Ok so I haven't done a story like this yet, but I am going to now. Contains mature parts, so If you are young do not read!

Nick's P.O.V.

There she was. Lilly Truscott. In my room. I couldn't help but stop and stare. She was smoking hot! I know I shouldn't be thinking of her like this because of my purity ring and all, but she is just so hot. And whenever she is around I always have impure thoughts.

"Hey Lilly!" I said my voice cracking a little. She always made me nervous.

"Hey Nick." She said giving me what looked like a flirtatious grin. Was it just me or was she showing a little more skin than usual.

"So Nicholas…" She started ruffling my hair.

"Lilly I cant do this anymore." I started. She gave me a questioning look. I quickly mustered every ounce of confidence I had and kissed her on the lips.

She quickly obliged. I quickly move onto my bed, her under me. I felt like I was going to explode. She was actually kissing me back. I decided I wanted to take this farther so I took off my shirt, then hers. At first she looked a little scared, but that look quickly disappeared.

"Lilly I have never had feelings like this for anyone." I said kissing her again.

I felt her smile against my lips. We kissed for a little bit longer then I started to make my way down her body, starting with her neck going down. I felt a shiver go up her body, she was nervous but she wasn't letting it ruin the moment.

I was to her belly button and I stopped and looked at her to make sure it was fine with her. She nodded so I quickly unbuttoned her jeans. She had black lacy panties on. I could fell my member harden. I took in what I saw. She was so beautiful.

I couldn't take it anymore. I quickly pulled down my pants and looked to see if she was ready. She gave me a smile so I took off her panties and my boxers. Then I plunged my hard member inside her. She tensed at first, but once I set a pace she relaxed.

She started moving with me, I loved it so much. She let out a moan that sent me through the roof. I felt my body tense and then relax again. I knew that it was over with for now. But hopefully it would happen again.

Sorry If you didn't like it! If you want more then I will make it more. If I do it wont be all sex. It would be more a relationship!