Lilly's P.O.V.

Nick and I were sitting in the doctors office, he had his arm around my shoulder and my head was on his chest. If you didn't know us you would think we were a couple.

I had been crying for two hours straight. I am so scared. What are my parents gonna say? What will Nick's fans say? Will he tell them that its his?

I had so many questions running through my head that I almost didn't here the nurse call my name.

"Miss Truscott?" she said waiting at the door.

"Do you want me to come in?" Nick asked.

I nodded my head because I couldn't even trust my voice. Nick got up and grabbed my hand. We followed the nurse back to one of the rooms.

One Hour Later

Nick and I were silently driving back to his house. I called my mom and told her to meet me there. She could tell by my voice that something was wrong.

The whole time in the doctors office Nick was holding my hand. That makes me think that he will always be here for me. No matter how scared he is. And that's why I love Nick. Wow did I just say I love Nick?

We pulled into the Jonas' driveway. I slowly unbuckled my seatbelt and opened the door. I was so afraid that my mom would get mad at me. Nick came around to my side to help me out. We slowly walked to his front door. He opened the door revieling the whole Jonas family and my mom. Seeing my mom looking worried I had to fight the urge to cry again.

"Lilly whats wrong? You sounded scared on the phone." My mom said walking over to me.

"Mom I think you'll want to sit down for this." I said.

"Honey whats wrong?" She said sitting down.

"Well…" I glanced over at Nick to see if he was ready to tell everyone. He nodded so I continued.

"Im pregnant…" I said starting to cry again.

"Oh Lilly" Mrs. Jonas said getting up and hugging me.

My mom just sat there silent. She looked like she was about to yell, but I knew she would probably save that till we got home.

"Who's the father?" My mom asked in a angered tone.

"I am." Nick said speaking for the first time since the doctors.

"Nicholas, I expect you to take full responsibility for this child!" Mr. Jonas yelled.

"I plan on it dad." Nick said looking over at me and giving me a weak smile.

Kevin and Joe sat there silently taking in everything. Kevin already knew, but Joe was clueless. I could tell he was trying to prosess everything in his mind. I saw a smile form on his face. Wait why was he smiling.

"Does this mean im going to be an uncle?" Joe said grinning widely.

"Yes Joseph." Mrs. Jonas said looking at her middle son.

"Sweet! Im gonna teach this kid all of my amazing skills!" He said getting up and doing a ninja kick, but when he was landing and slipped and fell on his butt.

"Your not teaching my kid anything!" I said laughing for the first time in four days.