a piece of your vanilla ice cream cake for each of your friends."

"Thanks mom!" Kagome called as she made her way to the magical well within her family shrine, confident that her family would make up a plausible excuse for her absence at school that day. Her family was the only ones who knew of her trips back in time. Kagome jumped down the well, was surrounded by bright blue light and soon found herself back in the feudal era in Inuyasha's forest.

~Inuyasha's Forest~

Inuyasha and the gang stood by the bone eater's well waiting for Kagome. Shippo, the young fox demon was the first to see her and ran and hugged her.

"Happy birthday Kagome!" he said handing her a bouquet of sweet smelling flowers.

"Thank you Shippo" Kagome said smiling.

"Feh what's so special about a birthday? Come on let's look for more jewel shards" said Inuyasha.

"You're just jealous because you've never had one" said Miroku.

"Yeah lighten up and let's take the day off Inuyasha" Sango suggested.

"Oh alright" he said after a moment. They all then sat down, eager to see what treats Kagome had brought for them from the future.

After eating individual bowls of instant noodles, Kagome passed her friends their pieces of cake.

"What is this stuff?" asked Inuyasha and Shippo in unison, their eyes going wide after taking a bite.

"Its vanilla ice cream cake" Kagome giggled. Suddenly a mini tornado manifested and moved toward them. When it dissipated Koga of the wolf demon tribe stood before them.

"What do you want ya mangy wolf?" Inuyasha growled.

"The demon slayer and monk said I should come, they said it was Kagome's birthday. Happy birthday Kagome" Koga said taking her hands in his and giving her a charming smile.

"Hello Koga" Kagome said blushing slightly.

"Lay off wolf! Hey Sango, Miroku what's he talking about?" Inuyasha roared pulling Kagome behind him. Everyone looked to the monk and demon slayer, waiting in silence. Sango cleared her throat. "Well… Kagome it's time for you to choose who you really want to be with" she answered.


"Where are we going lord Sesshomaru?" Jaken the toad asked as he, Rin the little orphan girl and the dragon Ah-Un continued to follow the demon lord of the west.

"Inuyasha is nearby" Sesshomaru said coolly. These three words were all Jaken needed to guess his lord's intentions: he was once again going to try to take the Tetsusaiga away from Inuyasha. Sesshomaru could feel his sword Tenseiga pulsing at his side. It only did this when he was reviving a dead soul or the Tetsusaiga was nearby. He anticipated the battle to come; he'd been training hard with his other sword Tokijin and was persistent in pursuit of the sword that rightfully should have been his. Tetsusaiga will one day be mine, no matter how much I have to battle Inuyasha he thought with a small smile.

Kagome looked at Sango in shocked silence, her mouth agape. "What are you talking about? I'm not in love with anyone!" she protested.

"We've seen how you look at Inuyasha and even Koga for that matter" Miroku said with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

"Just think of this as one of your favorite dating game shows Kagome" Sango suggested. Kagome turned her back to them all, saying nothing. She knew in her heart who she truly wanted to be with but she couldn't tell them, what would they all think if they knew?

"It's that boy from your school isn't it"? Inuyasha growled.

"I don't see why you should care, everyone knows you love Kikyo!" she retorted. This comment shut him up for oh… five seconds before he began grousing again. Kagome shut out Inuyasha's grousing and turned to Koga who stood silently with his arms crossed watching with a smirk as Inuyasha raged on. Kagome felt a pang in her heart as she made her way over to Koga. He'd been nothing but courteous to her. "I'm sorry Koga, I don't know what's gotten into Sango and Miroku today, but I hope we can still be friends" she sighed. Koga said nothing, only took her hand and kissed it. Inuyasha saw this and was about to react when a barrage of blue lightning which was known as 'DRAGON STRIKE' hit him sending him flying.

"D…D… Damn you Sesshomaru" he said rising slowly to his feet.

"Hello to you too little brother, give me Tetsusaiga and perhaps I shall be generous and let you continue your miserable existence" he said in a bored tone.

"Come and take it, stay back you guys I'll handle this" Inuyasha said as he unsheathed Tetsusaiga. Kagome and the others obeyed his command, watching silently as the fighting began. Koga didn't care who won, he just wanted to keep Kagome safe.

The brothers clashed in a test of strength, sparks flew and their swords heated from the friction of the prolonged clash. This went on for what seemed an eternity until finally Inuyasha jumped away and shouted "WIND SCAR!" Streaks of light shot from the Tetsusaiga and headed toward Sesshomaru when the sword hit the ground. But Sesshomaru dodged the attack with blurring speed and jumped into the air, stinging Koga in the face with his 'WHIP OF LIGHT' and landing right next to Kagome. Sesshomaru grabbed a struggling Kagome with his one good arm and pulled her back against his chest, placing Tokijin against her throat which stopped her struggles. "KAGOME!" everyone yelled in dismay.

"If you hurt her Sesshomaru…" Inuyasha threatened.

"Do you have feelings for her? I think she suits you little brother. Perhaps we can come to an agreement: when you come to your senses and give me Tetsusaiga, then I shall return your human miko. Jaken Rin, we're going" he said as the little girl and toad popped up from behind some nearby bushes. Sesshomaru then rose into the air with Kagome still held tightly against him, his dragon Ah-Un floating beside him with Jaken and Rin in the chariot. Inuyasha and the others ran after him but it was hopeless. Sesshomaru watched with a triumphant smile, knowing full well her friends would do nothing for fear of her safety.

~Naraku's Castle~

Meanwhile Naraku watched the unfolding events from within Kanna's mirror in his castle. Now that she is separated from Inuyasha and the others perhaps it's time I pay her a visit and get the other half of the Shikon Jewel he thought with a sinister chuckle.

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