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Chapter 8- Let the Battles Begin

"I'll be sure to kill you this time and enjoy every minute of it" said Inuyasha.

"You will do no such thing, not while I hold this child captive. Or are you that heartless Inuyasha?" Naraku asked smirking. Inuyasha growled but stayed where he was. The evil demon then turned his attention to Kagome.

"Give me the jewel Kagome or I kill the child, your choice" Naraku replied lifting the child's face as one of his nails lengthened. To prove he meant business he ran the razor sharp nail lightly across Rin's throat drawing a small rivulet of blood. Rin winced but didn't move or make another sound.

"Alright I'll give it to you, just don't hurt her!" pleaded Kagome as she removed her half of the Shikon Jewel.

"Don't do it Kagome!" Inuyasha growled grabbing her shoulder.

"I have to Inuyasha; a child's life is at stake!" Kagome retorted pulling away from him and making her way slowly toward Naraku.

Meanwhile Sango and the other's were in heated battle with Kanna and Kohaku. The demon slayer dodged her brother's kusarigama (chain-like weapon) and kicked him in the stomach. She refused to use any weapons on her brother. "Give me your soul" said Kanna pointing her mirror at Sango. "My soul… no!" Sango cried falling slowly to her knees as bright light surrounded her, her soul being sucked into the demon child's mirror.

"Sango!" Miroku yelled rushing to her side. The Buddhist monk removed four sacred sutras from his black and purple robe and threw them at his opponents, stunning them. Shippo and Jaken then used their 'FOX FIRE and STAFF OF TWO HEADS. Green and yellow flames shot out separating them from their opponents. When Naraku is gone you will once again be free my brother Sango thought holding Kohaku's gaze as he rose, glaring at her beyond the flames and holding his aching stomach. Sango then turned away and got on Kirara's back followed by Miroku and Shippo while Jaken got on Ah Un. They then made their way toward Naraku.

The room was silent as a grave. Inuyasha and the others watched as Kagome made her way slowly toward Naraku who had his free hand outstretched waiting for the other half of the Shikon Jewel. I can't just stand by and do nothing Koga thought with a low growl. The wolf demon met and held Sesshomaru's gaze. Apparently the dog demon has similar ideas Koga mused with a smirk. Using their super speed the demons both rushed toward Naraku who had his full attention fixed on Kagome. Koga lifted Rin into his arms then jumped into the air giving Naraku a harsh kick to the face, grabbed Kagome and sped them back over to Inuyasha. Sesshomaru then leapt forward burying his POISON CLAW into Naraku's throat. The evil demon stumbled from the combined assault but caught himself, quickly latching onto Sesshomaru's throat and slowly removing his POISON CLAW from his own throat.

Not one to give up, Sesshomaru focused his attack on the arm that was quickly cutting off his air supply and sunk his glowing green claw into it.

"Now you can either release me or risk losing your arm" Sesshomaru replied.

"You are becoming quite the nescience" Naraku snarled tightening his grip on the prince's throat for a few more seconds before throwing him against the room's far wall. "LORD SESSHOMARU!" Rin yelled as she and Kagome ran over to his side.

Kagura turned to her master who was clutching his injured arm and wincing in pain. The wind sorceress removed her fan and yelled "DANCE OF BLADES!" creating tiny white half moon shaped blades of air with a wave of her fan. The blades hit Naraku head on. He was now bleeding from the tiny little cuts all over him and the wounds in his neck and wrist. Why isn't he using his barrier like he normally does? Something doesn't feel right Kagome thought looking over worriedly to an unconscious Sesshomaru.

"I warned you what would happen if you betrayed me" Naraku replied turning his red eyed gaze to his creation as her heart appeared in his hand. The wind sorceress raised her chin defiantly accepting her fate. Naraku squeezed the organ he held, watching dispassionately as his creation fell to her knees gasping in pain. "D-D-Damn you Naraku!" she moaned.

"Stop it!" cried Rin. Kagome held her close and the little girl buried her face in her chest and sobbed quietly.

Naraku squeezed the organ he held until it ruptured, covering his hand in blood and gore. Kagura soon lay silent and unmoving; the wind sorceress was no more…

"Well now that that's over I will only ask once more Kagome, give me the other half of the Shikon No Tamah!" Naraku commanded his hand once again outstretched.

"You're insane if you think I'd ever give it to you!" Kagome hissed.

"Then I shall have to take it by force!" growled Naraku sending a tentacle shooting out toward her and Rin, who she still held tightly.

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