Author's Note: Here's the final chapter, a short epilogue for the readers to find out what happened to the characters after the battle!"

Chapter 10- Epilogue

Wanna know what happened next? Well…

Sesshomaru and Kagome got married and live at his father's castle in the Western lands with Rin and Shippo, along with two new editions, their daughter Jade and son Maru. Kagome is now Princess of the West.

Inuyasha and Kikyo are now officially a couple, although Inuyasha still secretly yearns for Kagome.

Miroku and Sango are now engaged and the lecherous monk has sworn to stop his womanizing. (I'll believe that when pigs fly).

Koga is still leader of the wolf demon tribe and constantly searching for a new mate, since Kagome is now Sesshomaru's wife.

The wind sorceress Kagura is enjoying her freedom, but still yearns for Sesshomaru.

And Naraku and his ever growing group of minions still plot to find the rest of the jewel shards and steal back the pieces that Kagome has.

The groups still hunt for jewel shards and battle each other constantly. (Yes Inuyasha and Sesshomaru working together against Naraku… it's a miracle). But who will win the final battle? Dunno... Only time will tell…

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