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Chapter 3 – Kagome's Choice

"You're not getting away this time you bastard, WIND SCAR!" Inuyasha yelled. The 'WIND SCAR' joined with Kagome's 'SACRED ARROW' and hit Naraku head on. But Naraku once again protected himself and Sesshomaru, since he was still trapped within his barrier.

"Are you ok Kagome?" asked Koga as he and the others rushed over to her side.

"Yes I'm fine" Kagome replied not taking her eyes off of Sesshomaru.

"Release him Naraku!" She said angrily as she glared at the evil half demon.

"You are in position to make demands wench; hmmm I wonder… will you give me your half of the jewel if I spare him? Your actions earlier have made your feelings for him quite clear. Does he really mean that much to you?" asked Naraku with a knowing smile.

"What are you talking about Naraku?" Inuyasha asked glaring at his sworn enemy.

"Well Inuyasha it seems Sesshomaru wants Kagome for himself. They were kissing not too long ago" Naraku replied.

"You're lying!" Inuyasha retorted.

"Believe what you want" Naraku replied letting down his barrier and sending a swarm of Saimyosho at them.

Sesshomaru closed his eyes, quickly gathering his demon powers. When he opened them a few moments later they were blood red in color as red smoke surrounded him and he turned into a tiny ball of white energy, floating over to where Inuyasha and the others were and away from Naraku. Inuyasha used 'BLADES OF BLOOD' while Sango used her 'HIRAIKOTSU' and to Kagome's surprise Sesshomaru used his 'POISON CLAW' to help in the battle. With the three of them working together the bugs were obliterated in no time.

"This is the end of the line for you Naraku" Inuyasha said lifting his sword. His intention was to do an 'ULTIMATE BACKLASH WAVE' but before he could, Kagura flew in on her feather and yelled: "DANCE OF THE DRAGON!" sending a tornado toward them.

"Perhaps another time Inuyasha" Naraku chuckled as his miasma surrounded him and he and Kagura flew away.

"Damn that Kagura, I nearly had Naraku. Damn that witch to hell!" Inuyasha yelled. When he'd finally composed himself he turned back to Sesshomaru and growled:

"Give back Kagome now and if you've taken advantage of her in any way I'll rip you limb from limb.

"You continue to surprise me inuyasha. Do you actually believe Naraku's lies? The only reason I want the miko is to get Tetsausgia" said Sesshomaru.

"In case you've forgotten, Tetsausgia's barrier rejects you; you can't even lift it up!" Inuyasha retorted.

Kagome bristled silently at his words. Moving slowly toward him, she slapped his arrogantly handsome face, to everyone's surprise.

Sesshomaru's eyes widened in surprise then narrowed as he grabbed the hand she'd just slapped him with and pulled her till they were once again nose to nose.

"No one slaps me, I shall have to think of a suitable punishment for you later" he whispered for her ears alone. Kagome gasped, Sesshomaru's whispered words making her shiver slightly. She then caught him as he suddenly fell to his knees.

"The poison's getting to him, Koga please go to the bone eater's well and get my backpack" she said as she helped Sesshomaru to lie back in the grass.

"I'm on it" Koga said speeding away.

"Leave me be Kagome, I am a demon and will heal on my own in time" he said tiredly.

"Well you heard him guys let's go, come on Kagome" Inuyasha said moving toward her.

"No! Now I know you two are brothers, you're both stubborn!" Kagome said angrily just as the wolf demon returned with her backpack. The fact that Sesshomaru had called Kagome by name and not "miko" like he usually did was not lost on Inuyasha.

"Sesshomaru is your true love" Sango said as the realization suddenly hit her.

"Kagome love him?" asked Inuyasha in disbelief.

"Yes I do. I'm tired of you running off to Kikyo, just admit it: you love her and will always think of me as nothing more than a shard detector. I want someone who loves me for me" Kagome said wiping away the tears that were welling up.

"And you think Sesshomaru is that someone?" Inuyasha asked grimly.

"Why don't you leave her alone mutt face? She's made her choice. At least I'm gentlemanly enough to accept her decision" said Koga.

"You know you could've always talked to me" said Sango gently.

"I was afraid of what you all would have thought" Kagome replied not looking at either of her friends.

"I think you've made a good choice" said Sango hugging her friend while Miroku and Shippo nodded in silent agreement.

"He's a much better choice than Inuyasha" said the young fox demon. Hearing his words Inuyasha bonked him on the head.

"Inuyasha sit!" Kagome yelled, and Inuyasha hit the ground with a loud THUD!

"WHY'D YOU DO THAT?" Inuyasha whined.

"Cuz you were being mean to Shippo, as always" Kagome answered.

"Well I'll be going now, but I'll be around if you ever need me" said Koga giving her a light peck on the cheek before running off.

"So how come you let him kiss you?" groused Inuyasha.

"Because he's charming. You? You're just mean" said Kagome as she got a washcloth out of her backpack, wet it in the river and moved toward an unconscious Sesshomaru. She began to slowly wipe away the blood from his many tiny wounds. Inuyasha growled but said nothing more.

After making Kagome promise to visit them at the bone eaters well in a few weeks, the gang went on their way. Inuyasha lagged behind, watching as Kagome continued to tend his brother ignoring the red robed half demon completely.

"Is Lord Sesshomaru going to be alright?" asked a concerned Rin.

"Yes he will, don't worry. Jaken I need you to make a fire" said Kagome.

"I don't take orders from you, you filthy human!" Jaken screeched.

Suddenly Sesshomaru's single arm shot out and wrapped around his toad servant's scrawny throat. "You will obey any orders the miko gives you" he growled holding Jaken's gaze in a predatory stare.

"Y-y-yes my lord" Jaken stuttered. Sesshomaru then released Jaken and closed his eyes again. The toad then ran off to do as Kagome had asked.

With a "humph" Inuyasha finally turned away leaving Kagome to her task…

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