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Chapter 4- Healing the Prince

Kagome finished tending to Sesshomaru's many tiny wounds and wiped the sweat away from her forehead with her arm. What worried her now was the amount of miasma Sesshomaru must have inhaled while imprisoned by Naraku's tentacles. Looking at him now, his face relaxed in rest; Kagome could silently admit that he was handsome. He's probably conserving his strength in case Naraku tries another attack she thought.

"Grr first Inuyasha now Sesshomaru" she muttered rummaging through her backpack and coming out with a teapot, large mug, a box of peppermint teabags, a small bag of sugar and a spoon.

Kagome filled the teapot with river water and placed in four teabags. "Jaken find a strong stick and hold this over the fire until the water boils and turns brown" she said.

"What is that foul concoction you are mixing for milord?" Jaken asked in an annoyed voice.

"This 'vile concoction' will save his life. Now do it!" she said angrily. Jaken looked over to his lord to find that he was watching him with that same predatory stare, just waiting for him to refuse Kagome's request. Sesshomaru looked down at his clawed hand for a few moments and flexed it before holding his servant's gaze once again. Jaken gulped audibly and ran to do as Kagome had asked, returning only a few moments later.

Once sure the tea had boiled and steeped properly Kagome poured it into the mug, added the sugar then walked over to Sesshomaru and knelt beside him.

"Sesshomaru I need you to drink this, it should help to drive out the poison from your system" Kagome said wrapping an arm around his shoulder and helping him to sit up, surprised when he didn't pull away from her. Sesshomaru took a curious sniff of the brew she held out to him, staying still as she placed the mug to his lips. The demon lord found that he liked the taste but said nothing. He finished it five minutes later then rose unsteadily to his feet.

"You shouldn't be walking yet!" Kagome cried rising with him.

"I wish to lean against that boulder" Sesshomaru said with a weak flick of his chin. The boulder in question was large and was only a few feet away from the campsite.

"Now if you will permit me, I will use my miko powers to make sure the poison is being driven from your body" said Kagome quietly once she had helped him into a comfortable sitting position. Sesshomaru nodded slowly and Kagome closed her eyes, resting her hands lightly on either side of his face. A few moments later they were both surrounded by a bright pink light. When it finally dissipated Kagome slumped exhausted and unconscious against his chest. Sesshomaru stared down at the girl who was slumped against him in silence. You did more than make sure the poison was being driven from my body, you helped save me you foolish girl… thank you Kagome he thought.

Jaken saw the human girl slumped against his master and shook his head. Why isn't he pushing her away? Does he not detest her? He wondered. The toad servant's mouth then fell open as he saw Sesshomaru remove his fur pelt from his shoulder and wrap it around the both of them. "Get some sleep Jaken" Sesshomaru commanded glancing over to Rin who was doing just that. This was a good thing because no one had to explain to her what Kagome was doing slumped against the prince's chest… at least not yet.

"Yes milord" the toad replied. Then lord and servant; like the others succumbed to slumber.

Author's Note: "Chapter 4 is done. I got the idea of making Sesshomaru drink peppermint tea from the fact that when dogs and cats are sick they sometimes eat a certain type of leaf to feel better. Since Sesshomaru is a dog demon… the idea just came to me lol."

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