Ghost Rangers

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Chapter 6: Ranger Merger

The next few days were relatively calm. Sure training was hard on them all, and they had all taken to wearing some of their color on a daily basis. Needless to say Sam's mother was ecstatic that her daughter suddenly liked a color that wasn't dark. Tucker and Danny's families didn't seem to notice or care about their children's obsession with certain colors.

Tommy and Ellie had chuckled at the teens confusion over their need to wear the color. Tommy spent much of his time out of school on Ranger activities. Not being from the dimension and not wishing to gain any close friends while there Tommy devoted most of his time on Ranger activities. Ellie spent just as much time if not more. Constantly she and Tommy worked in his lab with Zordon attempting to ensure an edge.

Josh and Kyle did what they do best. They distracted the adults while Ellie did what she needed. Every time the Rangers were called Josh and Kyle set to work ensuring that no one would figure out that the five were missing. Everyone was ready for the next level. After groaning and moaning about how things getting harder had to be impossible from Tucker, they all agreed to work harder. They wanted to be ready for the next level.

I was late one night around one in the morning, all the Rangers were asleep and resting. With the exception of Tommy and of course Ellie. She and he spent a lot of nights together. Ellie being the only one Tommy really felt okay around, and Tommy being comfortable for Ellie made it seem like the usual.

Ellie was currently working over time working on her latest project. She hoped that she would be able to make contact with the Ranger dimension and make a communication linked between everyone. Tommy sat near by assisting where he could. Not that he could do much, this was Billy or Halley territory. So mostly Tommy got bored and chose to figure out the next fighting exercise to teach the newest team.

"I got it!" Ellie suddenly screamed making Tommy fall flat on his back in mid kick. He stared at her for a moment in annoyance before registering that she had done what he wanted most.

"Does it work though?" He asked. Not that he doubted Ellie's abilities. Obviously she was good with dimension travel, but he couldn't really wrap his own mind around it. Even for Rangers this was weird.

"Well we'll find out." She hit a sequence of keys that looked to be some long password. She hit the enter key only to be met face to face with a desperate looking face. By face it should have been faces. Sitting in the original lab back in the Ranger world was Halley, Billy, Trini, Jason, Zack, Rocky, Adam, TJ, Andros, Ashley, Cassie, Carlos, Zane, Kira, Trent, Connor, Ethan,and surprisingly enough Kimberly.

"ummmmm hi guys?" Tommy stated staring at some of his closest friends. All of whom jumped at the sound of his voice and all started talking at once in excited and relieved voices.

"Guys one at a time!" Tommy yelled ready to cry. Not that he would ever actually cry, it's just that he missed his friends back home. It was bad enough being called back to duty, it was even worse being called back to duty while in another dimension.

"Tommy where are you!" Jason was the first to respond naturally. "Everyone's been worried. You've been gone for a month. And something crazy has been going on with our powers. Our morphers keep going haywire. Particularly David from Lost Galaxy, Tori from Ninja Storm, Ronny from Overdrive, and Ryan from light speed."

"I can explain that actually." Ellie piped in. No one had seemed to notice she was there.

"Ellie!" It was Kim who had spoken pushing everyone out of the way. Tommy felt a lump appear in his throat at seeing her. Sure she and he talked occasionally. Nothing too deep. He couldn't help the knowledge that he would never stop loving her and she was probably never going to be with him again.

"Hi Kimmy! Okay so explanation time. This I have to say makes all of your lives look normal!" At these words everyone exchanged glance of worry at the fact that something that bizarre can actually happen. "Anyway, so I'm here visiting my cousin in this dimension. As I've explained time and time again to Kim I have the ability to exist as myself in many different forms. Anyway while here I learned that a boy named Danny had been turned into a half ghost. He wanted to do some exploring in the ghost zone so naturally I followed as well and Kyle and Josh. Anywho while we were there one of the main bad guys from this world was working on something and it went wrong. To the point where the ghost zone got merged with he morphing grid."

Ellie waited for the information to sink in. Halley, Billy, Trini, and Ethan nodded understanding. The others looked confused but nodded for her to continue. " So the morphing grid mixed with the ghost zone. Which caused the bad guys here to mix with the bad guys from the Ranger world. Of course where there is bad guys from the ranger universe there are going to be Rangers. So the people who were in the ghost zone at the time that were mostly human got turned into Rangers. The rangers whose morphers are acting up. Though I keep picking up another ranger energy...don't Know whose. So that'll be interesting."

"I see so that's why everything here has been so strange." Trini said smiling as if a huge weight had been lifted from wondering. Billy looked at her smiling. He had been home from aquitar for a few months and was slowly growing accustomed to everything. His father had given him his college fund when he came home. Considering the circumstances the original five had gone with Billy to talk to his father. Which ended with explaining that he was living on an alien planet for the last few years and was once a Ranger.

"So he used the theory that there are alternate worlds and utilized that technology to create the device but he did not calculate the correct parameters for the device to correctly work." Despite Billy toning himself way down since having to live on a planet where not everyone speaks English the Rangers all found themselves with glazed over eyes staring blankly at Trini or Ethan or Halley for an explanation.

"He said that he understands how it happened and why." Trini replied with ease not even really noticing what she was doing. Being far too use to it. Ethan nodded. And Halley smiled.

"Okay geek squad over with, why is Dr. O with you?" Connor asked. He stared at the screen for the answer.

"Well that's the amazing part actually." Ellie smiled. See when we die in one world it is possible that we join a counterpart in another world. And it just so happens that Clockwork a helper and overseer in this universe just happens to be the counterpart of someone very important to the Ranger legacy." Ellie watched the frowns appear as they all struggled to think of who it could be.

"Zordon." One word out of Tommy's mouth and the older Rangers were left with gaping mouths and in Kimberly's case tears.

"How? He was destroyed, he gave his life up for all of us!" Andros demanded. Wide eyed and looking hopeful but forcing himself to calm down.

"As I said he was destroyed in your universe, not in this universe. The merger with the morphing grid brought him out." Ellie explained. Preparing herself for the no you can't come here that she was going to have to say in mere moments.

"Really? Is there anyway we can come see him?" Several voices stated at once. Ellie sighed, she wished she was wrong.

"Look to answer Connor's question Zordon brought him here. And it'll probably be difficult/ a bad idea to bring a bunch of people to a world that's already in chaos from the worlds mixing." Ellie told them. All considered this for a moment in disappointment. "However you can talk to him. I can set it up so you can. Though it may take some getting use to. See he's sharing a well...body With his counterpart. Meaning you won't just be talking to Zordon." Ellie waited to see the excited looks and the happy expressions. Which came within seconds.

"That will wait though." Halley spoke before Ellie got the chance to say those very words. Halley looked at Ellie. "What can we do to help?"

"Well I need so info about Zords that I don't have. So a few of you might have to go searching the original Power Chamber sight. Get to the underground area and gather info. Other than that...keep Tommy and I sane! We've both been in the suits and dealing with the chaos on a much bigger scale than even we are use to." Ellie looked at them with an almost pleading expression. She finally let herself look tired. Tommy did as well. The strain was just so much.

The others looked at eachother. Soon Jason was standing at the head of a giant circle one that had one of the 'people' being the screen. "Alright Billy get the radbug working and Trini, Zack, you, and I will go to the power chamber and figure this out. Rocky and Adam you guys see if you can get Aisha back from Africa, and inform Tanya, Halley you and Ellie work on some new idea's to help the rookies , Ethan, Trent, and Kira I know you have busy lives and Kira your just visiting from New York. But Perhaps you could stay till this is all taken care of? You have your powers and we may need them. Also you boys need to find a way to keep people from snooping around where Tommy went. This is a situation beyond what even we are use to. Kim you need to stay here. If trouble starts going call on the nijeti and hold the trouble till we can get to you or deal with it in your own way. Now Space rangers we need you to keep surveillance. If anything goes down we'll need your help. Since you guys are exposed and all it might come in handy." Jason gave everyone a job.

"Now that's the original leader I know!" Ellie stated. Everyone then began getting excited. Most of the people involved had been retired from ranger duty for so long that the idea of getting back in action seemed too good to be true. "Alright guys we need to get back to work. This connection is dangerous to keep on for too long without some more precautions. We'll check in with you all soon and I'll set up a link to Zordon."

Everyone nodded and said their goodbyes and then the monitor was turned off. The suddenly dark room was soon light with light from the ceiling making the two occupants shield their eyes for a moment. "So Tommy. Now that we've had a good dose of old life I gotta ask. What was it like seeing her there?"

Tommy knew who she was talking about. He didn't want to talk about it though. He knew he had no choice though. "It was fine." That was all he said before he got up and started doing some advanced martial arts that the new rangers wouldn't be able to do unless they studied for years.

Ellie simply smiled. 'So seeing her pulled at your heart did it?' she thought happily. She looked at the time it was almost four in the morning. Another sleepless night for Tommy and herself. 'Wonder how long we can keep this up?' The time in the Ranger world was four in the afternoon. Guess that meant communication would be a night thing. She sighed and prepared to head back to the Manson mansion. She would get about two hours of sleep before wake-up call. Tomorrow would certainly be interesting.

In the Ghost Zone

Skulker stood next to Deserie each watching as their secrete alliance was being formed. Skulker finally spoke two voices came forth. "Breatheren. We have all endured humiliation by the Power Rangers in the past. No more however. Now we are stronger. These Ranger's are new they don't know much of what they are doing! The only one's to worry about are Tommy Oliver and Ellie Mokoia. As we speak they are training the Rangers to combat us. The guardian can't interfere in the long run though. So we'll use this to our advantage. After all there is many more of us now than their was before!"

Deserie spoke next nasally voice and all " We should use this to our advantage. Tommy Oliver is but one man. He can not fight us all. The others barley know what they are doing and can be taken care of by simple monsters."

Technuss walked in suddenly and figure following behind. "Ah but as you remember, the best way to combat a Ranger. Is with an evil one. I have created one that was on our side to begin with! He shall help us greatly!" Technuss laughed as the others marveled at the newest addition to their evil.

Back with the Rangers

Sam was in her room. Ellie had taken her and Jazz shopping recently. She still couldn't figure out why she was so attached to the color. Ellie kept saying it's a Ranger thing though. Ellie walked in dressed and ready to go. Seeing Sam still in her PJ's she figured Sam was having her morning fight with what to wear and if she could still wear her regular clothes.

"Here I'll help." Sam watched as Ellie went to the dresser and pulled out pieces of an outfit. She wondered momentarily if she should be okay that her cousin had to pick out her clothes for her. However when Ellie did it she always found that she liked it. Today was a black tank top with black shorts. The string around the band was a yellow and she had and overshirt that was checkered yellow and Black. She let her hair down and put on some black and yellow converse. She found herself wondering how on earth yellow actually fit her look.

Ellie soon dragged Sam down stairs the boys waiting with poptarts and their school bags out for the girls to take. The girls smiled and took their breakfast and things and they big farewell to the house and headed to school.

Along the way they caught up with Tucker who already wore green on a daily basis and had no reason to change. Same with Jazz. 'Lucky!' Sam thought as she watched them wear their colors just by wearing everyday where. Heck Danny only changed his shirt to one that Ellie had specially made for him. It was white with silver lettering that said Power Up. No one at school knew anything about the Rangers so the joke was between only the friends.

Ranger Universe at the command center ruins

"Being here is kinda sad." Trini said feeling herself have chills at the demolished area that once held the most important thing in their lives.

"Yea man, it's creepy being up here without the command center." Zack agreed.

"Lets just get to the secret chamber." Jason said as they all looked at Billy to lead the way. He nodded he didn't need to say anything, he knew he would start to chock-up if he did.

The team went around to a tunnel entrance. Each member with powers kept their morpher near them. Trini and Zack kept reaching for theirs just in case. Jason watched his battle hardened team prepare for the worst. Billy calmed himself and prepared to call his nijetti powers at any moment. They arrived at their destination. Billy typed in a bunch of codes that turned the light on and the security system off. He had recently spent a lot of time in this old place setting up security and sending encoded messages back to Tommy's lab. The place looked Eire without Zordon and Alpha to occupy the place. Alpha was still helping Adam out at his dojo that he owns along with Jason. The two had agreed to merge the two separate dojo's they had to become one. Working with Alpha behind the scene's was great and reminded him of old times.

"Billy have you found what we need yet?" Trini asked. She was itching to help, but she wasn't sure what she could do. She found herself figering her morpher reminding.

Zack was doing the same and being in the Power Chamber only reminded him. He missed the Ranger days. Sure he, Jason, Trini, and the Zeo rangers had their powers. But they didn't go parading around that fact.

Jason looked over three of the most amazing people he had ever known. He had fought side by side with each of them and was honored. He was ecstatic that Trini and he were living together after years of dating. He couldn't wait to give her the ring he had picked out for her. Jason found himself thinking of all the Ranger couples and the one couple everyone even Kat was hoping would get back together. Tommy and Kimberly. She had come from LA to see if she could help find him, she they knew she cared. How much, was still in question. Trini however seemed certain that either by their helping hand or on their own Tommy and Kimberly would find themselves in love again.

"I found it!" Billy said finally after fortyfive minutes of searching. The others all looked up startled out of their own little worlds.

"Great. Now how do we get the information to Ellie?" Jason asked.

Billy stared at him blankly for a moment before sighing and returning to work. Trini knowing this was someplace she could help offered her help to the now slumped Billy. He gratefully accepted as the two original brainacs set to work.

Back to The Danny Phantom Universe

After school was spent training as always at Tommy's. After a while of training everyone gathered around to sit down. Each had a color coded container filled with water that they were all downing. Each dripping with sweat and exhausted. "How on earth do you guys do this?" Sam whined staring at Ellie and Tommy who though sweaty were just fine. "I know you guys don't really sleep. I mean yeah your use to the ranger life ,but this can't be normal even for you!"

Ellie and Tommy looked at eachother. Their eyes showed their team how tired they were. "Well your right this isn't normal for Rangers." Tommy started as he sat down at the computer. Swiveling to face the team. "However with this case being as it is. Ellie and I can't afford to rest. The bad guys never had this much of an advantage over the Rangers. Their is more of them now and they are more powerful." Tommy put his face in his hand willing the tiredness away like he had been doing for the last week. Talking to his friends back home had only reminded him that he had to fix this so he could get home. He liked Danny and the rest, but not only were they younger than what he was use to, but these guys had no clue what they were doing.

"Guys trust us. By the way we've made contact with, well Tommy's universe. Everyone was worried sick and it was an explosion of chatter. They are gonna help out as much as they can from their end to get us all back to normal. They are working hard and so are we. Soon we'll figure out how to get an upper edge. Then we will rest a bit when we can." Ellie looked at Sam. Her eyes saying that she didn't believe the we will rest part.

Sam was about to speak when everything went haywire. "Rangers a monster has been sent and is attacking the mall." Zordon's voice echoed.

"The mall? Hmm they normally attack a park or a quarry or somewhere less populated...ehhh" Ellie shrugged and watched as the others all ran off. "Good luck you guys. You'll need it soon if these reading from the ghost zone are correct."

To Be Continued.