Gost Rangers

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Chapter One: A Mix of Fate.

For once Amity Park was absolutely calm and quiet. There were no ghosts attacking for which Danny Fenton A.K.A Danny Phantom was very grateful. His two best friends, Tucker Folly and Sam Manson were also quite glad, well one of them was. Tucker was happy to have some down time with his best friend, seeing as they no longer had much time to just hang what with all those ghosts attacking.

Sam WOULD have said something along the lines of "It's too quiet. Something big must be up," if it wasn't for the fact that her parents had just informed her earlier that day of some... well not upsetting news exactly, but she was a bit worried about what might happen.

The three best friends were at lunch enjoying the relaxing day. They were seated at the table and Sam was ranting about what her parents had told her. Tucker listened while gobbling down his hamburger savoring the meaty taste, while Danny watched Sam as she talked wildly, barely toutching his own sandwich.

"So, three of your cousins on your mom's side are comming to visit for a while and will be attending our school?" Tucker said, recaping what Sam had just spent the past fifteen minutes ranting about. She nodded slowly, almost uncertaintly.

Danny noticed this and asked "Is there something wrong with them coming?" He watched her carefully as he took a bite of his sandwich.

Sam looked thoughtful for a brief moment. Then she sighed at last and answered "No, not really. I'm actually pretty close with Ellie, the only girl, and Josh and Kyle are okay. It's just that they have lived all around the world and they are huge theater kids. I guess I'm worried about how they will act in school and around everyone." Sam sighed again thinking over what she had just said. It was true she was a bit worried about the havoc the three could, and surely would, cause.

Danny and Tucker looked at one another, neither sure of what Sam had just had explained. Figuring it was probably better if the didn't dwell on it ,they both shrugged.

"When are they going to arrive?" Tucker asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Saturday." Sam replied promtly. Today was Monday. She again looked lost in thought while she nibbled at her vegitarian meal.

"So, you havn't said much about them aside from the fact that they have lived almost everywhere and are into theater. Tell us a bit about them." Danny suggested finishing off his sandwhich.

"Well Josh is fifteen, Kyle and Ellie are twins and fourteen. All of them are pretty smart. The boys are really into sports and martial arts, Ellie is too but she also is into a lot of poetry, like myself." Sam smiled at her memories of herself and Ellie conversing over their favorite poets. She was a bit sad realizing that it had been at least three years since she had seen her cousins and she had not written any letters to Ellie since Danny got his ghost powers.

"They sound pretty cool." Tucker said finally, his lunch fully demolished.

The bell then rang and the group threw away their trash and headed for their next class.

Somewhere in the Ghost Zone

Technus was on his own little island in the process of making his very own portal to the real world. "Soon I, Technus, will take over the new rad world and harness all of it's technology. Then I, Technus, will be the hip new ruler of the world!" A few sparks came from the small contraption.

As he continued to do his work no one noticed him, they floated right by the island filled with random technology. Technus laughed evily as the demented portal was being put together.

Sam Manson's House

The week went far too fast in Sam's opinion. She was dressed in her normal goth clothes and awaiting the arrival of her cousins. She was seated on the steps that led upstairs, facing the front door. Her mother had attempted many times to get her to change into something "nice". Eventually her mother gave up, muttering incoherently about evil rebellion and teenagers.

Not that Sam cared much.

It was nearly noon when the knock came on the door. Sam's mother ran to the door, swung it open dangerously fast, and hit the wall with a loud slam. She brought the three teenagers into a huge hug, squealing happily about how much they had grown. Sam sighed, slowly getting up and wincing slightly at her mother's high pitched squeals.

Once let go the three teens gasping for air smiled. The boys were tall and well toned. All three had black hair and deep amber eyes. Kyle and Josh were roughly 5ft 9in, but with Josh was taller by a few inches. Both had short hair. Josh had his hair in almost a bowl cut with his bangs nearly covering his eyes, Kyle too had bangs, but his hair was slightly shorter. Ellie was a few inches taller than Sam. She had long hair that was held back in a low ponytail that was pulled to the side, showing her long mane. She also had bangs that seemed to cover her eyes when she looked down. They all wore jeans with different colored sweatshirts, Ellie's white, Kyle's deep navy, and Josh's deep blue like the ocean. The sweatshirts had a symbol of three wolf scratches on the right breast.

Ellie was the first to react to Sam, running over to the stairs and giving her a brief hug, smiling widely. Soon Kyle and Josh followed and gave her quick hugs. Sam smiled in spite of herself, glad to see her cousins had not changed much.

"Sam what have you been up to? It's been months since your last letter!" Ellie exclaimed to Sam with a huge grin adorning her deleciate yet strong features.

Sam smiled weakly. She knew enough to know that Ellie would have everything that had happened out of her by Monday. Ellie was like that, you couldn't not tell her, you had to tell her everything. Though Sam was sure that even if she didn't tell Ellie everything, she would figure it out one way or another , on her own by the end of the first week. (1)

Josh and Kyle stared at each other, then at the girls. They both silently agreed to leave the girls be for a while, and went to pester thier aunt about where they were staying for the time being.

By the end of the night the siblings were all settled in. Josh and Kyle had attacked the movie theather and were watching numerous action videos while Sam and Ellie were in Sam's room talking.

Sam knew it would be better for everyone if she just told Ellie everything right now rather than have Ellie figure everything out after a few days and then yell at her for not telling. So after catching up on the basics for an hour Sam began to tell the story about how Danny got his ghost powers. How she had been constantly helping Danny catch ghosts and covering for him. Also how all the ghosts had been escaping and wreaking havoc in the small town of Amity Park.

It was nearly ten at night when Sam at last finished the tale. Ellie looked thoughful for a moment which, depending on who you are, wasn't always a good thing. Ellie was a born schemer. She had a plan for everything with backups for backups. It was very dangerous to get on Ellie Mokoia's badside.

"Okay, so now I know why you have not written to me in a while, and WOW! I thought my life was insane living in so many countries because of my mom's modeling and my dad's business, but WOW!" Ellie exclaimed after a while of silence. Ellie then had a sneaky smile form on her lips. "And I now know that you have a HUGE crush on Danny!" Ellie's smile grew ten times as Sam immetiatly became as red as a tomato.

Sam was about to deny it ,but then she saw a vision of Ellie attacking her room finding all of her secret Danny stuff and then attacking Danny the minute Ellie saw him and thought better of it. Knowing fully well that Ellie would snoop around and find everything Danny related and use it against her, and would torchure Danny like crazy come Monday when her hunch was confirmed. Sam sighed and then glared at Ellie. "You tell anyone and I'll..."

"Don't worry! I won't say anything!" Ellie smirked, adding mentally "but I will DO something" Sam, too relieved to that Danny would NOT be attacked and that her shrine was safe, missed the evil smirk.

The weekend went by fast for the cousins. Sam had been having a good time while visiting, but she was worried. She trusted Ellie not to tell, that was not the issue, it was how they would act in school. They all gathered at the door their packpacks filled and ready to go. Sam glanced at her watch just as a knock was heard at the door. "Well, whether I like or not, here we go!" She opened the door for Danny and Tucker so that they could all meet before school.

In the Ghost Zone

In the Ghost Zone Technus had nearly completed his portal. "Soon I, Technus, will have a portal of my very own! Then I will become the new hip ruler of the real world!" He screamed to no one in particular. His portal looked demented and was glowing a strange blue light.

Technus looked at his contraption as it began glowing an unatural, even for a ghost device, green. "Hmm, what is going on? Are things as the young whipersnapers say 'going out of wack'?!"

Technus started as the glow began to grow, his eyes wide.


(1) Ellie ,Kyle ,and Josh all have special abilities that will be explained later on in the fic thaat will explain this better.

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